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Love, Sex & Romance Magic Jewelry

All of these enchantments are focused on the love within our lives; romance, platonic, family. These spells are related to finding love, building love relationships, and discovering love within ourselves, within others, and within the Universe. The enchantments can bring passion, allure, charm, seduction, and romance to any path in our journey. These spells are vibrant, exciting, fun, and inspirational to the way we feel love, romance, ecstasy, and pleasure.
Blood Power - The Vampire's Core Energy - Ethereal, Sensual, Devastatingly Powerful
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This is a dark enchantment which is intended ONLY for those who have long-term experience working with Vampires, and/or you have Vampiric blood in you/your ancestry.

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Market price: $3000.00 save 89%
Erotic Charm Imbued With Spells For Sexual Power, Energy, Lustful Desire
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This erotic vessel is imbued with spells for Sexual Power, Creativity, Energy, and Lustful Desire.  The enchantments provide a wonderful field of erotic energies which make you more confident as a lover, more engaged in your sexual interactions, be more creative & adventurous with your lover, and keep that lustful desire between you.  These enchantments can bring about spontaneous arousal and feelings of passion between you and your lover which can incite afternoon delight and fun make-out sessions. 

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Love Is All Enchantment
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This binding is a powerful love spell that draws Universal love energy within you and brings out the positive energy, the compassion, and the hope that dwells within the mind, body, and spirit.  This love spell is multi-faceted and helps you discover a path of personal power and consideration for your journey.  This love spell is about awakening the inner gifts that you hold, and helping you to see potential within your life in all facets.  This love spell is an awakening of your heart, helping you to heal old wounds, and be open to feeling the full, positive reinforcement of love itself.

Our price: $75.50
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Magick, Mysticism, Allure, Sensuality, Beauty, And Embracing Positive Power - Potion Bottle
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This potion provides you powers of Magick, Mysticism, Allure, Sensuality, Beauty, and Embracing Positive Power! It is the femme fatale potion that embraces & envelopes you with the feminine mystique that makes you more attractive, sexy, mysterious, and full of that "je ne sais quoi" that makes others interest peak!

Our price: $155.99
Market price: $750.00 save 79%
Savory Spell for Charm, Allure, and Sensual Influence
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A powerful enchantment for allure, charm, and sensual energy to surround yourself with and influence others (if desired).  This spell is about owning the confidence and allure that you hold, and being able to use that sensual aura to gain what you wish when it comes to influence and power.  You will feel more in touch with your erotic side and your supernatural abilities and talents for working with sex magic, sex spirits & entities to gain power.

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Market price: $425.00 save 87%
Spells of Lust, Sex, Eroticism, Charm, Youth, and Power - The Blend of Vampiric, Nephilim, Elvish, and Siren Magic
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This is a very intense and intoxicating blend of spells which are derived from the magnificent powers of the Vampires, Nephilim, Elves, and Sirens for tapping into the supernatural gifts of Lust, Sexual Desire, Sexual Power, Erotic Energy, Creative Sensuality, Charm Others, Energetic Youthful Power, Illusion of Eternal Allure, and using both your internal & external charm and wit to get what you want from your journey.  These spells work together in a harmonious weaving of paranormal delight to bring about the most influential field of magic where you can feel like a seductive & magnetic person, and use the boundless power of sexual magic to achieve your goals and desires.

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