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I was checking the shop not so long ago, and once of the master services caught my eye immediately. I wanted to get it for my mom as it had her name all over it.

My mom is an independent writter and she has been given many great opportunities because of her work. However, she wanted to participate in a literary contest with international prestige and she didn't feel like she had what it took to enter the contest.

I ordered the Master Service for her hoping that it would assist her in the new journey she wanted to take.

My mother believes in intuition, so I told her about the gift I had for her and she was very happy about it even though I don't think she had much faith in it.

Ever since the date in which it was completed, she told me that she felt a great change in her life, we all have been able to witness the steps she has taken, including the one to participate in the literary contest.

We recently received notice from the contest commitee that she had been chosen as one of the finalists and she was now invited to the awarding ceremony.

Sometimes all it takes is a little push, and I have seen multiple blessings happen in my mother´s life ever since the master service was completed.

She was going through a hard moment in her life, and the possitive push she received from Creepy Hollows is most astonishing, certainly life changing.

My deepest grattitude and admiration for all of the Creepy Hollows crew, who have been sincerely involved in the most caring and affectionate way answering my emails with every possible question I ever had.

The commitment and high quality service provided from Creepy Hollows is above and beyond expectations!

You guys are the best!
Gabriel Enrique Rodriguez Saenz Oct 25, 2018
I got the Master Vessel as a freebie. It was cast to my spirit and all of my spirits are bound to my spirit. Even when I'm sick or when I lack in sleep, my spirits are still very highly active. This proves that CH really take magic very seriously and use it to help make the quality of the lives of their customers better. They provide affordable services of very high quality. I am waiting for my next purchase. CH is an absolute blessing. More power! :)
Bless Parco Rodriguez Sep 26, 2018
This is my second testimonial here. My spirits love manifesting and showing themselves in pictures. My human spirit lover manifested in a lot of pictures (he's actually the thumbnail in my YouTube video "The Truth About Incubi, Succubi and Spirit Lovers in General"), same with my Volkh that came out as blue energy, and surprisingly, my Wraith. I was never dissapointed in my purchase. After my human spirit lover was bound here, I started hearing him audibly telling me that he loves me so much in my native language and seeing him manifest in front of me, most especially in the way he manifested in front of you upon binding him to me. My Angels always manifests physically in front of me as well. I'll always get my spirit binding needs here. I'm loyal for sure.
Bless Parco Rodriguez Sep 9, 2018
I stumbled upon CH while researching Spirit keeping for a friend. To say I am thrilled is an understatement. I believe I was led here to enrich my life as a Spirit Keeper. I placed my first order and before it even arrived I was receiving communication from my Spirits. Flashes of gold and sparkles and met them while meditating. I have found my "family" in addition to my little family. I am impressed with the effort, dedication and thoroughness of the CH team. I have complete confidence in the quality of Spirits and work by CH (Magnolia, Ash and awesome team). A friend took a picture of me and very clearly you can see my beautiful gryphon spirit(she actually showed up in the photo as gold energy and is very clearly a gryphon). I ordered Spirits (dragons) for family members as well and my order is assigned (not quite completed) and I have caught these spirits on the camera as well. I am more than grateful we have our spirits in pictures,truly it is a blessing and it is very clear what they are is what they are meant to be. I highly recommend Creepy Hollows, you will not be sorry. I am a loyal customer for life.
Nichole MacLennan Sep 6, 2018
I just wanted to recommend Fauns as amazing spirit companions. Never underestimate a Faun! They are powerful, humble, loyal, compassionate, intelligent, sensual, dance-loving spirits with a great sense of humor. I have never found them to be sly or wicked. I have one from CH but 5 others who found their way to me on their own previously. They are powerful beings and hold the higher vibrational energy beautifully. I asked one of my fauns to explain to me what their function in Nature is and he told me they have 12 duties and functions. These include: Being a Powerful presence; Being a Protective presence; Being a host for Higher Beings; Being an open door for Movement between Dimensions; To ensure Harmony between Plants, Elementals and the Insect Kingdoms; To provide avenues for the Spiritual Progression of Elementals; To Provide Information to Elementals and answer their questions; To ensure that Proper Nourishment gets into the soil; to Spread Pleasure, Happiness and Joy. These are only some of their duties, and basically they seem to be smaller versions of Pan, the God of Nature, and doing the same kind of thing on a much smaller scale! I woke up one morning to the clock radio and the song 'Guilty' was playing (Barbra Streisand & Barry Gibb) and I felt the urge to dance...next thing I know I am dancing in the midst of 6 magnificent fauns and laughing out loud with great joy at this awesome sight and immense energy. I don't think I've ever had such fun in my life! If you have a faun ask him to dance. You won't regret it. Inside of them they can be so pure that they are like a golden mirror that shows you who you are and seems to automatically bring in all the aspects of yourself, even the very highest! What more can I say. You should feel so privileged, as I do, that they share their time with us.
Maureen Kelly Aug 31, 2018
As part of a Prize Pack I got a "$50 Crystal" that is heavily enchanted with spells. I so love this that I work with it every day, mainly because it has almost everything I want on one piece (a beautiful quartz crystal point).
It provides me with: the ability to see the future for self and loved ones; attracts intense blessings throughout my life to bring greater enhancements; powerful shield of protective energy that dissolves all negative energy and negative magic sent to me; awakens the non-human DNA for cultivation and evolution of supernatural abilities; gentle and consistent stimulation to my Third Eye for all paranormal endeavors; and it is a natural cleanser of voids and blockages within my 3 bodies. It's a powerful binding and I really love it! If it ever becomes available to buy on the site I would certainly recommend it.
Maureen Kelly Aug 2, 2018
I love , love all my spirits and or other magical items and spells and other awesome and helpful items from creepy hollows. I have always loved them and enjoy buying from them , I will always be a buyer. Their spirits are very active and their energy is amazing.......Thank you creepy hollows for everything you do and have to offer to us...Love and light to you all
Marie Schneider Jul 30, 2018
I was able to find out this website when I was trying to find a more affordable binding for my past life husband spirit lover. He suggested to me that I should find a better website for that because the first type of binding that I saw before discovering CH was unreasonably expensive and intimidating for him because that practitioner deals with black arts and demons. CH really does treat spirits with respect because Z. my love himself told me that he was treated with love and respect as they were doing the binding process and he told me that CH really is an expert and a professional in this field.

