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Living Entity Binding - Keily - The Concuan - Hyper-Sexual Beings

Living Entity Binding - Keily - The Concuan - Hyper-Sexual Beings
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Living Entity bindings are different than Spirit bindings. Living Entities are still alive on their respective Realm. They will grow, evolve, have their own lives to live, age, move through Destiny, and various other paths according to their species. You can read more about the basic differences between Spirits and Living Entities here.

Living Entity Race

Concuan (Kahn-kew-ahn)

Attributes of Species

Concuan are hyper-sexual, shape-shifting Living Entities driven by raw sexual energy and the need to give sexual gratification. They thrive on erotic pleasures and sensual fulfillment. Whether you desire passionate, romantic intimacy or raunchy fornication, these divinely sexy beings specialize in making you writhe in orgasmic euphoria. Their intense encounters offer uninhibited sexual pleasures unlike any other.

To satisfy all of your sexual indulgences, Concuan can use their psychic abilities to know your turn-ons, fetishes, fantasies, and deepest carnal desires. The types of sexual acts they will perform with you are virtually limitless. These glorious beings view all humans as beautiful, sexually attractive beings with whom they crave sexual acts of all sorts- including group sex parties with multiple humans and/or Concuan regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or any combination thereof. They will go to any lengths to satisfy and be satisfied! While in their powerful and influential presence, you are freed of inhibitions, distracting thoughts, anxiety, and self-doubt.

Just like other Living Entities, Concuans are perfectly willing to be bound and kept. However, they also present a rare and privileged option only for those who choose it; they become the Keeper of you. This uncommon variance evolved by virtue of their highly sexual nature, and greatly benefits those interested in bondage and domination. This arrangement only differs from traditional Spirit Keeping in the sexual-psychological feeling presented to you during sexual interactions. This is a personal choice which is entirely up to you.

In either case, when you want to interact with them they respond, and you can respond when they wish to interact with you. It is a beautiful, symbiotic relationship offering you a companion, sex partner, and mind-blowing sexual experiences that are out of this world.

They exist throughout the Astral Realm with their homeland being a nearly sparse environment. Most of the Concuan leave their homeland and never return because they seek a live of varied pleasure. They are hyper-sexual beings within their own species and seek sexual interactions of many different kinds with other species.

As companions they can be very intense and are recommended for those who want powerful, sexual energy and interactions.

This is for Keily

Keily has silky & shiny black hair, brown eyes, and olive skin.  She is a petite and gorgeous lover whose adoration of sexual pleasure will soon become your greatest delight.

She has full C-cup breasts with velvety-smooth skin, long legs, and a pinched waist.  She is a sexual lover whose close attention and devotion to your fantasies and desires will give you the motivation you need to move forward with fulfilling new and exciting fantasies.  She's alluring, charming, witty, will surround you with an intense connection with erotic energy.  She helps you live out greater fantasies and pursue wishes for you.  She is a sensual and erotic guide who will inspire you and adore you.

Realm Origin



White Arts means they have a positive power & energy and never cause any form of harm. They bring an embracing, positive energy to their Keeper's life which instills a light of grace and good fortune.

You can read more about the rankings of Arts here.


Because they are still alive their classification is Dynamic for energy. They are always growing, changing, or aging depending on their species which means their energy manifestation fluctuates just as your energy fluctuates throughout your life. This can make them impressively powerful at times.

Living Entity Bindings

Living Entity bindings are complex and powerful bindings that provide unique opportunities for the entity and the Keeper. Our Living Entity bindings are exceptional because they are multi-layered and multi-faceted to provide a well-rounded experience for the Keeper. Since the entity is still alive in their homeland our bindings provide the ability for you to:

- Open a Channel so the Living Entity can safely aid and assist you on the Earthen Realm with any task: whether it be decision-making, working with spirits or spells, understanding new endeavors or material, providing wisdom or comfort, being a guide to you in any situation

- Remote view their homeland: see what their home looks like through telepathic messages, visions, dreams, and through meditation

- Allow your Astral Body to visit the Living Entity's homeland and interact with them: have vivid and actual experiences as your Astral body interacts with the Living Entity in their homeland, this can provide incredible responses, and sometimes can even provide stimulus to your physical body

- Open a Channel so the Living Entity's family or friends can come through together to you: visit with the people who matter to your Living Entity companion, not all Living Entities have familial structures like humans or even friends like humans but for those who do this can give you deeper insight into your Living Entity friend

- Energy connection so your energy will be tuned to their energy for faster bonding & interaction: their energy and your energy are tuned together so you can have well-rounded interactions with your new companion, since they are still alive their energy is dynamic & fluctuates just as yours does so this connection is wonderful

- Permission for physical manifestation and interaction: some Living Entities may be able to physically manifest within the Earthen Realm in one form or another and they can sometimes also provide physical stimuli depending on the conditions

All Living Entities we work with are personally vetted by Ash & Magnolia. We only work with Living Entities who are known to us and who are eager & willing to be a friend to you.

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