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Monthly 3 Body Cleansing Service - Keep Your 3 Bodies in Power

Monthly 3 Body Cleansing Service - Keep Your 3 Bodies in Power
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This subscription is a reoccurring service to cleanse your 3 bodies and help you to keep a stronghold of power within your Astral, Earthen and Spiritual bodies. This cleansing services provides you a full cleansing of all negative energies that have become attached to you through common activities that lead you to encounter negativity. These natural sources can include negative energy freely moving through the Universe or being around negative people & bad situations. This service also cleanses the negative energy away from you that has been directed towards you intentionally; psychic attacks, people wishing you ill-will, those casting or working against you, etc.

Keeping your 3 bodies healthy can lead to tremendous paths of opportunity, evolution and growth through all areas of your life. You will be able to feel, discern and engage through your supernatural and natural path everything that is vital, important and key to achieving a higher standard of power. When your 3 bodies are clear of residual & attached negative energy you have greater clarity, are able to work with your Third Eye with better results, and are capable of seeing into the supernatural with better results. Keeping your 3 bodies at their optimum state will result in far richer experiences, results and evolution for you in your paths.

This service will be performed on your behalf each month. Every month the system will generate a new invoice for you that will appear in your order history. The time and date of your service will appear in the customer notes area of your order.

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