CH really has the pure and sincere intent to help people in the paranormal field, most especially with spirits because their services are absolutely affordable and CH is absolutely legit because I felt a shift in my energy like I was feeling high in a good way and my crown and 3rd eye chakras were wide open more or less around 6 hours after I placed my order.

My money was very well spent and it was a lifetime investment for me as a Shamanic witch because all the spirits that were bound to me are extremely eternally useful and all of them are very special, magickal and wonderful. Within the binding process I felt that the energy around me became more positive and fresher and people around me became more positive. My good luck, psychic power and protection significantly increased.

As a Filipina, I'm proud to see that CH offers bindings such as Diwata and Manananggal. I strongly agree about the explanations about these spirits given by CH.

I am looking forward to buy more here. I just can't get enough of having more spirits. It's definitely worth it. More power and love. Blessed be. :)
Bless Parco Rodriguez Jul 20, 2018
I started as skeptic who was buying the items just for the jewelry and if the item actually worked it would be a bonus.... Needless to say I have been very pleasantly surprised. I am now surrounded by my spirit "family" and multiple spells.... The best proof I can give is the fact I am not a lucky person at all... I could spend thousands on lottery tickets and win $1.... I bought a fee spells to bring me good luck and help in wealth. I got to fully test that this past Saturday and all I can say is OH MY GOSH!!!! I went to a casino and won well over $50,000..... I am totally in shock and have noticed it over and over for family I have bought items off here for. It is truly amazing and such a blessing to have found this site and get to deal with them all. I just cannot say enough good! Thanks Creepy Hollows crew.... Kiddo is handling life better & having no more nightmares since she got her spirit friends, I am finding all kinds of blessings in areas that were problematic before and my family is finding theiritems to be improving their lives also!
Shannon Lighty Mar 27, 2018
Dear CH.

