Protection Against Unbounds

Anti-Possession & Anti-Host Spell to Keep Them Out
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This binding protects against unwanted possession and unwanted hosting. Possession is when you are completely taken over by another entity and you have no conscious awareness of what the possessor is doing to you or with you. They are acting in total control of your body, mind, and behavior. Hosting is when you are occupied by another entity and while they may have periods where they are more in control than you are, they are not completely in control of you and you have awareness of what you are doing and what they are doing.

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Capture Stone© - Capture Unbound Spirits - Works With White & Dark Arts
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You will receive one raw & pure gemstone that will be placed anywhere in your home to capture & trap unbound spirits until you can decide the appropriate way to handle them.

Our price: $9.38
Spell for Protection Against Unbound Spirits
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This binding is specifically, and only, for protection against unbound spirits who have a malicious or sinister intent.

Our price: $6.25
Spell To Get Rid Of Unbound Feeders and Protect Against A Malicious Nuisance
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This binding is specific in working to rid yourself of unbound feeders of any kind. Feeders can come in several ways and there are varying degrees of feeder entities in the Universe. This binding not only clears any basic or severe feeders it also keeps them from ever returning. Feeders will feed on extreme emotion, feeling or energy which is present in your home and can drain your physical energy. They can also provoke extreme reactions from you in order to feed on the energy. This is why Feeders are a nuisance and unwanted addition to any home.

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Targeted Power Of Protection & Shielding
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This contains a complex, multi-layered binding which provides a 10ft Shield of Protection against malicious spirits, entities, and magick... a 5ft Shield of Banishment which turns away all unbound, malicious spirits & entities who seek harbor or occupation of your home... a 2ft Shield of Power which dissolves all ill-intented magick, psychic attacks, and negative forces sent towards you.

Our price: $100.00