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Monthly 30 Day Evolution Service - Break Bloodline Ties

Monthly 30 Day Evolution Service - Break Bloodline Ties
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This subscription is a reoccurring service that breaks the bloodline ties in your ancestry that continues to feed upon you the negative influences of hexes, curses, black magic work, and the darkest side of the ancestral bond that effects the present generations.  For some they have a slight, or even extreme, sensitivity to the darker branches of their ancestry and this connection can have a lasting and unwanted impact on their life.  This service provides a breakage of the magical ties that cause you problems in this life whether it be with your daily life or your supernatural abilities & gifts.  This service helps break the ties which exist so you are not influenced by the evil works or darkest influences of your ancestors.

This 30 day evolution is performed for all 3 of your bodies which allows you to evolve, overall, within the supernatural and create a much stronger foundation around you from which you can grow & become a more incredible force.

This service will be performed on your behalf each month. Every month the system will generate a new invoice for you that will appear in your order history. The time and date of your service will appear in the customer notes area of your order.

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  Each 18-th day of every month
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