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Permanent Enhancement Of 10 Year Span Incrementally Daily To All Paranormal & Metaphysical Energies

Permanent Enhancement Of 10 Year Span Incrementally Daily To All Paranormal & Metaphysical Energies
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A vesssel enchanted with spells for PERMANENTLY enhancing one’s metaphysical & paranormal energies & abilities steadily & incrementally over time, it takes 10 years to reach full effect with every day the bottle supplementing & providing you powerful energies to be at peak. It is used by those who want to reach Master status in their selected area of the paranormal and can be used to provide supplement in Psychic, Magick, Spiritual, Astral, Earthen, etc in White Arts and/or Dark Arts as it is a Neutral binding.

A complementary piece to your journey this is intended for use by those who plan to make a permanent and honest pathway in the paranormal. It embraces you as an individual and cannot be used by anyone else during the 10 year span. After the 10 year mark you can pass it on to whomever you wish and the process will start from scratch for them.

It is an incremental & permanent increase daily to your paranormal and metaphysical energies; thereby enhancing and bolstering all of your achievements along the way! If you develop a new skill or ability in the paranormal during the 10 year time frame (which undoubtedly you will) it permanently enhances and supports all LEARNED & ACHIEVED powers, abilities, energies, etc as well. Which is why this is a powerful binding. It dynamically connects to you & works for you daily over 10 years time.

For those who plan to make the paranormal their life as we have, it is an essential support piece. You do not have to have it on your person every day, it will work for you out of ownership, and you should put it somewhere safe in your home.

If you love the binding but do not like the vessel you can use this listing to choose your own vessel! Collector choice listings are open to all discounts and coupons, unlike one of a kind bindings where the vessel is hand-picked.


You do not need to activate this item in order for it to work for you. It is an intuitive binding utilizing CH-developed para-technology that allows the contribution to your life to be dynamic (contributes when needed), and you can also work specifically & directly with the energy of this piece through meditation or quiet time, or keeping it within a foot of your bed during sleep cycle to work with it during your rest. The binding is designed to work for you at all times.


Vessel is sterling silver pendant with ammonite & smoky quartz.

Arts: Neutral Arts

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