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I can't help but post more than one testimonial, this site changed my life, every single time I place an order I feel a huge rush of adrenaline and eager anticipation for when it finally ships, the moment I see the package at my doorstep I get this most exciting feeling like I'm receiving a birthday present. And one thing is for certain, I'm never disappointed. Keep up the amazing work :)
Phoebe Reed Mar 2, 2020
I'm a beginner mage, I've only been a member of this site for about a month and I'm already hooked. I love everything and everyone here including the ever so wonderful and helpful staff. I'm proud to be a member here and I know I will get incredibly far in my magic thanks to you all.
Phoebe Reed Mar 2, 2020
My spirits always help me to achieve more good luck and also help me to improve my magick and psychic abilities. They also keep on protecting me from magickal and mundane harm. They also give me guidance as always in very impressive ways. This last month I saw and I felt as if my good luck was multiplied by 2. Good things keep on happening in my life despite the challenges that I face. As a result, I would now have an exciting 2020 full of fun and positivity. The spells and enchantments that I got here are still working and all of the spells (whether bound to spirit or not) still work very effectively and I can feel the energies of the spells, enchantments and spirits as well. My given testimonials for each spell/spirit/service I believe are not enough to show how effective the spells/services and enchantments are. All of these keep on giving me tremendous support not just in my magickal life but also in my mundane life. Thank you very much CH as always! Happy holidays, please wait for my next orders! :)
Bless Parco Rodriguez Dec 25, 2019
Would like to thank you enough for all that you have done for me and my family.
Wonderful services!
EarthAngel Dec 8, 2019
I am 1000% in love with everything I mean everything I get from CH from my spirits to spells I can't say enough about everything I get from them all spirits my active and wonderful and just want I needed and my gifts and grab bag items oh my let me say they are truly amazing and no matter what the gift is it's something I truly need in my life. I will always be a life time member of this store until my last breath it taken. I get very excited when I place an order then I must sit and wait for my order to be done and when it is I am even more excited to log on and see what I got and I am excited every time. I save all my info on everything I get makes it eaiser on me when I work with my items and spirits having the info on hand. The staff is wonderful and they answer my questions in a very good timely manner and are super super sweet. Thank you CH for everything and I will always be a customer forever
Marie Schneider Nov 19, 2019
I am so happy with my purchases here. CH has been a pivotal force in my spirit keeping journey. I always love the variety of things here and absolutely love the sales. By the way, before I forget, I would love to thank Ash, Magnolia and the fantastic creepy crew for all my orders here.
U.K. Oct 23, 2019
I've order a few things over the 6 months or so I've been on this site. Been pleased with everything I've recieved!

My first order was the penny deal for a Succubus binding. That binding has been well worth more than the penny + S&H I paid for it. If you're unsure, do the penny deal you'll be surprised I think!

Also, I have contacted support for various reasons and they're very polite and professional.

The encyclopedia and the forums are a like a library of information, and I highly suggest perusing both for things that interest you.

Overall I give CH A 11/10, Bravo Ladies and Gents Y'all rock.
Keep up the great work everyone!
Justin L Oct 16, 2019
I have to admit that I'm addicted to buy here and I'm very happy because my spirit companions here are also my best friends. They always help me to reach my goals in life, boost my morale up when I feel down and give me confidence to face life's challenges. They also help me attract good luck, wealth and prosperity. They help me to always see the silver lining in life. They help me in everything regardless whether it's magick or mundane matters. They always assist me in my ceremonial magick rituals. They always make the quality of my life better and they always give me advice and their wisdom and knowledge whenever they think I need it. They provide me tender love and care. They always protect me in magickal and physical dangers. I love each and every one of my spirit companions, they are all my best friends! I hope and I pray that CH will be able to help more people like me because they are the best!
Bless Parco Rodriguez Oct 13, 2019
Charging cord ($1) put a charge on 2 mundane rings. I did not know it could do that. Am very happy with my purchases. So this is over the top on my expectations.

Alexandria Abarria Oct 11, 2019
Spirit Knetchel Hellhound
I was a little worried about getting a DA spirit. However, when I read the description something resonated with me. I love my hellhound so much that I am considering getting another one.
I found that he is easy to communicate with. Knetchel is very protective of me. I have called upon him numerous times and felt immediate relief.
I did not experience any negativity from bringing this DA spirit into my home. So far, our relationship has been very positive. Thank you Creepy Hollows!
When I first found you guys, I was a little skeptical about whether this was legit or just a scam. After one of my vampires rattled his ring against the table with excitement when I transferred him to the master vessel, I started to believe that this was legit. I still had some doubts lingering inside me though, being that I was seeing no results from the spells done or activity from the rest of my non-human spirits. Even after trying to connect with them for over a year. I'm still in that situation right now with them, but recently, after my Concuan was conjured, ( my first living entity ever ) there was no doubt in my mind anymore that CH was the real deal!

