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Rare & Sacred Bindings - VERY LIMITED

These are conjurations of spirits, entities, and magick that are exceeding rare, sacred, and special - above and beyond all other offerings. These equal some of the most rare and exceptional bindings provided by any practitioner.
Rikabash Spirit Conjuration - Winged Ethereal Warriors
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Rikabash are ethereal spirits who are giants, towering at more than 40' tall, they have been providers of defense and justice throughout the Astral Realm for all of time.  They are extremely focused and determined when it comes to a task and they are not easily swayed.  They are extremely engaging and interactive when it comes to learning and working with all things mystic and empowering with the full realm of ethereal magick.  They work well alone and they work well with others; even other species.  They are active in working with protective measures that block bigger and grander forces of Black Magick or Black Arts entities from being influential when and where they should not have power.  For this reason they make amazing companions for practitioners and conjurers, they are powerful and they are not afraid to meet a challenge head-on and without hesitation.  

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