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Me, Me, Me Power Orb With Everything Centered Around You

Me, Me, Me Power Orb With Everything Centered Around You
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This is the newest addition to our Power Orbs collection! It is one of several new additions coming this Spring and is the result of over a year's planning, development, and work. We have named it the "Me, Me, Me" orb as it deals directly & intimately with everything related to you.

Destiny & Fate: This binding takes all possibilities of your Destiny; all paths, all opportunities, all possibilities... and keeps you dynamically changing between all these factors to ensure you are on the right path. It will reveal to you the path of Destiny you are on, it will reveal how many paths currently exist, it will show you how your Fate is intermingled and tied to various & different points throughout each path and how your Fate can dictate the subtle differences in the paths available to you. This opens the doors for you to be more in control, more aware, and more involved in the future of your life. You can make your life more cohesive to your present goals, desires, and needs. Your Destiny & Fate are inseparable; making your future all sea of possibilities.

Desires & Fantasies: A binding which works to fulfill the fantasies and desires which haunt your heart and mind. However possible or impossible they may seem, this binding supports you in your quest and makes available to you opportunities and situations where your desires and fantasies can be realized. Whether it's changing something about your sexual life, your career, your family life, your love life, yourself, your home, your life path, your living situation, your characteristics & behaviors, etc this binding gives you a solid foundation of support to realize, seize, and make available the desires for your life. You will see yourself motivated, ambitious, and prepared to receive the full potential of your desires and fantasies.

Sexual Power: Your sexuality is a greater portion of your identity & confidence than you may realize. You have an incredible resource of sexual energy which radiates from within; for some this resource is a readily tapped well, for others it is less accessible. The purpose of this binding is to help unleash all the sexual energy you have and create that immediate channel where you can utilize and work with your sexual energy any time you desire. This does not mean utilizing the power all the time for sexual purposes. Sexual energy can also be used for creating confidence, being more magnetic & personable, make you more relate-able to others, and give you an extra spring in your step with allure. When you are ready for sexual activities you can use the binding to give you more creativity, passion, and understanding of yourself, your partner, and heights of ecstasy & orgasmic pleasure.

Purpose & Identity: Why you're here is a question you've asked yourself countless times... this binding provides an organizational outlook which helps you to realize both the smaller & greater purposes you serve... not only to yourself, your life, your little world, but also the Universe-at-large. It's a wonderfully introspective binding which reveals to you the many paths where your existence makes an impact. It can help you to realize what you should do in life, where you should go in future, what your past means, how you are inter-connected amongst the dimensions & Realms, and how you are far more than you ever realized. You will feel a sense of self that is unlike anything you've experienced before.

Wisdom & Clarity: This binding creates a dynamic path where you can achieve a fascinating stance of wisdom and clarity. You will be more in tune with your mental skills & abilities, you will fee more akin to your paths of learning and knowledge, and you will see yourself in a new light that shines ever-brighter in your quest for learning. It provides support in learning; understanding, comprehension, retention, and recall. You will sense yourself seeking out greater paths of knowledge & learning. You will see you elevate your mental power & thirst for wisdom as you consume more information and paths of learning which take you to the next level. You will evolve and grow as you have never experienced before.

Protection & Shielding: When activated this binding creates a powerful shield of protection which is multi-layered and multi-purpose. It creates an impermeable foot shield around you which will block all forms of hexes, curses, psychic attacks, and all other forms of malicious magick... block all unbounds (entities & spirits) from all 3 Realms... and all forms of malicious energy (from any of the 3 Realms) from impacting you. You will have better protection against all manners and forms of the supernatural which seek to cause harm, stress, and any form of trouble within your life. You can also activate the binding to make you aware of what you are being protected against & its origin, or you can activate it to simply protect you and not bother you with the details.

3-Body Health: Your 3 bodies are independent and collective, they can evolve, shape, and act on their own, and when they act together they have a powerful force which few people on the planet realize. This binding is to help keep your 3 bodies aligned, in tune with each other, clear of all residual energies, flexible and active, and prepared to help you in all things. You are going to feel more motivated, empowered, strong, and flexible throughout all possibilities & channels of working within the 3 Realms and with your 3 bodies. When your 3 bodies are aligned and prepared for work you can feel yourself take shape and take charge of areas of your life that you may have previously felt were inaccessible or out of your reach. This binding keeps your 3 bodies in harmony for the best possible scenarios of success, victory, and life fulfillment.