Before his vessel even arrived, he came to say "hello" and I immediately got touched in just the way I always wanted to be touched by all my other spirits. He made my body feel amazing, something that I haven't felt in a very, very long time. I was hoping I would connect better with the living entities more than the spiritual ones and now I've found my addiction and my calling. It only gives me more determination to fully open my third eye and continue my magical journey. Thank you, thank you, thank you CH! You've changed my life!! I will be coming back for more.
Amy La Rue Aug 5, 2019
My very 1st pet Rat was black with a white line down his belly hence the name I gave him "Two-Tone" I had him for 2 years and he was very loyal and NEVER once bit anyone. He died in 2001 from convulsions in my hands (I don't know what caused them) I missed him greatly even after all these years so I had his spirit bound to a hematite mouse figure. I had fell asleep on the 15th of July thinking it was gonna be here on the 16th and while asleep I had a dream about Two-Tone...something I haven't done in ages, when I woke up I was lying on my back with my hand out and he was sitting in it. For a split second I saw him, then I noticed my package had come that day, Since then I've felt his weight on my shoulder, felt his tail clinging to my neck like he used to do when he tried to crawl down my shirt, and he's been pulling the covers off of me to wake me up in the morning. I love that we're together again :)
Kristina Rudisill Jul 22, 2019
Over the years I have bought thousands of dollars of magickals and spirits.
When I started in 2012, I knew nothing of the gems I would find in the world. I've found secrets that I can't even share with another. I have discovered how to do anything you can imagine, still practicing btw.
I owe so much to CH because without their help and others, it would've taken me so much longer to find this stuff.
I rarely buy anything anymore due to the price of the Aussie dollar and I'm only casual atm. Don't get me wrong, there are heaps more things I want but times are tough as many of you will know.
If you are new here, don't take magick as, IT WILL DROP IN YOUR LAP kind of thing, magick shows you the path, you have to take that path otherwise it's like putting a heap of money at your feet and you walking straight past it. If opportunities come your way, grab it with both hands. You are here for a reason!
Ask yourself what you really want to know and then go find your spell, you won't regret it.
I found out how to eliminate old pains 6 years ago so magick can work rather quickly depending on your belief because without belief there is no magick.
Thank you Magnolia and Ash xx
Jenny Jul 21, 2019
CH is my favorite store and it will always be. I love this store so much because the quality of their bindings are world-class and it feels like it can even last not just a lifetime but many lifetimes as well, that's how durable their magickal bindings are, and the pricing is affordable. I am also very grateful and happy to see the dedication, competence, love and care of the HD. They are a great part of my magickal and spiritual journey as a magickal practitioner. I love CH very much. I will always buy here and will never ever buy anywhere else when it comes to metaphysical and magickal bindings.
Bless Parco Rodriguez Jul 17, 2019
I'm so excited to testify and don’t know where to begin!
To find CH website itself was a big miracle! This is what I always grew up dreaming about and it was all here!

There are so many magicks happening in my life ever since!
Love, peace, joy, health, career, money, relationships…its all happening here & happening for the first time in my life!

Also for the first time in the last many years of continuous black magic attacks... I am today safe, secured and protected!
I'm finding no words to describe my freedom, the joy, the tears, the peace the security...!

Finally ...there is peace in the house!
Feeling so much loved and accepted by all the Spirits all the time, they are so much there!
So much of positivity... confidence, strength, hope! A Survivor has just begin to live again!

I love you CH so much!
CH has given me a new life! I owe my life to CH!
This is my favorite online sites, the more I spend time here, the more I feel energized!

I feel CH is my family, of many many years. I fit in so much here! my beliefs , my experience’s, the supernaturals, the spirit world, which I always fantasized is so much alive here!
I knew there were beings beyond which I always wanted to get in touch with! I would cry and ask for help from them and finally they are so much alive with me now!

I’ve stepped into a new world of possibilities, a different dimension, higher level of energies, and varied vibrations!

