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Special offers and limited time deals from Creepy Hollows! These can include Instantly Insane pricing, promotional pricing on new offers, and surprises from us year-round.

Listings featured in this category do not qualify for BOGOs because they are a deeply-discounted price.
Limited Time Only - The Power of Witchcraft & Veil of Magic - Back After 7 Years!!!
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Back after 7 years!

This incredible binding is something that will make you sizzle from top-to-bottom with magical energy.  We haven't had this available because of the volume of work involved & how intense the magic is to work with, and this binding will quickly become a favorite & prized possession within your magical treasure trove.  You are going to receive a binding that really speaks to your power and what you can do on every level of power.  This is a crafted blend of enchantments and rituals which provide a tremendous support to your magical gifts, and allows you to fully materialize many different gifts as related to the supernatural.  This is really a one-stop binding that allows you to gain access to multiple paths of magic at the same time, and provides permanent enhancement in all these paths of magic.

Our price: $50.00
Market price: $2500.00 save 98%
Necromalchist Spell - Transformation & Manipulation of Dark Magic
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The Necromalchist enchantment is a powerful spell which opens the door for you when it comes to understanding the transformation of magic and the transformation which occurs with spirits & magic in unison.  This is a dark and complex binding whose outcome is to transform the usage of magic through work with spirits.  When you work with any Dark Arts spell the Dark Arts spirits in your keep will have the advantage of manipulating and transforming the magic to be something new and powerful to your personal journey.

Our price: $19.95
Market price: $350.00 save 94%
Special Offer - A New Evolution in Spirit Keeping & Magic - Back to the Roots
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We are very excited to be launching this new line of powerful products which bring you an intense thread of power between the old & new of the world of magic.  We have revamped the ancient and the new to bring a fantastic blend of energy and power that stimulates your magical gifts and abilities, and it touches upon both the ancient ties you have with the supernatural, and the new ties you have with the supernatural.  It's a full-embodied awakening of supernatural power that you will absolutely love!

We have two, introductory kits available right now that will absolutely thrill you.  We have the Magic Kit & the Spirit Keeper's kit.

Our price: $25.00
Market price: $175.00 save 86%
Special Offer - The Goddess Rituals - The Presence of Eternal & Immortal Power
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Available only for a limited time!

The Goddess Rituals - Presence of Eternal & Immortal Power

Expand your reach & work in the immortal paths of magic

The ethereal touches of the divine... the brush of magic that inspires you... a fountainhead of the goddess power... you will receive a multi-practitioner bound amulet that offers you a bond through your core to the goddesses, the eternal, the immortal, and the divine within the Universe.  This is a very special & sacred binding which is exciting and beautiful on every level.  The enchantments are a rallying cry, a bold motivation for your eternal connection, and a way for you to discover enlightened wisdom from within your Destiny.   These spells help you connect to your inner divinity, your goddess/god powers, and work with the immortal forms of magic with sincerity, personal power, and a touch of evolution... growing ever-more aware and empowered with your journey. 

If you want to expand and excel in your immortal and divine pursuits, these bindings are a powerful channel for you to fully materialize your divine gifts, and command the intricacies of the immortal forms of magic & power. 

Our price: $105.00
Market price: $1595.00 save 93%