All Lives: Through this binding you can discover all the lives you've lived and work with them. This includes all manners of past lives (animal, mineral, vegetable, etc, and on any of the 3 Realms). This is a full-frontal exposure of who you were in all incarnations and how those lives have, or have not, contributed to who you are today. You can learn a great deal about yourself. You can see into the future as well and have preliminary predictions of your future incarnations. You will be amazed as you traverse through your life and take different paths through Destiny how your future incarnations can change. The decisions you make do make an immediate impact to your future. In learning about past lives you will understand who you were, the decisions you made, how that life impacted various incarnations, and how there may, or may not, be remanants of that life tied to this life. If you are someone who really cares about self-discovery in its totality, this binding will reveal immeasurable amounts of information to you.

You will receive code words in a pamphlet which contains all of this information (descriptions) as well. You have the ability to activate the entire orb to work for you intuitively, to activate certain bindings to work while others do not, and to activate or deactivate the different bindings as you desire. This makes the orb a powerful & versatile tool.

It is an incredibly complex binding that is the product of many months of work. Because of the complexity involved each binding is customized for each person. For this reason please include DOB in the notes section and if this is a gift for someone please note that in the Notes section with that person's name & DOB.

They never need to be re-charged as they are a core energy of constant & eternal energy as per CH proprietary method.

We've put a lot of thought, time & consideration into this binding... it is proudly another CH Exclusive & Original!

Instructions are provided via download and in our Knowledgebase.

Make the selection of Class Binding desired.

The class rating explains the energy with which the spell or spirit will exhibit. The stronger the class rating, the more powerful the presence of the spirit or spell. The distance restrictions written in the class ratings do not apply to spirits.

Class V

- Presence is stronger than a Class 4. The spell can be used for any magickal endeavor for a remote target up to 1,000 miles away.

Class V, tier 2

- Presence is stronger than a Class 5. The spell can be used for any magickal endeavor for a remote target up to 2,000 miles away.

Class V, tier 3

- The strongest achievable binding of any spell, enchantment, or magick . The spell can be used as a portal to impart the powers contained within to others as far as a 5,000 miles away.

Dynamic Class

- Spell energy will automatically fluctuate between Class IV to Class V, tier 3 as needed for the Keeper or situation.
If you already own bindings you would like to add this functionality to, you can use this listing
You can read about the classes here: Class Ratings

Vessel is gemstone orb.

You can choose the energy type with which you would like your binding cast. The energy selection does not affect the power or purpose of the binding, but rather how it connects to you on a personal level. You should choose the Arts which match your personality type to create the best metaphysical bond between you and the energy of the binding.

White Arts is cast with positive energy and works best with people who have a positive personality.

Dark Arts is cast with darker energy and works best for those who indulge the darker side, but is not Black Arts.

Neutral Arts energy is cast with completely neutral energy and works best with people who have a level balance between White and Dark energies.

You can read more about the rankings of Arts here.

Bridge to me

If you opt to have the binding Bridged to you, then you need not physically carry the vessel as we cast a metaphysical “bridge” between you and the binding on the vessel.

Bridge to someone else

If you intend to give this binding as a gift, we will cast Bridging for them.

Please provide the intended recipients name in the Notes area of the Options section below.

Do not bridge at all

With this selection you will need to physically carry the vessel with you for the binding to work for you.

Note: Bridging is performed for free if selected now. If you wish to configure Bridging at a later date, you can always buy a Bridging Stone which can be used with all the vessels in your collection whether they are from Creepy Hollows or not. To learn more about the convenience and power of Bridging, please click here.

While Charging is not required, it is recommended. A charged binding will provide results faster and multi- task with enhanced efficiently. If you opt to have Charging Energy added directly to the vessel, then you never need to use a Charging Box. If you would like a Charging Box for this binding, please see our Charging Box category here. If you would like information on making your own Charging Box, read our Encyclopedia article, here.

If you would like a spell, but this one isn't the right one for you, you can use this listing, click here, to request a Custom binding. A Custom binding means the spell is designed for what you need.

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Toyah B
Jun 29, 2015
This customer purchased the item at our site.
This is close to my favorite orb to work with because it is literally all about me. It hones in on what is important to me. I like the path and desires. I keep that channel open actually I never close any of them. It's all about me so why close them right. :-)

Advantages: Good way to see what works in your life

Disadvantages: None
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