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One of a Kind Magic Jewelry

All of our One of a Kind (OOAK) magic jewelry is truly one of a kind. It means this magic amulet does not exist anywhere else. While the spell on the magic amulet may be offered in other vessels, the vessel used for this spell casting, magic ritual, or magic ceremony is special. All of our One of a Kind magic amulets are either made in-house or are made by artisans we know. The magic jewelry often features precious stones, hand-selected for their brilliance or beauty, and metals such as gold, sterling, copper, or brass. Many times these One of a Kind creations take days, weeks, or even months to create and carry with them the passion, love, and magical exuberance of their creator. Each one of these pieces is a keepsake amulet or heirloom jewelry.
The Alchemus Enchantment - The Power of Thanatos
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The Alchemus of Thanatos is a binding which provides you the shroud of his magical gifts.  You are transformed through his awareness of spiritual power, his ability to connect with spirits & spirituality through divine consciousness, and the seeds of spiritual wisdom which he fosters.  His power comforts you in the knowledge of life after death, and he brings the power of mercy and humility to your heart.  Working with necromancy, spirits, and spiritual forms of magic blossom under his care.

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