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Special offers and limited time deals from Creepy Hollows! These can include Instantly Insane pricing, promotional pricing on new offers, and surprises from us year-round.

Listings featured in this category do not qualify for BOGOs because they are a deeply-discounted price.
Extraordinary Offer for a Limited Time - Crafted Customized Amulet of Mystic Power
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Do not miss this incredible opportunity - we do not know when it will be avilable again!

All bindings are of rare, exceptional, and incredible presence & potency in the world of magick.

We have not offered this incredible opportunity in more than 5 years, and we are elated to be able to bring this back as it is a favorite amongst those who have been inspired by its true power & potential.  You will receive a completely customized amulet that is unique to you and contains bindings that will be specific to you in every way; your present & future, your Astral, Earthen, and Spiritual bodies, your supernatural abilities & gifts, your past life connections, reclaiming & achieving more within ancestral bonds, and opening your eyes to the true power that can be accomplished and achieved.  Through work with this binding you will find yourself immersed in a world of power and potential that helps you command and work with bindings that speak to your core self.

Your binding will contain powerful bindings that come not only from CH, but also from other practitioners we work with and who offer their unique powers and gifts to helping you become the evolved self that you wish to see in this journey!

Our price: $100.00
Special Bundle for Customer Appreciation - Destiny Bundle
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A special bundle for Customer Appreciation Month :)  You will receive a bundle of bindings specific to Destiny!

- Destiny spell for aligning and achieving a greater connection with your Destiny.  This creates a culmination of your current life, past life, and ancestral bonds which bring a deeper and more expressive link to your Destiny and the power you wish to experience and know within your supernatural journey.  This can bring visions, telepathic messages, lucid dreams, and intuitive knowledge of the decisions and wishes you want to make for your journey.

- Destiny service for helping you see the opportunities and gifts which relate to your current journey and can help you become more active and connected with your desires, wishes, and excitement for moving forward in your personal and paranormal goals.  This works to bring harmony and connection between your spells, spirits, and supernatural gifts together for your common goals.

- Destiny Connecting Stone for creating connections and harmonious balance between your supernatural abilities and gifts and resonating with your personal goals and abilities.  This is for combining and aligning the powers of Destiny that you have in your spell-bindings, spirit companions, spells you cast, and working with rituals & other forms of Destiny magick

Our price: $8.99
Special Bundle for Customer Appreciation - Love Bundle
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A special bundle for Customer Appreciation Month :)  You will receive a bundle of bindings specific to Love!

- Love spell for awakening the depth of feelings and reaches of emotions, passion, desire, lust, and a wish to pursue power in your life where love and vision can drive you towards success and fulfilling the goals you wish to realize and find empowerment in your gifts.  These spells are an awakening of love for loving yourself, love of your life, love of what surrounds you, and love of exploring the relationships and connections you share with others.

- Love service for bringing a swell of love, hope, grace, and empowerment of what you wish to see and discover in your passion, love and life.  It is a driving force to bring love to your life and empower all paths of love that you explore through work with magick and motivate you throughout your life.

- Love Connecting Stone for creating a bond with love in its many incarnations through exploration of your love connection with the 3 Realms, yourself, your loved ones, love paths of magick, and reaching to a new platform of understanding and connecting with love itself.  This will also aid in bonding and working with love spirits, entities, and forms of magick.

Our price: $8.99