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Master Service - Tantric Power & Energy, 2 Services

Master Service - Tantric Power & Energy, 2 Services
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A service provided that increases your tantric energy and a heightened, sexual power that brings a powerful, spiritual & mystical bond between you and your lover.  This is a fascinating depth of sexual and spiritual energy that joins as a union of erotic energy.  Your sexual experiences become an incredible journey into spiritual power and personal discovery.

You will feel a heightened sense of tantric energy during the first 12-24 hours of the service being performed and it will level off as you adjust to the energy surge.

This is a permanent increase and permanent enhancement to your tantric energy.

This is done at a pre-set time and date(s) will be entered into your order notes.

This listing is for two services which allows for a greater increase. Because of the power of this service the services will be separated by 2 weeks time.

Each increase of class means a stronger energy which the service is completed with. It is recommended you begin with Class 5 if you have not had any other Master Services performed, and preferably at least 4 services at Class 5 before moving into a tier 2 or tier 3.

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Permission to replace selected spirit or vessel with another if a spirit or vessel of same or higher class responds better to you
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