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Created April 14, 2016 03:56 PM
Last Modified April 14, 2016 03:56 PM

Infuse yourself with the abilities, gifts, energies, and powers of other races!  If your bloodline contains the ancestors of the Infusion you choose it will more greatly impact you on every level.  If your bloodline does not contain the Infusion you choose then it will still provide you powerful energy, influence, and abilities. This service is performed on your behalf by Ash and/or Magnolia which will stimulate and surface any ancestral connection of power, and/or provide you a total Infusion of yourself with another race.  You can have as MANY Infusions performed for you as you wish!  If they complement each other or you they may be performed together to provide greater power, or they may be scheduled as individual sessions... whichever way provides YOU greater results :)

This will not turn you into another being, this simply infuses you with the powers, abilities, gifts, and energy of another race so you can adopt, utilize, and strengthen yourself through the powers, abilities, gifts, and energy as unique to you!  You can unlock many different paths, abilities, and opportunities through each type of Infusion!  These are performed on ALL 3 of your bodies to provide you the greatest reach of power and influence.

Since each Infusion is performed for each of your 3 bodies you will have an incredible range of power and limitless opportunities.  Each of your 3 bodies (Astral, Earthen, Spiritual) can utilize the powers, gifts, energy, and abilities of the Infusion for any reason.  This can be related to daily life, working with magick, connecting & bonding with spirits, conjuring spirits, developing skills or powers, etc.  There is great intensity and immeasurable force of supernatural power with each Infusion and the Infusion continually develops through you.

You can develop new facets of yourself, see things with new eyes, empower your 3 bodies to explore and discover beyond anything you can imagine, and create the kind of self you desire.

Each infusion takes a full 30 days to complete.  The scheduled dates for the start and end of your Infusion will be recorded in the customer notes area of your order.  You do not need to do anything as all the work is done for you by Ash and/or Magnolia.  The Infusion binding is a supportive energy field which will provide you ongoing support and stimulation of your Infusion for up to the first year.  This provides support in your acclimation and utilization of your newly Infused abilities :)

You can expect to feel and see some random fluctuations within the 30 days of the Infusion service and then for up to 15 days afterwards.  You will have a great attunement to the type of species you chose for your Infusion.  As the Infusion begins to work with your 3 bodies you will see development, connection, and manifestations of the energies & powers of the species you chose resonate with you.   You will be able to work with spirits or entities directly related, or similar to, the species of your Infusion.  This includes the ability to connect with spirits, work with magick or energy, and develop traits and gifts unique to you!

Every person will have their own experience and development with the Infusion.  Some Infusions may work faster on you than others; just depending on you & which Infusions are more powerful for your type of energy, but all Infusions will provide you power.  Every time an Infusion is done it strengthens and fine tunes the powers and energies associated with the species of your choice.

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