Spell and Magick Tips & Support

Spell and Magick Tips & Support

All Creepy Hollows spells come to you ready to work with.  Whether you are a beginner or a master in working with magic, we have done all the work for you and your spells are ready to be part of your journey.  The magic related to the spells & the casting will work for you all the time; automatically & intuitively.  If the spell you order comes with code words then you can activate or deactivate the spell as you desire.  While the spell is activated it will work automatically & intuitively for you based on the type of spell & how it can apply itself to the goings-on of your life each day.  At any time you can engage any Creepy Hollows spell directly by willing or summoning the spell.  What does this mean?  You can summon spells through telepathy (thinking about the spell), or by speaking the spell name directly, e.g. "Summon spell Join the Charade".  You will discover that your spells & magic immediately apply to any endeavor in which they can assist you.  For example, if you are working with a spell, or are meditating, to bring out your Third Eye powers, then the spells you have which are related to your Third Eye become immediately integrated with you & the situation, applying their power and influence for you & your Third Eye. 

All magic requires your ongoing contribution of time & effort to fully delve into the depths of the spell & what it can do for you.  This means you need to spend time working with the magic and spells in your keep from time-to-time.  While the magic works for you automatically & intuitively for you in the background all the time, it is when you work with magic that you really learn its many facets and you learn how deep and powerful the spell can be.  By working with the spell this means instructing & tasking the spell to complete certain tasks for you in a period of time, or overall.  This also means spending time with the spell in reflection or a meditative state, and allowing the magic to flow through you & around you so you can identify the spell through its unique energy signature.

All spells from Creepy Hollows are designed to work in harmony with each other.  For example, if you have spells for Protection and spells for your Third Eye from Creepy Hollows the protective spells will work for keeping you & your Third Eye safe while you are working with your Third Eye.  Likewise, if you have spells for Good Luck and spells for Prosperity, they will work together to bring you good luck opportunities that can generate prosperity.  No matter what the spells are, they will work together in a harmonious bond to complement each other.  If your home is filled with hundreds of Creepy Hollows spells you will find they work together in a tight, complex network of magic that creates a powerful fabric of support to all things going on in your journey.

With all spells for a specific purpose it is always a good idea to work with multiple variations of magic.  For example, if you want to work on Astral Travel, you don't want to rely on a single spell to help you craft that ability.  It's good to start with a single spell to get the feeling of what it is, and start the development of you gift, but you want to continue to work with multiple variations of Astral Travel spells because every type of Astral Travel spell has its own powers and influence, and when you have multiples of the same type of spell they fill in the gaps of each other and create a more cohesive foundation for you to develop your paranormal ability.

---How do I choose which spell to purchase?

It's wise to think about what drew you here. Did you come by happenstance? Did you find us because you were need help with something in your life? You should seek out the spells that will help you with specific situations and/or help you enhance and enrich your life. One of the purposes of working with magick is being able to rise above the pedestrian life and become someone greater. Magick can make magnificent differences in your life and bring about sophisticated changes. When you choose spells you should select the spells that resonate with you, that you feel a calling to, and will help you achieve your goals.

---Who will cast my spell?

Unless it states otherwise in the listing, all spirits are bound by Ash and/or Magnolia; the owners of the site.

---How will I know when my spell has been cast?

All works starts within the first 3 days of your order placement. You will know your casting is complete when your order is marked "Complete". You can then log into your shop account, click on "My Account", then click on the "Order History" tab. Find the order which was marked "Complete" and at the bottom of the screen you will see all your order notes. If you have checked out anonymously you will receive an email with your order notes when your order ships.

---Is it better to have a spirit or a spell?

This is a matter of preference. Most members have both spirits and magick as spirits can engage and work with the magick you own. If you don't want to be a Spirit Keeper you can obtain the same results and support with spells. The benefit of being a Spirit Keeper is the development of a relationship, companionship and evolution through interaction.

---Is it better to have the spell bound to myself or a vessel?

This is purely a matter of preference. Some people like having a physical vessel they can work with while others prefer everything be bound directly to their spirit. We never bind anything to your soul. Your soul is the divine aspect of yourself. We bind to your spirit which is the living essence of you which is a permanent attachment. Whether you bind to your spirit or a vessel our bindings are not temporary and will not fade with time. You will receive the same power and results whether something is bound to a vessel or your spirit. We also offer Master Vessels which are a singular vessel that can hold all your spirits and/or spells together! Read this thread to understand the benefits of a Master Vessel versus being bound to spirit.

---How do I decide which class level to purchase?

Our Class Rating system is designed to give you a fair & accurate depiction of the energy of the binding. The Class Rating explains the energy with which the spirit will exhibit. The stronger the Class Rating, the more powerful the presence of the spirit.

We itemize our bindings for several reasons:
- you should have the freedom to choose the level of energy you feel most comfortable with
- we do not want to have a flat pricing structure which means everyone pays the same price regardless if it is a Class 4 or Class 5, tier 3

We like to be open, honest, and upfront with our collectors so they know exactly what they are receiving.

