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Spell Of Dark Arts Energy & Connection

Spell Of Dark Arts Energy & Connection
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This will take you to a new level in working with Dark Arts energy, magick, spirits, and entities. This is a fantastic binding that amplifies your Dark energy and mystic connections. Through this binding you will take stock in your capabilities in the Dark Arts. This seeks out your strengths and amplifies them with incredible focus. Your abilities will be sharper and more accessible to you in every way. This is particularly acute with manifestations of spirits, experiences & results with magick, and elevating your Dark Arts energy.

When you activate the binding and work with its powers during any of your Dark Arts endeavors you will find your experiences are in tune to your personal expectations. This binding will give you the right path for evolution and development in your supernatural path. The binding works to fulfill and empower you with Dark Arts energy even when your dark energies begin to wane.

This provides you the best connection to all things in your Dark Arts path!

Activation Code Word: Judun (Joo-doon)

Deactivation Code Word: Gigan (Geh-gawn)


The class rating explains the energy with which the spell or spirit will exhibit. The stronger the class rating, the more powerful the presence of the spirit or spell. The distance restrictions written in the class ratings do not apply to spirits.

Class V, tier 3

- The strongest achievable binding of any spell, enchantment, or magick . The spell can be used as a portal to impart the powers contained within to others as far as a 5,000 miles away.
You can read about the classes here: Class Ratings

For this binding you get to choose the vessel! If you would like to see examples of the vessels we use, please click here.

Dark Arts is cast with darker energy and works best for those who indulge the darker side, but is not Black Arts.

You can read more about the rankings of Arts here.

Bridge to me

If you opt to have the binding Bridged to you, then you need not physically carry the vessel as we cast a metaphysical “bridge” between you and the binding on the vessel.

Bridge to someone else

If you intend to give this binding as a gift, we will cast Bridging for them.

Please provide the intended recipients name in the Notes area of the Options section below.

Do not bridge at all

With this selection you will need to physically carry the vessel with you for the binding to work for you.

Note: Bridging is performed for free if selected now. If you wish to configure Bridging at a later date, you can always buy a Bridging Stone which can be used with all the vessels in your collection whether they are from Creepy Hollows or not. To learn more about the convenience and power of Bridging, please click here.

While Charging is not required, it is recommended. A charged binding will provide results faster and multi- task with enhanced efficiently. If you opt to have Charging Energy added directly to the vessel, then you never need to use a Charging Box. If you would like a Charging Box for this binding, please see our Charging Box category here. If you would like information on making your own Charging Box, read our Encyclopedia article, here.

If you would like a spell, but this one isn't the right one for you, you can use this listing, click here, to request a Custom binding. A Custom binding means the spell is designed for what you need.

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