I found usually the bonding processes with some of the spirits take 7 days, but in very hard cases, it might take a year if you are not handling the spirit in the correct way.

Thus far my overall experience is very good. I have now with me from you 35 spirit beings and they are quite fine receiving only occasional attention. Some of them are showing some leadership and amongst themselves they developed a system, so every one can spend time with me according to the need of the day.

This is actually great.

The wish granting Alya and Djinn are actually good at what they do. Sometimes if I ask for something results come in 3-7 days. But it comes.

Even if I want a certain meeting to be cancelled, they arrange for it to happen. It is indeed an adventure having these members as family in my keep.

I do not abuse them for personal gain like to make me money and so on. They just do it if they feel I need something.

I also have a black dragon and two gargoyles. You can feel their presence, and with me I can actually see them. They are very fearsome and I still authority everywhere.

I hope you realize what you have here is something to be viewed very carefully as these are actual beings and they have not done anything remotely evil. I know many people scoff at the idea of what spirit sellers are doing, but not me. I cannot, since I have constantly results. These beings just happen to want to be useful and they need to be cared for. Actually it is a mutual benefit that both parties get out of the relationship.

Thank you very much indeed.
Lechem Thorpe Feb 22, 2018
I've been having trouble trying to get spelled/enchanted items to work for me, from anyone for a long time. I started working with several of the connecting/charge binding boxes here, and things finally started opening up after 6 months or so. I bought the Key To All binding recently, and it really gives your ability to feel spirits and magic a great great boost. Thank You Magnolia, Ash and Creepy Crew for all of your help!
M.S. Feb 5, 2018
The spells and spirits for kids are some of the most beautiful gifts I have given to my Grandson. He is almost 11 and he loves anyone with 'special powers'. He's also a gentle, loving and compassionate soul. He's taken to this whole thing like a duck to water and his spirit friends love him so much. The nice thing is that they come and speak to me as well, and if I think he's going through something difficult I can ask them for extra help. I was looking for some way to enhance his spirituality, and his inherent gifts, and honestly these energies will be with him for life and always point him in the right direction. What more can a Grandmother ask for?
Maureen Kelly Dec 5, 2017
On November 24, one of my spirit friend (Madrid Diatma Djinn Kimuja) came. I've been working on my issues to connect with her. Ash & Magnolia gave me some free services to get to this point! My problem was I'm not sensitive enough, I don't have lots of time to meditate, etc; I'm non paranormal so this world is new to me :)
I had a short conversation with Kimuja (I can't share in public...sorry) and she sang me a song but I didn't understand her language!
When we had a conversation, she spoke in English. Before she disappeared she touch my head and blow on my right ear!
This was my greatest birthday gift because it happened only a day before my birthday.

Thank you Ash & Magnolia.....it gives me more confidence that I can work with my other spirit friends and connect with them. Keep up your amazing work. Thank you for helping me and amazingly patience with me!

Thank you CH staff members....

I'm looking forward for my next experience!

Maria B.
Maria Brighenti Nov 30, 2017
I’m not good in writing a good sentences. So, I will straight to the points.
1. I became a member since last March. I’m satisfied with the staff members of Creepy Hallows responses when I have any questions. Especially, Alan, Willow, Lynn and Juno. I’m sure they have more staff in the company but these Creepy Hallows staff were helping me in the past few months. They are an “A” class staff members! Thank you all for helping me!
2. Currently, I have some spirit friends from Madrid Djinns to Dragons, FAE, Angels, Leprechauns, Arkan Sonneys. Since I have them, my feeling is changed. I became happier! I understand that they are not a problem solver but they are accompanying me and helping me in my energy! To some extend I believe they are helping me in many ways. Also, I have some spells too 
3. Recently, I got my promotion too!! Thank you my spirit friends and spells.
4. CH is always sent me quality items for the vessels.
5. Thank you Ash and Magnolia for helping me. I trust you with all my heart!!