---Should I add charging energy to the vessel or purchase a charging box?

This is a matter of preference. If you add charging energy directly to the vessel then you do not need to ever use a Charging Box. This saves you from having to remember to put your bindings in Charging Boxes, or if you're limited on space then you won't have Charging Boxes taking up valuable real estate in your home. If you want to manually charge your bindings, and you like the decorative connection of having a safe place for your bindings, then we offer a full range of Charging Boxes for every binding.

---Are expensive spells more powerful than inexpensive spells?

Yes and no. Some spells and ritual bindings are more expensive because they are more powerful and they exhibit a far more interactive and potent result than other spells. Depending on your situation you may fare just as well with a less expensive option. You may wish to try a less expensive option first to see if it gives you the help you need. However, you should always opt to go with the spell or ritual binding that you feel the closest calling to because your intuitive instinct is integral in guiding you through a progressive journey.

---How long does a spell last?

Unless we expressly tell you that a spell is temporary (like our Mortal Magick Tattoos) our spells are permanent and will not disappear over time.

---Do you offer Black Magick, curses, or harmful spells?

No we do not. We will not provide anything that causes harm, curses or otherwise inflicts pain on yourself or others.

---If spells are real, why doesn't everyone use them?

You'd be surprised how many people use them. Magick is something that has been used for tens of thousands of years. It continues to be a living presence in the livings of tens of millions of people around the world. Most people are private about their use of magick because of the continued negative stigma in more "civilized" societies. Someone who is primitive is just as likely to use magick as someone who is well-educated. We have collectors who come from all backgrounds around the world. We have housewives/househusbands, 9-to-5 workers, doctors, students, teachers, lawyers, authors, entertainers, and every occupation & lifestyle in between. Magick and Spirit Keeping are something enjoyed by all walks of life.

Just because people know something is good for them, or useful for them, doesn't mean they are going to do it. People have known for years it's good to eat fruits & vegetables, yet not everyone does it as they should. The same with magick, just because they know magick will help them doesn't mean they are going to do it.

---Do spells always work?

We provide you the very best money can buy, however, no one can say with certainty that 100% of the time all spells are going to work. Depending on what you're using magick for depends on whether or not the spell is going to have the full range of results you desire. Most collectors find their desired results in working with magick and it enriches their life as intended. It's also important to note that sometimes you can revisit a spell or magick amulet at a later date and experience greater results.

---Can spells solve all of life's problems?

No, there is no guarantee that magick is going to solve all your problems. Magick is not intended to be the miracle cure-all for your problems. Magick is the guiding force that can make life better and provide you the help and support you need to make real changes and real enhancements for your life but there's no guarantee it's going to do everything you want all the time.

---Is it ok to have more than one spell working at a time?

Yes, it is! You should work with many different types of prosperity spells, protection spells, good luck spells, etc because every spell has its own energy and not all good luck spells are the same. It's a great idea to have a well-rounded collection and you can read our article which explains in-depth why having multiple spells for the same purpose greatly enhances your results and experiences.

---Will using a spell conflict with my religion?

That is only something you can answer. Magick & Spirit Keeping does not belong to one religion or one spiritual path, it's open and welcoming to everyone.

---My lover, friend, or family member lives far away from me. Will the spell still work?

Yes you can use a spell on someone who does not live near you. You should consider the spell and class rating for working with a situation long-distance. You can always opt to Cross Bridge a spell between you and someone else to enhance the interaction and results. Bridging is the process where a spell or spirit binding is bound both to the vessel and the person. Cross-Bridging is when a spell or spirit binding is bound to two or more people allowing them both to enjoy the benefits of the spell or companionship of the spirit. Bridging eliminates the need for having to have the vessel with you in order to use the spell or interact with the spirit.

---I bought a spell. What do I do now?

One great thing about magick is it works for you whether you are proactive or not. Our spells come ready to work and if you receive Code Words with your binding make sure you activate your binding. The magick bindings we provide will work for you from the moment it arrives and ongoing whether you provoke it or not. It will give you the support and ongoing contribution to your life all the time.

If you feel like your spell isn't being as active as you would like you should engage the spell to work with you. You can engage the spell by willing it to work. This means that you put active thought into the spell and how you want it to work for you. Most beginners find it easiest to visualize what they want the spell to do in their life. This can create an immediate bond between you and the spell which allows for the ongoing development of your magick binding's results. If your spell came with Code Words make sure to activate your binding.

Magick is a personal journey, therefore it's important for you to be interactive with magick and engage the results. When a new spell first comes to you engage the spell with the handling of the vessel or active visualization of yourself working with the spell. You can Channel thoughts to the spell by considering what you'd like the spell to do for you. This personalizes your experience with the spell and encourages quicker manifestation.

---How long should I wait for my spell to work?

Most spells will start to work right away. If your spell came with Code Words make sure to activate your spell. Magick is amazing because it works for you whether you know it or not. Spells can be continually active in the background of your life and be proactive or productive as needed.

