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Monthly Confidence Service - Seize the World

Monthly Confidence Service - Seize the World
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This subscription is a reoccurring service to provide energy and power for confidence and the assertive will to make things happen in your life.  Being confident can open many doors for you in your personal and paranormal journeys.  Confidence is something earned through constant diligence and wisdom in action.  Building confidence in your life is something that can serve you and give you the positive determination that you need to get where you want to be in life.

Confidence does not mean acting egotistical or encroaching on the personal space of others, it means believing in yourself, presenting yourself in situations & to others with self-worth, and not allowing the expectations of others to rule your fate.

This service will be performed on your behalf each month. Every month the system will generate a new invoice for you that will appear in your order history. The time and date of your service will appear in the customer notes area of your order.

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  Each 18-th day of every month
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