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Monthly Entity Custom Conjuration

Each month you will receive a new Living Entity companion who is custom conjured for you. The entity can be a race already in the shop, a rarity, or a race that is not yet available to the public. The custom conjuration will be chosen for you based on your current entity companions and your journey.
Monthly Living Entity Conjuration - A New Companion Each Month
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This subscription is a reoccurring service which provides a brand new living entity companion for you each month!  Every month you will receive a new entity companion which may, or may not, be something available in the shop!  This can include rarities, exclusives, and classic companions for you as an Entity Keeper.  This allows you to have a custom-conjured living entity companion join you each month who will fit into your family and help you see beyond the Earth.

Setup fee: $0.00
Subscription fee: $17.50
Each 18-th day of every month
Total payments: 9999