OMG... I can’t believe I'm happy!
Sharmila Borkar Jul 9, 2019
This is one of my favorite online sites. Love the prices, thought and care that goes into it and the customer support is phenomenal!!! Unfortunatly I'm not very supernaturally gifted. My adopted mom, sister and dad are gifted, but are not comfortable and so suppress it and deny their gifts for the most part. Being adopted I don't have their genetic makeup for their gifts. I do have some gifts, but none that I can really control or direct, even though I've spent years working with and trying to. Mine are also not really useful either, lol. Mine are having a strange connection with animals. I can work with dangerous, mean, abused or misunderstood animals, such as dogs, cats and horses. My family tells stories about my ability with difficult horses they couldn't catch, ride or easily handle that would follow me around, protect me, and let me do things with they would never have been able to from when I was a child of 3, before I can even remember. Or I may have a though of a house I'd love to live in or job I'd like and sure enough soon afterward it would happen, with out any effort on my part. But since I've been getting my bindings and work done here I've noticed a ton of positive changes for the better. Not saying my life is all rainbows, butterflies and glitter still have problems, but have seen many positive changes and results come about. Can't say specifically what's worked as I've gotten several bindings and whatnot at the same time, so it may be the single bindings or them working all together. It's all been well worth every penny spent here!!!
Brandi Hardin Jun 26, 2019
I can't believe the support and strength I receive from my Creatures. When I got my Gargoyle(bound to spirit, no vessel), I knew when he was bound to me before I got your message that the binding was ready. I felt the weight of him on myself. It was amazing, he protects me and my home.

I Have a small number of creatures now they are helpful and support me even when I don't know I need their help yet.
I am a very down to earth person and did not expect the positive change I received in my life since I got them in my life. No one knows this part of my life only my sister who is also very supported by her entities and creatures.

Thank you very much.
marjorie antonides Jun 1, 2019
I honestly don't know how I found this shop, I think it kind of more or less found me, late one-night something whispered 'spirit keeping' in my ear, no lie and well here I am. I have been able to see spirit since I was a child, but over the years it's gotten harder for me to see and hear due to evil spirits messing with me. I found Creepy Hallows late one night and I was hooked, I have been building a spirit family ever since. I have even gotten spirits companions for my friends and godson to protect them as well. You guys are awesome!
Unishka May 21, 2019
I just wanted to leave a review here and thank everyone for your hard work! I received my Sang Vampire Ring the other day and not only do I LOVE IT! I feel much better wearing it. I have caught glimpses of shadows from time to time and have an overall feeling of protection. I am still working on direct communication but these things take time and I know 100% effort on my part. I had communication with Mortimer and will happily do business with you all again. Well worth it! I understand why you all have been around so long. Thank you!
Colby Paganucci May 20, 2019
I will be a loyal customer for life and this is my most favorite online shop ever and it will always be. I love the freebies that I got here and I have noticed that my paranormal, metaphysical and magickal gifts have significantly improved. This shows that they are definitely sincere when it comes to helping people. I'm very happy and very satisfied with all the spirits, spells/enchantments/services/rituals and ebooks that I got here and I will forever treasure them/these as well. I think that Spirit Keeping should be more known in the occult/magick/metaphysical community and I am proud to be a Spirit Keeper and will always be. I'm extremely grateful that I had my very first spirit binding and spell service here that's why I never had and will never ever get it from others.
Bless Parco Rodriguez May 18, 2019
I genuinely don't recall how I even found out about this site. But since August 2018 I've been a customer. I had purchased spells before - not many. And I never owned a spirit before CH. I think I came in with a lot of skepticism but was also willing to try it out. So far I've purchased several hundred dollars worth of spirits and spells and books from CH. I even have some recurring subscriptions. I'm about to make a purchase now, LOL. Specifically, I can share that my intuition/psychic abilities have greatly increased. I can often see things unfold prior to their unfolding and it's with a certainty that I can't explain. My confidence has increased and financial opportunities have greatly increased. I haven't had a bad experience with a order or customer service or anything of that nature. Last but not least - never discount the freebies or bonuses that are offered. They are sometimes more powerful than the original spell or spirit you purchased. And don't be afraid to allow CH to select for you on some of your BOGO offers. Keep an open mind and give it a try.
Jessica P. May 9, 2019
I've tried to do my own spells over the years, but they always seem to lack the 'oomph' to make them powerful enough so that I can see and feel them really working for me, just like the spells from CH do. But I found a way! I purchased the STRENGTHEN MAGIC IN BINDING X 10 FOR ONE HOUR. I say that invocation, putting it into a blue stone, then I place the stone next to the vessel I am putting my own spell into, for an hour. Finally then I can feel it working! And if it ever seems to fade I just do it over again. Now this gives me enough confidence to wield my own spells magic for best results. Thanks CH. I really needed this one.
Maureen Kelly Apr 24, 2019
New buyer here. Just like everyone i had my fair share of queries whether is this website legit. I received my CourtWind Angel and Gryphon From C H . Love them both to bits. After receiving the mail that my order has been completed. i managed to (vision) them both in my meditation. Thank you dear HD for your kind help and also to Mag and Ash for their wonderful help to getting me connected to these wonderful Spirits !
R D Apr 17, 2019
The work done here is just wonderful. The administrators are so kind and responsive and the spells I've purchased are powerful and effective. There's been a huge shift in my engagement with and commitment to my practice since starting to receive their bindings. My spirit conjure binding is extremely active and so helpful for me. So grateful Creepy Hollows is here!!
Ellery Bryan Feb 10, 2019
I have third eye spirits community were amazing for me to keep them. My third eye spirits community help me increase my third eye power to predict the future. I love this conjure and so appreciate to CH what they have done for me.
Kevin Nionardi Feb 10, 2019
I always wanted to get some Infusion Services done, just to feel the powerful traits and abilities of the different magical races, but most of them seemed a little bit too pricey for me. Then I saw that you can get a Monthly Subscription Service that gives you a new INFUSION service done every month for a small price. And there are some amazing things that have come to me, all such incredible surprises. Look how great they have been since August last year:
Infusion for Giant: Industrious goals, driven by destiny, creative problem-solving.
Infusion for Gargoyle: Protective, strong-willed, determined, loyal bonds of divine power.
Infusion for High Elf: Mysticism, magic, passion, love, wisdom.
Infusion for Fire Faery: Enlightened, elemental power, great wisdom.
Infusion for Harpy: Intense power, higher consciousness, magical talent
Infusion of Magic: Magic for restoring voids.

