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Rare & Sacred Bindings - VERY LIMITED

These are conjurations of spirits, entities, and magick that are exceeding rare, sacred, and special - above and beyond all other offerings. These equal some of the most rare and exceptional bindings provided by any practitioner.
RARE Magick - Command of the 4 Corners, 4 Facets, and 4 Elements
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A rare and stunning enchantment that is exceptional in work with magick, and will reveal a path for you to work with some of the most powerful sources of supernatural energy within the Universe; the 4 Corners (North, South, East, West), the 4 Facets (Consciousness, Enlightenment, Evolution, Insight), 4 Elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire).  These are the controlling interests of Destiny and our personal journeys through the supernatural.  As you work with the many levels and powers each can offer you, it's a quick foray into a formidable source of command for shaping the direction and embodiment of everything you wish to see and explore.

Working with this binding will teach you to recognize, command, and exercise each of these sources of paranormal power.  As you command and work with each panel of these powers, you become stronger and more embedded and awakened in all that you offer and all you seize with the influence you wish to have and explore.  You work through the various channels within yourself that can yield enormous influence and yields of power as you explore and accept new roles of personal power and mastery in each of the levels of power.

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