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Mortal Magick :: Spelled Tattoo :: Mystify

Mortal Magick :: Spelled Tattoo :: Mystify
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Our brand new Mortal Magick bindings feature both vibrant and subtle temporary tattoos that provide you the power of their magick for as long as the tattoo lasts. This is a PHENOMENAL way to give yourself that little extra boost when you need it. The spells are powerful, effective, and work with a myriad of situations and endeavors throughout life.

The magick of the binding lasts up to 30 days; even after the tattoo has long faded away :)

Mystify: Spell to awaken your spiritual consciousness so you can receive mystic wisdom, energy and power at a higher rate. Any time you embark upon a mystical or spiritual endeavor you will feel a strong vibration within yourself that signifies the intensity of mystical energy and renders you a mysterious, mystifying person to all around you.

Place the tattoo anywhere on your body and the spell is immediately active upon placement on your skin.

The enchantment will remain with you up to 30 days from tattoo placement; even if the tattoo disappears. After that the enchantment dissolves. You can wear more than one Mortal Magick tattoo at a time and you can reapply tattoos as often as you desire.

Tattoo is approximately 4" in length.

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