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Gift of Idirius - It's Time for the Divine

Gift of Idirius - It's Time for the Divine
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You are going to find yourself completely enamored with this incredible reading & binding that is going to awaken supernatural gifts and powers within you that you can hardly imagine.   It's time to embrace the divine and find yourself reaching into higher powers and places within your mind, spirit & 3 bodies.

Through this reading and binding you are going to discover some incredible things about yourself and you are going to have a binding that is an heirloom of power and insight for you to grow within your supernatural abilities & journeys.  Learn more about who you are, what you can do, and how you can seize tremendous insight into the divine & eternal within this journey.

Idirius is a prism of Universal power which finds ancient roots in work in many prehistoric races such as Elves, Angelic beings, Fae, Giants, early Humans, etc.  It is a powerful force that is measured in the volume of magical influence and offers something beyond anything you can imagine when it comes to offering insight and support for your ongoing power.  It is an ancient source of power that you've never experienced before and you will surely find enlightening and empowering for yourself & your paranormal journey.

Be excited, be ready, for a wondrous enhancement of magical energy and wisdom in your work with all things paranormal!

The Idirius binding alone is such an endearing and embracing energy that you feel rejuvenated, ignited, and ready for your life & journey with a fascinating motivation.  The Idirius binding pulls power and energy from all 3 Realms; Earthen, Spiritual, Astral.  It guides you to feeling and working with some of the most interesting and opportunistic paths as related to your Destiny and your personal enhancement through magic, mysticism, and power.

The binding comes ready to work with you, and it embraces everything revealed through your reading.  The reading is done via specific & proprietary methods as unique to the Idirius source of magic.  What you are told is for you & you alone, because it reveals things that can be very special & moving about yourself and your abilities.  It can reveal suprising things about yourself, it can reveal moving things that can bring great emotion, it can reveal motivational things that spur you onto a new, exciting path in your life.  We have always found working with this source to be very enriching & priceless, and after a year of perfecting the work we wanted to share, this is a moving and emotional experience for us as well... this is truly a binding that will give you immeasurable power to move forward in your journey.

The reading can reveal a great many things, and the binding is tailored around the results of the reading.  The reading will show you things about yourself as related to any & all things magical and supernatural.  It can reveal special things about yourself that you don't know, it can unearth exciting secrets about the gifts within you, it can reveal paths you need to take in the future... the Idirius source is such a divine path of power it is something that really shakes loose everything that you have in relation to the supernatural.

The Idirius reading and binding is rooted in the divine powers of the Universe and it brings this celestial, ethereal, magical, organic power to your life and just sets you above & beyond anything you can imagine.

Each level is more in-depth, more detailed, and more powerful.

Level 1: Basic reading & Idirius binding, Class 5

Level 2: Basic reading & Idirius binding, Class 5, tier 2

Level 3: Advanced reading & Idirius binding, Class 5, tier 3

Level 4: In-depth reading & Idirius binding, Class 5, tier 3

Level 5: In-depth reading, basic Idirius profile, & Idirius binding, Class 5, tier 3

Level 6: Idirius profile of your place within the entirety of the Universe of magic, mysticism, & spirituality, along with the most powerful Idirius binding of the supernatural that brings you a lifetime source of Idirius immortal magic.  This is an extremely powerful binding that should only be considered by those experienced in magic because it encapsulates the eternal presence & source of immortal work for those embracing divine enlightenment.

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