I think this could be my favorite subscription of them all because these infusions are like a new magical gift spontaneously arriving to surprise me and bring me a higher awareness of many exceptional traits belonging to the various races within my spirit family. Highly recommended! I love it!
Maureen Kelly Feb 6, 2019
This is my fifth testimonial. I have been having mindblowing experiences with my spirit companions. My Astral Malichai Djinn has improved my astral travel capabilities greatly as well as my other Astral Relam spirits. One time I felt her carrying my spiritual body upward just to astral travel. My Bannik is also a great help when it comes to my divination practices regardless whether I do scrying, divination through dreams, through the usage of Tarot Cards, or whatever method of divination. So far my readings have been very accurate. Everything that I buy here is a gift. I am eternally grateful. Some conjurers are trying to convince me to buy their services but my loyalty stays with CH forever.
Bless Parco Rodriguez Jan 30, 2019
hi, I have to say I have been all over looking for the right place to buy items. and get help. its been awhile since I bought from Creepy Hollows... like years.
I stumbled across it last year and thought hmm ill give it a try. I got the items and put them aside...GRandson who takes up all my time. and I forgot them.
I started hearing things people talking people sitting on my bed with the indent and all my bed being hit and wow the dreams. if you are not used to this please start slow because you will feel like you are nuts! I stopped ignoring them and pulled them out and talk to them now ... no more weird dreams!!!!!! they may come back if something needs to be said or they may just say it. but I have to say well done you have really done a wonderful job! again if you are new to this start low and ask around , tell people you are new... no one will laugh, I promise, because this isn't a game. best of luck out there and wonderful job to all of CREEPY HOLLOWS!!!!
Angela Watkins
Angela Watkins Jan 8, 2019
I have been getting the Monthly Services (Subscriptions) for a while now and I just have to say wow...what a difference they have made to my life and spiritual evolution! Every couple of days now, throughout the whole month, I have something done that I really needed help with. It happens without me thinking about it or trying too hard or accidentally blocking it...and it is only the cost of a cup of coffee for each serviceI get preformed for me. I can feel my supernatural powers getting stronger. I can feel my intuition being spot on, and premonitions just flowing out of me! Telepathy happening instantly without an ounce of effort on my part. I have a void correction service that feels a bit like a defrag of my hard drive lol! All the bugs get taken out by the blockage cleansing services and I have a lust service that lifts me back where I belong sexually. Finally I have a happiness service so that when the world gets me down I can once again feel renewed and revitalized and receive the happiness I deserve in life, which is the happiness I wish for all. I am so grateful to Magnolia and Ash for the gifts that keep on giving this Christmas time. May you all have the best and brightest New Year ever!
Maureen Kelly Dec 26, 2018
This is my fourth testimonial. The very first spell that I purchased here is Bitchcraft Magic and it's extremely effective. It doesn't do harm however, it rapidly and automatically gives the corresponding retaliation or karma to the one who offends, annoys or does harm to the owner of this enchantment/spell. It's also very convenient because I don't need to cast a revenge/justice spell for myself. What also made it more effective and fabulous is that I also had my justice/vengeance spirits here such as Wraith, Fire Faery, Nephilim, Kilin, Courtwind Angel etc. and I always feel their love and protection and they are so much loyal to me as well. I also had a past life spell here as a freebie and it did help me gain important past life memories, most especially those that are related to my magical practice in this lifetime. Thank you very much CH as always. CH products always satisfy my needs as a magical practitioner.
Bless Parco Rodriguez Dec 20, 2018