Interaction between people and spirits or spells encouraged by spells, magic, invocations, etc.
3 Words That Will Change Your Life
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These three words are extremely powerful. Three little words are not so little in power. Words are the most powerful force in magic, there is nothing stronger. These words have been passed for thousands of years and have changed millions of lives for the better.

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Cult Of The Dead, Request Of Blessings
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This is a lesson in how to ask the Watchful Dead to grant you positive blessings. The Watchful Dead are a group of spirits that are ancestral spirits favored for their wisdom, power, and guidance. They held positions in life that earned them the right to become those of the Watchful Dead. They range from those who achieved the highest enlightenment, sainthood, and comparable states during their life as humans. They have the power to intervene in a human life on the side of good and/or bad. For this reason those who recognize the Watchful Dead need to know the way to ask for blessings.

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Wandering Jew, The Energy Of Immortality & Repentence
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To understand the power behind the energy of a human's immortality it is important to know who the Wandering Jew and other immortal mortals are. Using their energy and the instructions provided by this class you learn how to live a longer life.

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