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Magic & the Supernatural

Working with magic, spirits, and the supernatural is the reason you're here!  You feel a calling or a connection with the supernatural and you want to explore your love & passion with the supernatural, we understand, that's why we're here too :)

The path of magic, spirits, and the supernatural is something that you decide to embark upon because you want to learn more about the unseen, you want to enlighten yourself and enhance your journey, and you feel a calling to the magic of the world.

The supernatural is ancient, and predates written history on Earth, there is no denying that the supernatural has been part of existence since the beginning of time, and the works of the supernatural are featured in every religious text, every historical-cultural text, and is something all those on this planet have encountered in their lives.

To appreciate magic, spirits, and the supernatural it means you need to respect it, have a healthy view of what it means, and be open to working with the paranormal within its capacity.

We want you to be happy & successful in your journey with magic, and we want you to love your bond with the paranormal path you've chosen.  In that mindset, we want to make sure we convey important information about magic.

It is very important that you have realistic expectations and views when it comes to magic, spirits, and the paranormal. 

Magic is about your happiness

Your life is the most precious gift you've ever received, and making the most of your time on Earth is important.  We want you to have a happy, successful, long life, and whether that always includes a presence in magic & spirits, or the supernatural is only a feature in your journey, it means you should make decisions that feel right to you.

Take the time to understand the difference between the Arts of magic, and take advantage of the full resources our website offers.

Magic does not replace medicine

Nothing related to magic, spirits, supernatural energy, the paranormal, etc is going to be a cure for medical issues, for mental health problems, change your body type (height, face, scars, etc) for situations where a medical professional who is trained & licensed can offer true guidance, support, and healing practices.

This also applies to situations where people think there is something wrong with them in regards to possession or demonic entanglement, etc but really it's a serious medical condition that needs a doctor's care.  If you are experiencing any kind of physical problems, you need to be seen by a licensed, medical professional immediately.  If you seek the care of a doctor and they clear you of all physical problems, and you believe the matter to be solely supernatural-related, then you can pursue magical means of relief.

Do not play around with your health, it's worth its weight in gold, seek true medical assistance first.

Magic is not a miracle

Magic and spirits are a complement to our lives, they are not the epitome of all answers to all your problems, they are not going to make you a superhero with superhero abilities, they are not going to magically make all your life's problems disappear, and they are not going to cure anything (please see the health-related topic above).

Magic and Spirit Keeping is a belief system, related to religious & spiritual faith paths and they are meant to enhance life and resonate with you on a spiritual level, not produce miracles to solve all of your problems.

Magic cannot transport you back in time to fix a bad decision or situation, it cannot make you look like someone else, it will not manifest piles of cash around you, it will not cure diseases, and it will not immediately imbue you with all the magical powers of the Universe spontaneously.  Working with spells, rituals, ceremonies, and spirits means practice, actually doing the work, and learning to work with magic.

Magic has no guarantees

No one can tell you with absolute certainty that every spell, every ritual, every spirit, everything related to the magic you work with is going to produce the results you want to see.  Every person is different, every situation is different, some people work very hard with their magical gifts & some people work a little and want a lot of results.  You cannot expect any person's experience to mimic your own, and every spell, ritual, spirit is different and will work differently with you than someone else.

In our shop we sell a huge variety of bindings and services, including spells & conjurations you can do yourself!  Whether you opt to buy a spell book in your local meta shop, you decide to cast spells from another website or blog, or you buy spells or spirits from our shop, it's going to be up to you to work with the spells and spirits.

You should work with magic and spirits at the level you feel is best for you.  You shouldn't feel pressured to pursue something, take your time and make sure that what you are working with best reflects your goals and what you want to see happen in your journey.  You should never use funds that are meant for paying your bills, paying for your food, or essentials within your life, to buy magic bindings or services.  There are many free resources on our Forum, in our Encyclopedia, and all over the internet that you can employ.

Ask questions

If you are not sure about something, we are happy to help you.  We do not believe in pressuring someone to make a decision.  We will give you all the information we have available to your questions, and you can make up your mind on what you feel is best for you.  We are happy to give you insight and advice, but only where magic and the supernatural is concerned.

Please review our terms & conditions for more information.