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Enchanted Pillows Cushions

Our enchanted pillows and cushions are incredible as they give you a decorative way to enjoy magic in your home. You can place your magic pillow anywhere to enjoy the beautifully-crafted spells which embrace the vibrantly decorative pillows. We work with many fantasy theme pillows so the design of your pillow will vary. Each pillow comes with a blend of enchantments to make your night full of blissful slumber and your days filled with subtle spells and magic to help you achieve your goals and make wishes come true.
Enchanted Pillows For Vivid Dreams, Restful Slumber, & Restoration Of Energy
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A soothing night time companion, each pillow is imbued with spells for Vivid Dreams, Restful Slumber, and Restoration of Energy! You do not have to sleep on the pillow, but have it at least 2 feet from you while you sleep!

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