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Special offers and limited time deals from Creepy Hollows! These can include Instantly Insane pricing, promotional pricing on new offers, and surprises from us year-round.

Listings featured in this category do not qualify for BOGOs because they are a deeply-discounted price.
A Dragon's Heart Spell Of Intense Protection & Ferocious Power
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A tremendous working of Dragonic magick this binding quenches the thirst for those who wish to follow the path of the Warrior. It is a binding known as "A Dragon's Heart" because it is the perfect balance of power, compassion, and the free, Warrior's heart.

Our price: $129.95
Market price: $1085.00 save 88%
Dark Arts Mastery Spell for Multi-Layered Protection
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This binding prepares a magnificent range of spells which provide the power of multi-layered protection... Shielding against negative forces... Banishing all magick, energy, spirits, entities of ill-intent... Fortification of protective energy... Grounding to inner forces of power... Removal of blockages placed intentionally or unintentionally... and Barrier of 5 ft around self.

Our price: $99.95
Market price: $1200.00 save 92%
Limited Time Only & Limited Quantity Until July 22nd - An Extremely Powerful Binding Which Circulates Through 10 Masters
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This is an exceptionally powerful & influential binding which has no comparison. It is an offering which provides you both a binding of extreme power & heirloom quality, as well as remote power, energy, & knowledge during its binding. It is the exacting & essence of everything that encompasses the paranormal, metaphysical, and mystical. It is a sacred piece with which you can work a lifetime and delve into with full, wanton glory! It is a binding which brings you the sustenance, support, and encouragement you need to find yourself wrapped in the powers, evolution, and enlightenment of all that is paranormal.

Our price: $1000.00
Market price: $9995.00 save 90%
Limited Time Only Until July 18th - The Universe In The Palm Of Your Hands
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This incredible binding comes from Mordecai, a skilled practitioner who is performing this work with his group. This is a binding of great substance and influence. It provides to the Keeper the ability to shape, form, and focus the powerful energies of the Universe; Astral, Elemental, Core, etc. You will receive the instruction from Mordecai and his group along with this piece. For those of you who want to delve deeper into the resources, powers, and abilities of the Universe you will find this binding leads you into greater paths of understanding, magickal practice, and spiritual journey.

Our price: $150.00
Market price: $400.00 save 62%
Limited Time Only Until July 20th - Soma Cadra - Binding Of Dark Arts Tunnels
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The Soma Cadra are known as the tunnels which the Ankou, and other death messengers, guardians, and guides, utilize. They are also used between the Realms by many dark entities, creatures, and spirits. For those who can, they use the "tunnels" which are actually Channels, to move between Realms. They are an extremely complicated labyrinth of tunnels which give passage to some of the most common, as well as some of the most rare, Astral & Spiritual beings.

Our price: $50.00
Market price: $200.00 save 75%
Spell To Blind A Demon for Protection Against The Black Arts
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This spell is specifically designed for dealing with unbound demons who have come to you through any means; they could have come to you as unbounds on their own, or they may have been sent to you by someone else. The binding incorporates ancient, ritual work with modern-day spell-blends to provide you the ability to blind any demons around you which gives you the opportunity to banish and remove them. The work cast provides a multi-faceted approach to dealing with any Black Arts entity/spirit. This does work with both Black Arts spirits or living entities.

Our price: $69.95
Market price: $595.00 save 88%