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Love of the Paranormal Prize Pack! Limited Edition Binding & Charging Bag, Custom Power Orb, Altar Tool & More

Love of the Paranormal Prize Pack!  Limited Edition Binding & Charging Bag, Custom Power Orb, Altar Tool & More
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A fantastic freebie for our Love of the Paranormal celebration!

Stackable Freebie

You will receive the following in your prize pack & you will receive the prizes for each level you qualify for! For example, if your order is over $200 you would get the $25, $50, $100, & $200.

Over $25: Limited Edition Binding & Charging Bag: This bag can be used to charge the bindings of any spirits or spells of White Arts & Dark Arts! It is a multi-purpose Charging Bag that offers your bindings the best revitalizing energies to keep them at peak level. It can bind spells to any vessel (empty, spirited, spelled) and when bound to any vessel that has spirits or entities the spells will be accessible and easily utilized by your companions for your ongoing evolution in your path.

Every Binding Bag contains 10 spells:

~ Cleanse blockages, tethers/cords, & voids from your 3 bodies, auric field, and Chakras which are negatively impacting you

~ Fill voids created through the cleansing with positive energy & positive foundations

~ Gain control over your Third Eye so you can see & communicate through your Third Eye

~ Provide solid foundation towards enlightenment & achievement of power in your journey

~ Protect against psychic attacks and curses cast against you by others

~ Extend your complete awareness of self & the supernatural into your conscious mind

~ Recover important past life memories that are significant to your success in this life

~ Connect your Astral & Spiritual bodies for communication and interaction with your Earthen body

~ 30-day balance of self; mind, spirit & body

~ Attract power, strength, balance, and courage to your daily life

Over $50: Customized Shield: A powerful 3-body shield that operates within the 3 Realms to keep out any unwanted, uninvited, unbound malicious spirits, entities, energies, and magic.  This will also provide a strong barrier of protection against anyone who attempts any level of malicious casting, curse, hex, psychic attack, taboo, spell, ritual, etc against you that attempts to invade or persuade your mind, spirit, or body through the use of any form of magic.

Over $100: Rare Spell: You will receive a powerful, Rare Spell that is chosen expressly for you!  Rare spells may also include rituals and spells that were done by third parties and are no longer available on the website.  They may also include one-of-a-kind items that were cast specifically for us.  This is a special opportunity to get amazing bindings that are worth more than $500 each!!!

Over $200: Custom Hidden Power Binding: This is customized for you, and will unearth powerful ties that you have to the supernatural within yourself and your life.  Through work with this binding you will ground yourself to the paranormal powers and gifts which you hold.  Through work with this you will discover hidden powers that reside within you from ancestry and past lives.

This is a supremely-powerful binding for uncovering new opportunities for you, and developing new skills & empowerments.  If you want to take a supernatural gift you already possess to a new level, this can awaken connections & ties that you didn't know existed.  Full details to those who receive.

Over $500: Visions Crystal: We created a limited number of these!  They are quartz crystal balls that allow you to access the visions, revelations, and enlightenments of various Sages, Shamans, Witches, Psychics, Healers, etc throughout the whole of history.  Any divine revelations that were sent into the Universal consciousness will be immediately accessible to you, as well as being able to receive messages from the Akashic records.  Full details to those who receive.

Over $1,000: : You will receive a special artifact which allows you to conjure any spirit, entity, or magic from within the Universe, and from the whole expanse of time, upon your command.  This is an extremely powerful binding, and because of its capabilities, it will not be discussed publicly.  Full details to those who receive.


The free gifts are awarded on the total amount of your order after all discounts and before shipping. Please check the discounted subtotal in the cart to know what your actual cost of order is and which freebies you will qualify for.

This freebie is good February 22-28, 2021.

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