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Custom Conjuration of Huldra Spirit - Seductive Guardians Of Nature

Custom Conjuration of Huldra Spirit - Seductive Guardians Of Nature
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Huldra are guardians of nature who usually appear in the nude or scantily-clad. They are alluring beings who are known to enjoy the art of seduction. They keep a close watch within their territory and preserve the pristine nature of their forest. They are highly respected and regarded for their kind nature when treated well by others. They are typically gentle guardians, but if they are disrespected or you disrespect their territory they can lash out with approrpriate force. While it is said the male is unattractive it was simple propaganda to keep young maidens from seeking out the seductive Huldrekell in the forests. Both the male & female Huldra have varying appearances and coloring of eyes, hair, and skin just like humans. They can appear in full form or with partial form (hollow back); depending on their mood. They should never be approached quickly as they will vanish, and you should never throw rocks where they live so you do not cause harm and anger them.

They are on the lighter side of the Dark Arts scale. They were known to procreate with humans and it is said their children are special, gifted, and possess an incredible influence with the Elements and Earthen energies.

As spirit companions they strengthen your seductive nature, bring you closer to the powers and influences of nature, and draw out your most passionate energies. They are social, like to be involved, enjoy working with you and other spirits, and can so you many things about the power of nature & the Elements you never knew before. They are lively and loyal companions you will thoroughly cherish.


A Custom Conjuration means we choose the spirit that best suits you or if it is a gift the person you are gifting to. We recommend you place the date of birth of the person this Custom Conjuration is for in the Notes box below! A Custom Conjuration provides a close bond as the spirit is conjured with your, unique energy signature. This means any spirits who respond via the Custom Conjuration are the best match for you & your energy. Spirits who are Custom Conjured usually have faster bonds and interactions with you.


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