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Free Gift Policies

Free Gifts

Every order placed that is not SRA-only, or contains Help I Lost/Broke my vessel, will receive the free gift advertised on the home page and in the Freebies category if the conditions specified in the listing are met.

Free gifts are given on the specific criteria given in the listing for each freebie offer. Free gifts are given when an item(s) is purchased and the subtotal is over $10 (after all discounts). Free gifts over $100 are given only when the total of the order (after all discounts) is over $100. Free gifts over $200 are given only when the total of the order (after all discounts) is over $200. Free gifts over $500 are given only when the total of the order (after all discounts) is over $500. Free gifts over $1,000 are given only when the total of the order (after all discounts) is over $1,000.  Your order must be over the amount designated to qualify, or it will not be filled; to be fair we follow this policy to the letter.

Please make your selection for your free gift if a drop-down is provided to you, otherwise we will choose an option for you. This ensures orders are processed efficiently.

Freebies are given per order, not based on your cumulative orders. Each order must meet the criteria specified for the free gifts to qualify.

Freebies cannot be exchanged for something else and they have no cash value.  What is listed in the freebie listing, and what is selected in the drop-down menu is what is given to you, freebies cannot be exchanged for another item in the shop. 

If you have a freebie which has been duplicated, you can gift your additional freebie to a friend or loved one.  If you have a freebie that you do not like, you can give it to a friend or loved one.  If you have received a spirit freebie & you no longer get along with the spirit, please contact our helpdesk to have the spirit called back, and the spirit will be exchanged for a spell or service.

The store software adds the free gifts to the cart when in sub-total mode (cart), this is because it cannot predict the discounts & coupon codes entered during the checkout process. At present the software company has said this is not an issue that can be overcome.  We do reserve the right to remove freebies if they do not qualify on the order, or if there are software malfunctions with the shop.

If a freebie has a specific date requirement, your order must be placed on the date the freebie is being offered, or within the date range it is being offered, no exceptions.  We go by the date printed at the top of the order when it is placed, so avoid placing an order close to midnight (EST - Eastern Standard Time) if you want to qualify for a specific freebie. 

Any prizes or other free-item offers do not qualify for free gifts because the item being given free is the freebie.

If your order has a freebie it does not qualify for, we will note it at the top of the customer notes.

BOGO freebies are given as 1 binding, regardless of how many spells, spirits, entities, or services may be within the purchased binding.  This simplifies our ability to give free gifts to customers.  For example, if you buy a spell-blend, you are only given 1 spell for free in your BOGO, or if you buy a binding that contains multiple spirits, or a blend of spirits & spells, you are given 1 spell or spirit in your free BOGO.

BOGOs qualify based on the price paid for the item, equal or lesser value after all discounts are applied. BOGOs cannot be directly applied to orders using coupons above our 25% off, items would qualify on BOGO based on the discounted amount of the coupon.

Freebies may be discontinued, removed, or changed at any time.  Only the active freebies will be honored on orders, please see the listing for the dates a freebie is active.  We do reserve the right not to fulfill a freebie at our discretion.

Can I buy the freebies?

We discourage people from buying the freebies because they are intended to be free, and we don't always have enough to fulfill both the orders they are intended to be free with, and the people who paid for them. If you purchase a freebie and we can't fulfill it, you will receive a refund.

Policy with freebie codes

We routinely give out freebie codes for prizes on our site. When a code is issued the only item the code will apply to is what is advertised as free. If any malfunction of the software awards any item above and beyond what is advertised you will only receive the one binding advertised as free.

Creepy Cash promotion codes are given as 20% of the order total after all discounts & before shipping.  Creepy Cash can be applied to any order that is twice the value of the code provided.  Creepy Cash will only discount items in the shop that are available for discount.  Creepy Cash is a coupon code only and has no cash value.