Paranormal Artifacts

Paranormal artifacts are part of our daily lives, you may even be creating a paranormal artifact of the future as you explore your daily life.  In modern times, items in homes are disposable - more easily broken and thrown away.  In the 20th century, and before, items were meant to last a lifetime, and they usually did.  Your family phone would be there through multiple generations.  They last even today, living in attics, basements, shops, etc.  The most common paranormal artifacts created are items touched and used daily; doorknobs, telephones, lamps, tableware, etc.  They live on with the energies of previous owners, long-stained & resonating within them, as paranormal artifacts that can exude many manifestations; phantom voices, phantom sounds, phantom scents, temperature variances, orbs, streaks of light, energies that affect emotions, etc.

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