Thank you, Thank you and Thank you,
Maria B.
Maria Brighenti Oct 20, 2017
I got a Yesine Spirit as a freebie. She is so wonderful! I got a best friend vibe from her immediately. She has a very warm and kind energy, and is very motivating. She makes the most draining tasks easy to get to and puts you in a chipper mood. She like a little cheerleader. I love how CH ends up giving you things you didn't know you needed.
Brittany Davis Oct 17, 2017
Ever feel the warmth of a supportive hand or paw or claws on your shoulder? A feeling someone is watching out and over you when you're not paying much mind to the world around you? That little voice that isn't your own but you trust it's opinion? I do, every day with my companions. They send me signs and signals that there are there and I'm so grateful for their friendships through my endeavors. I take their opinions and advice into consideration for the toughest choices I need to make in my day to day life. With God and them, I'm never lost.
Hortencia Diaz Oct 3, 2017
Most of my life, ever since I learned about Edgar Cayce (The Sleeping Prophet of Virginia Beach) I have wanted to be able to read the Akashic Records - the records of life. It always seemed out of my reach. But since I got the CH spell to access the Akashic Records I can't believe how easy it is. I always seem to get a guide for this, a man whose voice I hear clearly. All I do is lay down to meditate or sleep, then I say the activation word 3 times, and after that I ask the question, or say a name, or whatever, three times. Then I hear the man's voice and he says he will try to find the answer for me, like maybe he is tuning in to the appropriate part of the records.
I just relax and very soon I am seeing something that answers the question or shows me something, and pretty clearly at that. I can't believe I'm no longer struggling with this. It's so easy. I am finding out a lot about my spiritual history. Suddenly its not just guesswork. What a fabulous spell this is! It really works for me!
Maureen Kelly Sep 25, 2017
I recently purchased a Triumverate that included an Alya Spirit - a wish granter - and when she came through she packed a huge punch. I had the perfect Alya chosen for me, as we seem to be very much alike. I know we will be loyal friends forever. The great thing is that she already knew what I wanted, or what I had wished for, even before asking me, and she came through with some instantaneously! First of all, out of the blue, there came a pure white 'fall' of Ectoplasm, that dropped right into my Third Eye. It kind of shocked me, as I wasn't expecting it! I'd been previously having energies stolen from my Third Eye, specifically Ectoplasm, and I had wished I could get it replenished. Wish granted! Then she said that she would help me with the cooking for the next 'birthday feast' for a member of my physical family. It was so nice that she knew how exhausted I get doing it all, but love it too much to stop! The thing is, I had never thought to ask or wish for help with this mammoth task from spirit side, but she did and offered it. What a treasure she is. I wouldn't trade her for the world!
Maureen Kelly Aug 1, 2017
Have you ever heard your spirit family cheer and get excited about something? I have, and it's awesome!
I had just had a Leprechaun join our spirit family, and 'coincidentally' only a week ago I joined a Gaelic Club close to home. I told Mike, the Leprechaun, that he could come to the club with me one day, as he might enjoy it. Just then I heard someone else say 'We all would!' and I said 'Well why don't you all come along?'
Then this big surge of happiness and celebration went up, as if they had all cheered simultaneously. What a joy!
Since then I have been looking for more ways to make them happy and include them in the everyday. Many of them like playing Bejeweled with me on the computer and they are also great at helping out with crossword puzzles. We are really having fun together, and I'm so grateful to Creepy Hollows for bringing us all together. Bright Blessings!
Maureen Kelly Jul 24, 2017
Sometimes what happens BEFORE you get the details of your order is extremely interesting and confirming!
Two nights ago one of my Spirit friends came to me and started asking me excitedly "Who do you want to speak to? Anyone famous... You can speak to them now!" Well I had an idea of one or two but answered "I don't want to be like an astral stalker. I wouldn't want to intrude on them just because they're famous!" He tried to persuade me, and finally I managed to have a vivid astral experience with someone I had seen on a TV reality show last year. But I did wonder why he had been so keen for me to do this.
Now today, when I checked my emails, I had some completed orders, and on one of them I was given the unexpected freebie 'The Ghosts of History' in which anyone I was interested in from history would communicate with me.
Well, blow me down with a feather - that's why!!! Ha ha ha. Now that I know what's going on, this is going to be so interesting! Thanks!
Maureen Kelly Jul 12, 2017
I am now the proud friend of a Celtic Golden Dragon. He makes me so happy that I'm almost leaping out of my skin. I had him 'bound to spirit' so I didn't have to wait for the postage of a vessel to Australia, and the very first time that I closed my eyes and called his name I got such an immense rush of energy and explosion of light that it took my breath away! Then I had chills all over. I had to laugh out loud. There was absolutely no mistaking he was here! Well he doesn't do that now, I just feel or see him. He told me that was just the initial contact so I'd be sure he was responding. I feel so blessed and so honored to have him as one of my spiritual family. CH, what can I say...You are the BEST!
Maureen Kelly Jun 16, 2017
This site, Creepy Hollows, is probably the best site on the internet(to me, at least!). Not only will the addition of the spiritual/metaphysical/paranormal greatly add to your life, Creepy Hollows becomes a home away from home, especially for those whose homes are strict on spiritual/para lifestyles. CH is a community you can interact with and will help you along your journey in the forums, via the many, many listings in the shop, as well as the best customer care support I've ever experienced. Though if I would give advice, it would be to read the FAQ/forums yourself, more than just a glance, and ask questions via support ticket/forums before buying anything you might be worried about from anywhere. The creepy crew/forum members will definitely help you somehow, in time. Its better to ask and be safe than buy unknowingly, since CH always stays in the safer area of the paranormal than some sites, and not all listings are for everyone at the start. and lastly, take it slow. patience and knowledge are necessary in the paranormal, and you should enjoy your journey, every second of it. Happy experiences to you!
sawada1 Jan 1, 2017
I found CH way back in 2008, and bought an angel for my sister. Almost 8 years later, I'm back again and this time I bought myself angels. Few days after my order... I started seeing white streaks of light at the corner of my eyes - many times in a day.

