Mystery Bags!

Surely, everyone loves surprises. Surprises filled with magical power and positive energy that can affect you and your life are even in a greater demand. We are ready to please our customers with goods that combine these two characteristics! We offer Mystery Bags - fun and astonishing sets of the Creepy Hollows store magical treasures. Each bag is a unique combination of various items, spells or magical gemstones that have the strength and special spheres of influence. Considering your choice, you can get a bag consisting of one or more items. What kind of items? This is a surprise! Not knowing what you exactly get, you can be sure that, in any case, the set will do more than just meet your expectations, and the surprise will definitely be amazing. You can choose from mystery bags, including a variety of magic goods, or goods, united by one theme. For example, there are bags with items, charged with the Atlantis magic, with the fairies power and other magical creatures and spirits power. All you need is just to order the mystery bag you like, and the care of the rest will be taken by our store.

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