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Olive Rose Estate - Mysticism & Supernatural Power - Levitation
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Olive created something quite unique in this potion, it is a deeply-influential meditative magic that lulls you into a deep state of meditation and levitates from within.  When you work with this potion it elevates your mystical mind and unlocks a gift of magical wisdom.  You can find greater clarity and motivation for working with various types of magic and knowing how magic & mysticism can resonate with your journey.  When you wear the potion prior to meditation, you can find yourself feeling as though you are floating as you are in meditation, and the levitation of your Astral body and Spiritual body as they are suspended around you.  This potion helps you open your mind and find personal vision when it comes to working with magic and understanding magical principles.  Olive created the potion bottle with enlightenment enchantments that acted as a catalyst for her to awaken the stagnant mind, and aspire to knowing and realizing more in-depth possibilities with the supernatural.  The feeling of levitation is often present during longer sessions of meditation.  This is a lovely and powerful potion that will help you realize the power of your consciousness, your 3 body, and working with magic.

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Olive Rose Estate - Mysticism & Supernatural Power - Selves
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Olive Rose was deeply integrated in the power of 3 in her work, and she felt it was a Universal power that influenced far beyond anything that could be imagined.  She created three, separate potions which allowed her to work with 3 different facets of self.  Each of the potions provides immense and in-depth activation of a different facet of who you are and who you can become.  In working with these potions, you uncover a sense of supernatural gifts and their empowerment of your purpose in Destiny.  In working with the Power of 3 you discover an in-depth connection between you and the Universe.  You will unveil the mastery of magic and mysticism that sits within you and gives you the direction and power you need in any situation.

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Olive Rose Estate - Mysticism & Supernatural Power - The Divide Within
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Olive explored the divide within all of us, the light & darkness that drives everything.  Olive cast these bottles in great contrast to each other, and an allowance of understanding and appreciating the forces that both divide us and unify us as humans.  She created these bottles which allow you to understand and explore magic as it lives and inspires us with each moment in our journey.  These enchantments allow you to realize the power which resides in your heart, and the power that you can achieve when it comes to magic and working with the White Arts and Dark Arts in all things.  The potions you create will help you to connect to many different facets of magic and working with spirits, entities, and mystical gifts that matter the most for you.  The potions put you in touch with the contrast of power that lives inside of you, and helps you to work with the harmony that drives you in not only all of your magical endeavors, but also your personal endeavors.  They are the perfect harmony of who you are, and highlight the measure of power that you hold from deep within your core and throughout your 3 bodies.  Olive put a great deal of time and thought into her work with this, and she used it to fuel an awakening of the mind, body and spirit.

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Orpheus Estate - Diversity in Magic - Gift of Magick
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A charming and fantastic piece, Angeline cast this piece as a method of gifting magick from herself to somene else, regardless of where they were.  She often found herself being asked for assistance, and she worked with many people of various degrees of magickal background.  This was a simple, effective tool in her pursuit to help others with magick.  The bnding she created can take any spell or magick that you have (or cast), and send it directly to someone else.  The magick is copied, and therefore lasts anywhere between a week to a month for the other person, which is great for those who need assistance but do not want something permanent.

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Trivia Estate - Lake of Wonder
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Miriam Trivia created this enchantment which is a binding of self-exploration and self-understanding.  When you work with this binding, you discover the lake of discovery, adventure, and wonder that comes when you work with the supernatural.   This is an enchantment that Miriam created to find self-power and explore the gifts that she felt resonated within her 3 bodies and her mind, body, and spirit.  There is tremendous power that comes with this enchantment as it allows you to understand and wake the gifts that align you with the superior and mystical.  She believed introspection was a divine key for understanding and deciphering everything that was from within the core.  She worked with this binding regularly as she wished to explore what it meant to expand a sense of supernatural being.  She loved taking everything to the next level in her journey, and she kept finding ways to appreciate herself and where her life was going.  She used this binding to explore what her beliefs were, what her powers were, and what she wanted to see for herself what the supernatural meant for her journey.

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