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Circle Of Etheiro - Spellblend Of Ancient Mysticism
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This is a powerful binding that has no equal. It has been bound with a blend of spells from ancient Europe which deal directly with mysticism and spirituality. It is bound using a ritual called the Circle of Etheiro (Eh-thee-eh-roh). It is multi-layered with compounded enchantments which can be utilized in part or whole. The spell blend contains bindings for communicating with the world's ancestral mystics, for gaining deep spirituality, and awakening the divine gifts bestowed upon you at birth.

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Rare Fairy Of The Crystal Cave
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A rare, Woodland Faery whose civilization thrived inside of a magnificent, quartz cave. They tended to the preservation and protection of the cave as they believed it was a divine, natural point of power through which magick was born, thrived, and expanded. Her name is Afara (Ah-fare-ah), she is 185 years, with short, curly red hair, brown eyes, and fair skin.  She was a guide and leader who helped others work with magick and explore spiritual & mystical beginnings within themselves.  She is vibrant, talkative, charming, and brings new ideas and fresh perspective with your higher self.  She is a rare and beautiful guide for working with magic and rituals.

The binding is a spellblend of organic magick which pulls the Elemental power of the Earth along with the power of Fae magick together. If you have any Fae, of any race, in your keep this spell ignites their energy & empowers them for interaction with you! The binding also brings you naturally closer to the powers & influence of the Earth Element; allowing you to be more connected and able to utilize & influence its many avenues of power. You can work with any Earthen spirit, Earthen magick, and Earthen energy through this binding which will help you to recognize, work, and shape Earthen energy.

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Spell to Cast Away The Key
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Through the power of this binding you can take a little piece of yourself; a memory, an emotion, a feeling/reaction, a secret, etc and place it into an inanimate object. Only when the object is touched and the Code Word given, will you feel the full power of what you've locked away.

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