Mortal Magic Tattoos

Various drawings on the human skin have their own energy and magical properties. Tattoos can affect a person's life, his behavior, events in the life of the tattoo owner and even the attitude of other people to him. Since ancient times, people have made various images on the body, thereby linking themselves to the world of magic. Nowadays, this tradition is also alive because the tattoos magical power has not disappeared. Now, they are also made with the purpose of protection, amulet, help. However, many want to make a tattoo for a certain period of time and remove it when the desired result is achieved.

If this is about you, then the Creepy Hollows store can help you. Our temporary tattoos will give you the power when you need it most. While wearing such a tattoo and even after, you will be protected by spells for 30 days. During this time, life will change for the better because the magic, with which the tattoos are charged, will perfectly fit into the life of any person. You can wear these drawings on any part of the body, adorned with a beautiful image and being protected by magic and witchcraft.

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