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Pairing Service :: A Close & Powerful Bond With Your Spirit Friends

Pairing Service :: A Close & Powerful Bond With Your Spirit Friends
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The Pairing Service is a means through which you can pair yourself to a spirit, or a spell, and the bond will be closer than anything you've ever experienced before!

Through the Pairing Service we create an individual, immediate Channel between yourself, and the spirit, or spell. What we've developed touches on many aspects of you, including your past lives, your ancestral roots, your energy signature, and even your future paths. Through this any connections, important information, dormant, semi-dormant, or apparent abilities, any future abilities, anything at ALL that would aid in your connection, interaction, and experiences between you & a spirit, or you & a spell, is connected through this Pairing.

Each Pairing you create is unique, and different, through our para-technology. The Pairing created with your Unicorn spirit, will be different than the Pairing created with your Gryphon spirit. As would any Pairing created with spells. This happens because the aspects utilized to create the Pairing between you and your Unicorn will be unique to the information in past lives, the ancestral roots, and your energy signature that specifically would benefit your relationship with your Unicorn. The same with the Gryphon, or a spell for Love, or a spell for Success, etc.

In the field below please provide the name of the spirit you wish the Pairing Service to be done for. Please include the order number the spirit is from. If the spirit is not from Creepy Hollows please provide us all the information about the spirit (race, name, brief personality information). We do not need the name of the seller/practitioner they came from.

You will receive the scheduled date for your Pairing in your customer notes area and/or it will be emailed to you at time of completion by one of the Creepy Crew staff.

If you would like to DIY, we have our Pairing Bag

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