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Ash & I have one of the largest (if not the largest) collection of haunted artifacts on planet Earth.  We have long sought and procured artifacts from practitioner estates to ensure the ongoing preservation of the history and evolution of magick & the supernatural.  We also have a collection of haunted artifacts which exhibit supernatural behavior.  Our collection numbers in the thousands at any time and because of the size of our great estate and our connections around the world with the supernatural we founded the first Paranormal Auction House and continue to be the only paranormal-exclusive auction company which has found homes for some of the greatest artifacts in the world.

Any time we bring a new supernatural artifact in the home Ash & I work with the item separately.  This ensures we both document our experiences on a personal level and it allows us to compare notes with each other after the fact rather than sharing an object and having influenced reports of what we experienced.

We vet and document every artifact from every estate and we verify the validity and power of each and every item.  The preservation of magick and supernatural artifacts is paramount to securing the paranormal community's future.  Because of religious wars and wars between countries many artifacts have been lost or destroyed.  Our mission continues to be the ability to save and secure some of the most powerful artifacts known in the magickal world.

We spend time finding, procuring and vetting all forms of magickal artifacts, magic amulets, haunted dolls, ghostly items, haunted vessels, and ancient relics of supernatural power.  Whether they are commonplace or one of a kind we seek the greatest haunted items in existence.

Every haunted offering on our site is exceptional by all standards and we have personally worked with every single one of them.

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