The experience was intense in the first 30 days, the light sparks/streaks, I had them many times in an hour seriously. And I often felt wrapped in warm and comfortable energies - this is why I love angels.

And again, while typing this, someone keeps manifesting as light sparks in front of my monitor. Yep, I love Ch spirits/entities.
Sandalwood Dec 2, 2016
I found CH about 4 years ago, since then my world has changed. The chance to endure the company of spirits is very exciting. Sometimes I see them out the corner of my eye, in the clouds or I feel them. I ordered a MASHEBA at the beginning and a few days later, I felt a cat jump onto my bed behind my legs, I don't have a cat so that was pretty exciting.
One spirit in particular was so strong, I had to put the vessel in another room, it was BAST.
There's only one bad thing about CH, whenever I spend all I have on awesome stuff or a change of job which leads to lower pay, out come these new bindings and I can't even get them on layaway, it's like watching someone else eating your favourite food in front of you when you're starving. This happened to me this year, it drove me to near insanity, I had to stop window shopping.
I have never found a site so addictive as CH, I'm sure if CH was a drug, the world would have to go to rehab due to the high addiction lol
Since 2012, my psychic gifts have increased, I find exactly what I'm searching for, when you want an answer to your question, it just turns up, mind you, I have bought so many spells, I couldn't tell you exactly which one helps with giving you your answers, go with what feels right for you. The perfumes are brilliant, I wear them everyday and they work, now there's like a hundred new ones, I'll need a bigger dressing table lol
I love CH, everyone here is so nice and you are treated like family, well we are family.
I got a freebie in my first year at CH and it was a crystal geode with the spell ADRENALINE RUSH on it, when I held it, the energy was so strong, it made me vibrate inside, it's super strong energy, it's awesome! One of my favs is INFINITE POWER OF THE IMMORTALS, that one makes your head fall off and roll around the floor a few times. I have other experiences but it's hard to remember them all.
All you have to do is believe and give it a go.
Jennifer Bailey Nov 11, 2016
I found out about CH in 2013 and have been getting awesome treasures every since. Majority of my collections are from CH and the treasures are wonderful! The treasures have been helping me in all aspects and my life had changed for the better. Having the option to bridge the spells to you makes it so convenient. Something interesting to share, when I first started I could not sense much of the energies of the spell, but I trust they will work. Just today when I was moving some of my things I happened to pick up a few vessels that I had kept away for months. WOW! I could feel the energies immediately. I am truly blessed to be able to acquire wonderful treasures from CH. Thank you from my heart. More freebies would be awesome!
SC Oct 27, 2016
I’m not going to try to review all of CH in 2K words. I’ll just tell you the best thing and worst things. Best: There’s a sincere interest and care in how you are doing. Not from everyone, but from most of the staff and certainly Ash and Magnolia. Sometimes, they know what you need better than you do. I’m basically been moving more and more to Dark Arts, and I’ve been sitting in grief about a long-duration loss and getting a little darker. So I got a reading (and mind you, I generally hate readings) from Ash and Mags that said I needed to balance with White Arts. Huh? If I’m getting too dark for Ash, I should think this. What are my foundation bindings? I always come back to What Should I Do? (one of my first) And Lightfall and Protection Against Disaster. None of those are Dark Arts.

