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Biographies can be an extremely useful tool in understanding more about a spirit or entity companion.  Just as your entire life cannot be summed up in a paragraph, spirits & entities give a glimpse into the basics of their lives and into their connection with you.  Biographies are intended to be a snapshot of how a spirit companion feels about their own lifetimes, their new journey with you, their likes & dislikes, and days they wish recognized in relation to their life.

In terms of likes & dislikes, this can be things they liked or disliked when they were living, or something they have come to appreciate since they have transitioned into spirit form.  It can also be something they like or dislike since they have come to spend time with you.  For this reason their likes & dislikes may change with time the same way you have gone through countless likes & dislikes in your lifetime.

Few beings, outside of humans, celebrate their day of birth as a holiday.  Therefore, "birthdays" provided by spirits or entities may be the actual day they were born (in relation to the current human calendar), they may be the day they transitioned from living being into spirit form, or they may represent a day that is important to them for another reason.  With this in mind, spirits or entities may produce more than one celebratory day in a single reading or over multiple readings.

Information they convey to you may be about their personalities, their current status & mood in being part of your spirit family, or in the participation of being part of your journey.  Their current status may also include messages related to current events in your life, past events, or even future events.  Spirits or entities may convey their thoughts and ideas related to your specific relationship with them or with your relationship with your entire spirit/entity family.  They may also provide information that is relevant to their lifetime in connection with your life; drawing similarities.

Biographies can yield a great amount of information, and if you have multiple biographies performed for the same spirit or entity, the information that is provided is the current thoughts, ideas, impressions, feedback, and shares that your spirit or entity wants you to know. 

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