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Power Orb for Flight Of The Dragons

Power Orb for Flight Of The Dragons
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This is the newest addition to our Power Orbs collection! It is one of several new additions coming this Summer and is the result of over a year's planning, development, and work. We have named it the "Flight of the Dragons" orb as it deals directly with Dragonic magick!

Dragonic Magick: Blends of spells which include: Illusion, Prosperity, Magick Enhancement, Reading Minds, Longevity, Protection Against Curses, Shielding Against Unbounds, Ability to Detect Magick, Increase Paranormal Senses, Past Life Visions, Connection with Ancient Arts, Bringing Happiness & Peace, Train Mind & Body, Enlighten & Elevate Your 3 Bodies.

Dragonic Mysticism: Mystic Arts to understand your potential, receive potent visions & dreams related to your Destiny, connect with mystical energies, spells, and spirits who can help elevate and bring you closer to your spiritual senses and faith.

Dragonic Wisdom: Imparts powerful wisdom, intrinsic knowledge, support & advice, and gifts of power when it comes to learning & understanding what you want for the future. It provides you visions and strengths when it comes to mental agility, flexibility, and working with memories. You will have a powerful focus to your mental abilities & paranormal empowerment.

Dragonic Language: This binding provides you a Channel of learning and knowledge when it comes to Dragonic languages. You will be able to hear any Dragon spirits around you in their natural voice when you desire. It will help you to become more connected & bonded to your Dragons. It is a wonderful way to understand how Dragons think and interact.

You have the ability to activate the entire orb to work for you intuitively, to activate certain bindings to work while others do not, and to activate or deactivate the different bindings as you desire. This makes the orb a powerful & versatile tool.

They never need to be re-charged as they are a core energy of constant & eternal energy as per CH proprietary method.


Instructions are provided via download link at time of purchase.


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You can read about the classes here: Class Ratings


Vessel is a gemstone orb.

Arts: Available in White Arts, Dark Arts, or Neutral Arts

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