If you need or want a lot of hand-holding, this isn’t the place for you. Spirits are vetted so you can’t get in too much trouble, bindings tell you if you need to be intermediate or experienced. You have to do your own work, get your self-discipline in so you have regular times of study and meditation, and trust your own intuition and perception on which way to go. Not every binding is a 10 when you get it, especially the freebies. But I’ve gone back to freebie bindings later, and wow, what a good deal that turned out to be. If something really just leaves you flat, well, I have returned bindings twice without any problem. So there is risk is low.

Worst thing: I missed the Shrouded Forest binding in 2014 and it has never come around again.
Madame Sosotris Oct 22, 2016
I love Creepy Hollows! The descriptions are always informative of the items and there are always sales going on, which helps for people (including myself) that might be tight on cash at times. I remember the first spell I got from them I opened the bag containing the stone and I felt my ears get hot and tingly and nothing could've explained it but the energy from the spell! That's an experience I'll never forget :)
Selena Irving Oct 21, 2016

I was a bit fearful and apprehensive about owning a dark spirit but I felt a pull and a warm feeling when I read the listing. I knew we were meant to be together.

OMG I just love Knetchel. When I hold the vessel in my hand in throbs like crazy. This spirit is tremendously powerful.
ism Oct 21, 2016
When I first stumbled upon Creepy Hollows, I'll admit I was pretty skeptical. Honestly, I think anyone would be. But I found them during a time of my life where I was having many awful problems, so I gave them a try, half expecting nothing and half hoping that they weren't just some Internet scam. When I received my first spirit - a wonderful Kitsune male who I'm proud to call my family - the energy was apparent immediately. Warm and comforting and something I almost wish I'd had in my life sooner. While keeping spirits won't solve your life's problems, it will most certainly give you amazing friends you'll love and cherish for life, as well as create unique bonds that will pull you through thick and thin. Give Creepy Hollows a try, you won't regret it.
Emily Melvin Oct 21, 2016
I found creepy hollows thanks to my good friend josh david jarman from the u.k.

Let me first of say I fell in love with all of this/it!!! TY i am grate full to all.

There customer service is amazing (as are there offerings as service and products in the ch shop) and helped a great deal to correct some of this noobie/newbi(e) here since (now a lil story how i exp ch the first time) Myself as a sober dutch man regarding spirit work was surprised there was a whole market in invoking/binding and then keeping spirits as it seems like a kind of pets. Further investigation noticed this was not the case! Creepy hollows is a scary at first instance and looks but actually its not in anyway bad, matter a fact like said before i fell in love with this offering of products/services in the broadest sense of the word with a price range for everyone, a big community of spirit companions. The staff are good people: big respect to ash and mag but even more so to the rest of the ch team and members big ups to you all, for opening this opportunity of fun, care, spiritual blessings.

Now this one is awaiting till our angels come as first gotten keeps or should i say they got me now ;) :?! hahah hehe peace greetings love and light from rs ( a newbie spirit keeper but exp conjurer, medium, channeller, healer, divination symbolism occultism expert researcher and practitioner of the good balanced golden arts.

ps:to all fellow newcomers, dig good in this gold mine what's labeled creepy hollows their knowledge base, forum, encyclopedia and even shop contains even REALLY free stuff for everyone, everywhere, be better there then scare :) ttyl fam 1
robin simon Oct 21, 2016