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Monthly 30 Day Evolution Service - Training a Pet

Monthly 30 Day Evolution Service - Training a Pet
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This subscription is a reoccurring service for providing you the focus, consistency, determination, and positive energy needed to train a pet.  Whether it's training a new pet or re-training or training an already loved furry in your home, this monthly service provides magical encouragement for your pet to learn the behavior or tricks you want them to learn.  The service provides ongoing, consistent energy to keep your pet focused and open for welcoming new ideas & behaviors.  The service is intended to help the training process be easier and have a lasting effect.

This 30 day evolution is performed for all 3 of your bodies which allows you to evolve, overall, within the supernatural and create a much stronger foundation around you from which you can grow & become a more incredible force.

This service will be performed on your behalf each month. Every month the system will generate a new invoice for you that will appear in your order history. The time and date of your service will appear in the customer notes area of your order.

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  Each 18-th day of every month
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