Spells related to karma, karmic debt, karmic balance, and work within life related to karma and the materialization of karma throughout life. These enchantments work with the various incarnations of karma, karmic energy, and karmic debt.
Spell For Attunement Of Karma
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Karma is a tricky thing. Call it whatever you wish but the Universe always balances itself. Sometimes things swing in your favor and sometimes they swing against you. This binding is a full attunement of your 3 bodies with Karma. You will feel a powerful energy come through you and the purpose of the attunement is to help meter out Karmic balance rather than receiving Karmic balance all at once or at the most inopportune time. Karma is a free will entity but this spell influences it to be more gracious in its balance with any ill deeds you may have perpetrated in this life.

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