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Solar Sun Spells Bindings

Solar spells and enchantments which harness the magical power of the Sun. These solar bindings and rituals provide solar magic to many aspects of your life.
Solar Eclipse Power Spell
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A Solar Eclipse brings a unique stage of supernatural energies; the power to harness both Lunar & Solar energies simultaneously and use those energies in a multitude of ways. You absorb the power to cleanse & heal with the power to change & move forward. You have the power of light & shadow to control visibility and illusion. Your Astral body can embark upon greater metamorphosis and evolution; eager to grow stronger and discover the worlds beyond. This is a time and place for you to rise and realize what you are capable of and how you can dictate a future you desire. The Solar Eclipse is about seeing within yourself everything you are capable of, changing the things about yourself that you must, and then moving yourself forward in a glowing light of personal prosperity and development.

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