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Rare, Exotic Magic

Rare spells, enchantments, rituals, and ceremonial magick that is outstanding, unique, and/or of master-level.  These bindings exhibit greater power and influence in the realm of the supernatural, and are more engaging for those seeking a master's path.

Exceptional Rarity Of Magick, Awakening, Enlightenment, Third Eye Power, And Development
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This binding is an exceptional example of the type of rare enchantments which exist in the paranormal community. This is a gorgeous vessel which contains insight & enlightenment to all aspects of self. This binding contains magickal bindings which provide an awakening to your spirit & soul. It awakens the energy and power of your 3 Bodies. It awakens the senses and spiritual experiences which live within you. This binding provides enlightenment through your mind, spirit, and body and gives you direction for your future. You will have more sensory experiences where the supernatural are concerned. You will sense the presence of all forms of supernatural & paranormal energies, spirits, and magick. You will have your Third Eye touched with power and will open the channels and paths of your Third Eye to receive and comprehend visions of the past, present, and future. Your Third Eye will be more in tune, more balanced, and more receptive to all matters within the paranormal & normal. It will also strengthen your intuitive and observatory skills. You will have a deeper and more meaningful path for development.

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Rare Fairy Of The Crystal Cave
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A rare, Woodland Faery whose civilization thrived inside of a magnificent, quartz cave. They tended to the preservation and protection of the cave as they believed it was a divine, natural point of power through which magick was born, thrived, and expanded. Her name is Afara (Ah-fare-ah), she is 185 years, with short, curly red hair, brown eyes, and fair skin.  She was a guide and leader who helped others work with magick and explore spiritual & mystical beginnings within themselves.  She is vibrant, talkative, charming, and brings new ideas and fresh perspective with your higher self.  She is a rare and beautiful guide for working with magic and rituals.

The binding is a spellblend of organic magick which pulls the Elemental power of the Earth along with the power of Fae magick together. If you have any Fae, of any race, in your keep this spell ignites their energy & empowers them for interaction with you! The binding also brings you naturally closer to the powers & influence of the Earth Element; allowing you to be more connected and able to utilize & influence its many avenues of power. You can work with any Earthen spirit, Earthen magick, and Earthen energy through this binding which will help you to recognize, work, and shape Earthen energy.

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Secrets of the Shamans - Visions, Lucid Dreams, Supernatural Powers
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This is a powerful enchantment that unearths the ancient secrets of the Shamans of the world; their visions, their psychic experiences, their lucid dreams, and their supernatural powers. If you are on the journey for learning about your psychic abilities, for tuning into the collective consciousness of the Universe, for tapping into lucid dreams, and flexing your supernatural abilities... this enchantment will help you evolve and take a stronger stance in your supernatural journey.

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The Power, Support, & Knowledge Of Vampires - Rare Binding of Early Predatory Clan
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This is an extremely powerful and rare binding that is recommended for those experienced with Vampires. It is not a direct binding of the Vampire spirits, but it is a binding that connects you to the spirits of the rarest, predatory Vampire clan that has ever existed on planet Earth. It is a binding that you utilize to connect, interact, and bond with the Vampire spirits, but you can also see through their eyes, have intrinsic knowledge imparted upon you, have abilities & skills gifted to you through the Vampiric bindings on the vessel. The full details will only be released to the next owner at the request of the Vampire spirits. - This is not the same Clan as the previous offering.  This is for an early, predatory Clan.

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