Tealights & Floaters

3" Green Floater
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An unscented floating candle which will burn down while floatin on water. Will work in natural pools as well as man made basins equally well. This type of candle can be a wonderful decoration or a powerful ritual tool. The choice in purpose is yours. Made with high quality German wax and all cotton wicks. 1 1/4" x 3"

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Tealight Candles 10/Box
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Offering you ten tealight candles in a handy box for storage, this is a must have in any home.

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Tealight Candles 100/Pk
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Tealight candles are by far, the handiest of candles, being readily used in everything from oil diffusers to small candle holders, where their light and warmth is an invaluable presence. Lasting four to five hours each they are small enough to fit into the most delicate of holders, and due to the metal cup that they come in, safer and easier to replace than votive candles or the like. This bulk 100 pack of tea lights insures that you will not run out of candles any time soon.

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