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Regeneration Potion Bottle - Regenerate Energy Of Your Choice

Regeneration Potion Bottle - Regenerate Energy Of Your Choice
Regeneration Potion
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This potion bottle was cast with enchantments to regenerate supernatural forms of energy through the potion. You can regenerate your psychic energy, love energy, third eye energy, cleansing energy, sexual energy, kinetic energy... and so forth, with millions of energy sources. Energy contribution can make significant changes to how you evolve and the results of your supernatural efforts. Your spells will be stronger & more effective, your results are more precise & personal to what you wanted to achieve.

Fill the bottle with any liquid which you want to use on your body. We recommend if you want the potion to be more active to use a scented or unscented oil base that will linger on yourself, or any material, for a longer period of time.

Once the oil is in the bottle you then activate the enchantments on the bottle by reciting:

Charmed upon these words recite
Through the day and through the night
A potion cast in spelled delight
Energy born and compelled within my sight

Once activated then you summon the energy you wish into the potion:

I summon the energy of (say type of energy) within
Your supernatural power to extend
To all I undertake in relation true
I cast the spell for power in all I do

Leave the potion for 24 hours to cure and then it is ready for use. You place a drop onto your skin or onto any material kept in your personal space or altar space to use the energy of the potion in your life. You can use the bottle as often as necessary. Once the potion is cast it can be moved to a different bottle and you can generate a new potion in this bottle. Each potion is tailored and customized specifically to your energy so you know the results will be personal and powerful.

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