Depending on what the spell is for depends on how long it will take to fully materialize results. You can actively work with magick by communicating the results you desire through visualization or telepathy. Through visualization you see through your mind whatyou would like for magick to do for you and what kind of results you would like to see.

---Can I turn my spell on or off at will?

We do have bindings that come with Code Words that allow you to turn spells on and off. If you would like a spell from us to come with Code Words to control the activity of the spell you can always make this request in the Notes area of the product.

---Can my spell backfire on me?

No, we do not deal in Black Arts. Therefore your spell will not backfire on you.

---My spell doesn't seem to be working. Why?

There are several reasons this may be happening.

Depending on the purpose of the spell depends on why it may be partially working or not working. If the spell is helping you with a complicated situation it may take time. You must utilize patience when it comes to complicated situations. While it is true that sometimes magick can yield immediate results with greater needs it's not always a guarantee.

You may also be experiencing blockages which is the most common cause of spell or spirit bindings not materializing for them. It doesn't mean the spell isn't working or the spirit isn't helping, it just means you aren't aware of it. The most common cause of blockages are stress and anxiety. Cleansings can work wonders as well as actively clearing negative thoughts from your mind and trying to maintain a positive and open mind.

Be active in the results of your spell. Magick isn't going to do everything for you while you sit on the couch. Magick is a supportive tool not a miracle-worker. For example, if you want to be wealthy you need to be active in the development of your wealth. The purpose of working with magick is to enhance and enrich your life. As with the example, working with magick will bring you greater riches in your pursuit of wealth than if you had not engaged magick. Likewise if you use magick to become smarter, stronger, enlightened, etc it will contribute greatly to your pursuits and make your materialization greater than if you had not used magick.

---My spell is working but I would like it to be stronger. What do I do?

First you can try working with it more. Usually people find that working with magick at dawn or dusk provides a greater result than other times of the day. If that doesn't work and you love the spell but it's not as strong as you want you can always Recapture any spell. We offer several ways to do this such as the Recapture Bag which you can use as often as you need with as many bindings as you wish. Or you can use the Recapture Stones which will raise the class level (and power) of a spell once.

---My spell is too powerful! What should I do?

If you feel like a spell is too powerful you can first try working with it less. Do not wear the vessel as often or work with the spell less. If your spell came with a deactivation Code Word you can turn off the spell for a little while and activate it again later.

Or you can downgrade the class of the binding by using the Recapture Bag. This can be used as often as you need with as many bindings as you wish. Or you can use the Recapture Stones which will lower the class level (and power) of a spell once.

---Is the future pre-decided or can I change it?

Everyone has multiple paths of Destiny and every path has branches. Therefore your future is not written in stone and what kind of future you experience is greatly influenced by you and the decisions you make. In working with spells and spirits you can take greater control over your future and be in command of what you experience. If there is something you don't like about your future you have the chance to change it! This is one of the greatest benefits in being in the paranormal and something 99% of the world will never know... true power in your life.

---Is it true that magick spells are broken upon touching water?

All spell and spirit bindings from Creepy Hollows can touch water, sand, oil, etc. Our bindings are permanent and not fragile enough as to be broken or altered by being touched by someone else, being touched by water, sand, oil, dirt, etc. You can clean your vessels as needed, be submerged in water, be touched by someone else, and be a part of your active, daily life in the 21st century without any distruption to your binding. If your bindings are not from Creepy Hollows then you should ask the practitioner.

---I think I have been cursed. Can a spell help?

Spells can help to break curses, identify curses and protect against curses. The magick which was used to curse you can easily be broken by other forms of magick. Depending on what kind of curse was used you may have to work with several different types of curse removal to find the best remedy but most experience results from any of our curse removal bindings. If you know what kind of curse was used then you can select the curse removal spell that best fits your situation.

---I think I'm experiencing a haunting. Can a spell help?

Magick can identify what is haunting you. In working with identification spells you can command the identification of any spirit or entity which is harassing, haunting or bothering you. From the point of identification you can work with blocking, banishing, dissolving or shielding magick to remove the unwanted guest and protect yourself from it happening again.

---Why do you charge money for casting spells?

Just as with any learned and professional trade we do this for a living. This is all Ash & Magnolia do as well as the full-time staff they employ. We have to pay for every aspect of this site from the cost of materials to perform all conjurations & castings, the vessels you receive with your bindings, the shipping supplies to get your bindings to you, the staff who all work here and offer both paid & free services across the site... to the mundane bills like domain hosting, software updates for security & feature enhancement, IT support staff for the software it takes to run the CH family of sites, all utility bills associated with running CH. We offer as many free services as possible as we have the single-largest site for Spirit Keeping references. We offer completely free services to buyers & sellers like Best of the Paranormal Marketplace, ParaEcho, Paranormal News Network, NABU - Electronic Spirit & Spell Vessel Catalog. We also host multiple annual events like ParaStock where we offer week-long parties which feature sellers & members around the world.