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Consultation of Paranormal & Supernatural Needs

Consultation of Paranormal & Supernatural Needs
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There are time when events, situations, or personal needs go beyond what is capable of being addressed through our helpdesk.  This listing allows you to purchase a block of time for consultation on situations that are too extensive to be continually addressed through our helpdesk.

Examples of this include needing further information as related to:

- troublesome spirit, entity, unbound

- past life issues being resolved

- curses, hexes, taboos placed on you or your family

- unresolved issues related to ancestry

- trouble related to magic that has been used against you

We have a full category of readings if you want something of more of a reading nature.  This is consultation which means we will review the issue you are having and make recommendations for action you should take as related to the situation you are inquiring about.

This listing should only be used as a method of getting further consultation and advice on greater supernatural issues, troubles, in your journey.

Please state the nature of the issue in clear, concise paragraphs.  Please also include any helpdesk ticket numbers for prior support given in the matter.  Please also let us know any work that has already been done to resolve the issue so we do not waste your time by recommending things already tried/done.  Please also tell us if any prior work showed any result at all.  You do not need to give us names of prior practitioners, just a description of what was done.  The more clear and focused your description of what is happening, the more helpful we can be.

The reading will be placed in the customer notes area of your order at time of completion.

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