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Haunted Doll Ceina from Polly Cedar Estate

Haunted Doll Ceina from Polly Cedar Estate
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This is the estate of a Haunted Doll collector Polly Cedar.  This doll is Ceina (Say-nah), who is a human of the AD 18th century who was an avid palm reader and tea leaves reader.  She had curly, light-brown hair, hazel eyes, and fair skin.  She often hosted parties for ladies where she would provide insight into their futures.  She was much beloved and well-liked by many for her gentle heart and compassion.  She will help you work with scrying and divination for insight into your life and the lives of loved ones.

Polly collected dolls that spurred her passion for interaction and connection with spirits.  She felt the dolls gave a unique home and expression to the spirits, and she honored them with thoughtful respect and compassion.  Her dolls are each special and unique, and they are all highly communicative and eager to provide companionship.

Vessel is a vintage porcelain doll, approximately 12" in height.

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