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Power Orb Life Set for All Aspects Of Your Life

Power Orb Life Set for All Aspects Of Your Life
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Another addition to our amazingly popular "Power Orbs", we are introducing our first sets! This set is the Life Set for all that falls under the umbrella of Health, Love, & Purpose (see below for details)!

Each orb is independently imbued with our proprietary & complex bindings, and can be used individually when you are working with one of the Life Directives for any reason! You can also use all 3 of them together for a powerful influence of all 3 Life Directives to help give you some balance, stamina, insight & guidance!

The powers bound with each of these are dynamic (always complementing whatever level you are), supportive (provides a foundation of energy for you), intuitive (works when you need it to), and complementary (works with spirits & other spelled bindings in your collection).

Health: this is a complementary binding to your life regarding: Balance, Well-Being, Cleansing, Regulation, Re-Invention, Strength, Endurance, De-Toxification, Protection, Foresight! Balancing your energy, chakras, and life... your general Well-Being & feeling well... Cleansing of all negativity and bad influences that are effecting you from being happy, achieving success, and fulfillment... Regulation of your energy & your contributions in your life so you are not too much one way or another... Re-Invention when you need to have a fresh start or a new muse in life... Strength overall mentally & physically... Endurance to carry all necessary loads & tasks in life... De-Toxification by removing all malicious forces & sustaining you with positive power... Protection with powerful shield against all incoming forces... Foresight to have inclination when things may happen (good or bad) so you can be ready for them!

Love: this is a complementary binding to your life regarding: Lover, Family, Friends, Sex, Universal Love, Self-Love, Self-Confidence, Courage, Motivation, Passion! Providing you a closer & deeper bond of understanding, communication, healing, uplift & power with your relationships; Lover, Family, and Friends... to bring you greater Sexual satisfaction, activity, desire, allure, and mystery... to bring you a close connection to the Universal Love force for positive contribution, happiness, joy, and completeness... Self-Love & Self-Confidence to make you more powerful, happy, ready for life, inspired & motivated to make positive decisions & changes, have more success & get what you want from life... more Courage to take the steps you need to take in all areas... more focused Motivation so you are putting your time & energy into good things for life & not wasting your time.. and overall... more Passion in ALL areas for you!

Purpose: this is a complementary binding to your life regarding: Career, Life Path, Path of Destiny, Hobbies, Development of Skills, Unearthing Dormant Abilities, Changes & Decisions! Helping you with Career decisions, paths, and changes so you can do the work you want & feel happy and successful... to help you always maintain the best possible Life Path in all areas of your life... to help you remain on the most productive Path of Destiny at all times... to help you choose hobbies that will inspire, motivate, and sustain your creative side... to help you develop paranormal & non-paranormal Skills in life... to help you recognize & Unearth all Dormant Abilities from your life, ancestors, and past lives... and to help you overall with ALL your life choices, decisions, and powers!

These are extremely effective tools for you to work with yourself, spells & spirits. Which includes the spirits & spells helping you with these things like protection, happiness, health, love, paranormal abilities & gifts, wealth & prosperity, etc.

You will receive 3 orbs, one for each Life Directive, and the orbs come with their respective instructions for usage & application! This binding comes with easy-to-follow instructions for usage. You will receive these instructions via download at time of purchase or they can be found in our Knowledgebase.

They NEVER need to be recharged, they come with CH's proprietary eternal binding because of the complexity of the spells and because of the complexity of their interaction with you on a regular basis. This way they can remain fully active & contribute wholly to your as needed!

Instructions are provided via download and in our Knowledgebase.

The class rating explains the energy with which the spell or spirit will exhibit. The stronger the class rating, the more powerful the presence of the spirit or spell. The distance restrictions written in the class ratings do not apply to spirits.

Class V, tier 3

- The strongest achievable binding of any spell, enchantment, or magick . The spell can be used as a portal to impart the powers contained within to others as far as a 5,000 miles away.
You can read about the classes here: Class Ratings

For this binding you get to choose the vessel! If you would like to see examples of the vessels we use, please click here.

You can choose the energy type with which you would like your binding cast. The energy selection does not affect the power or purpose of the binding, but rather how it connects to you on a personal level. You should choose the Arts which match your personality type to create the best metaphysical bond between you and the energy of the binding.

White Arts is cast with positive energy and works best with people who have a positive personality.

Dark Arts is cast with darker energy and works best for those who indulge the darker side, but is not Black Arts.

Neutral Arts energy is cast with completely neutral energy and works best with people who have a level balance between White and Dark energies.

You can read more about the rankings of Arts here.

Bridge to me

If you opt to have the binding Bridged to you, then you need not physically carry the vessel as we cast a metaphysical “bridge” between you and the binding on the vessel.

Bridge to someone else

If you intend to give this binding as a gift, we will cast Bridging for them.

Please provide the intended recipients name in the Notes area of the Options section below.

Do not bridge at all

With this selection you will need to physically carry the vessel with you for the binding to work for you.

Note: Bridging is performed for free if selected now. If you wish to configure Bridging at a later date, you can always buy a Bridging Stone which can be used with all the vessels in your collection whether they are from Creepy Hollows or not. To learn more about the convenience and power of Bridging, please click here.

While Charging is not required, it is recommended. A charged binding will provide results faster and multi- task with enhanced efficiently. If you opt to have Charging Energy added directly to the vessel, then you never need to use a Charging Box. If you would like a Charging Box for this binding, please see our Charging Box category here. If you would like information on making your own Charging Box, read our Encyclopedia article, here.

If you would like a spell, but this one isn't the right one for you, you can use this listing, click here, to request a Custom binding. A Custom binding means the spell is designed for what you need.

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