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Super duper overwhelming things just happened, some wishes unexpectedly came true and I'm still taking my time processing everything in my mind. I'm so overwhelmed right now. I thank CH from the very bottom of my heart for being a part of my spiritual journey :) More power
Bless Parco Rodriguez Jun 2, 2021
I have been getting spells and enchantments from CH for a few years now, and I am so grateful for it. I seem to have a lot of negative forces coming against me, but each time I make sure I get up, gird myself up, and come back even stronger with my own white or grey magic. Occasionally I know what needs to be done but I'm not sure how to do it, and it's then I ask CH for their help to find a way around it. I have asked for custom spells and they work it out. Also, my spirit companions are a constant source of help, strength and love. My Vampire team is super amazing! I don't know if I will ever find the words to say how grateful I am for all the help I've been given over the last few years. And the few times I've had readings done on here they have blown me away. Thanks and blessings to Magnolia, Ash and all the fabulous Creepy Hollows staff. I am a very happy customer.
Maureen Kelly Apr 19, 2021
I have the most joyful & loving spirit companionship of anyone I know, because they not only help me spiritually but they share my everyday life with me, Ricky (human spirit) helps me with driving & puts protection around me. Olha (Gaueko) gives me warning if it's not safe for me at night. Alan (human spirit) helps me with cooking & recipes & loves having a coffee with me. Haffern & Lassis (dark elves) help me with protection, advice & elemental magic. Aby, (Wraith) likes to help me with onlin. He assists in matters of justice, truth & protection. Dallanton (Air Elemental) loves listening to music & dancing & puts me to sleep safely every night. Sylphs greet me every morning & help me with weather magic. Dandalf & Hemdo (Warlock & Fantary Witch) help with psychic readings, magic spells & rituals. Onabi (Faun) comes to heal me. Balandrea (Golden Celtic Dragon) gives advice & wisdom. Tashiel (female Fire Spirit) helps with candle/flame magic & often works with Amerise, my Harpy. Capani (White Unicorn) helps to protect me from demons & black magic. Ketchuan is a Courtwind Angel who watches over me during astral travel. Dimontrio (Male Faery) gives me guidance & introduced me to the Fae Army who fight for me if I am under attack. Makisom is a Guardian living entity, hardworking. Lamatue (a Multex) is a Spirit Realm Protector Living Entity - the most powerful spirit presence I've ever known. Asis (a Djinn) helps me make my wishes come true. My Vampires have amazing skills & love music & dancing also. Renake & Arlo (High Elves) help me with healing & guidance. Alfio (Cerah Fae) helps with dreams & sings to me often. We love each other so much that it makes us cry...There are so many more, including many spells that have helped me. We all love our lives & I never feel (or am) alone. Glorious & joyful indeed! A million thanks to CH who made all this possible.
Maureen Kelly Feb 24, 2021
I've made purchases from CH several times, but I have to say that this last purchase was the one that blew me away. I ordered several items I have yet to try, but the Triple Dark Arts Power spell made by Ash that was bound to an obsidian bracelet is unlike anything I've ever experienced. When I opened it and put it over my wrist, I could actually feel energy coursing through me. As I write this, I can actually feel it now. It gave me goosebumps. I've always been cynical, so I took it off to see how I'd feel. I felt normal after a few moments. I put it back on, and I can feel it again. This is powerful stuff, and I'm so glad I use this shop. I've bought companions here as well and they've been so loyal and helpful to me that I couldn't ask for anything more. Not to mention the bonuses they put in their packages, which make me feel like I'm really getting my money's worth. Thanks so much, CH!
Chelsea Oliphant Jan 11, 2021
As always, I'm very grateful to my spirit companions conjured by CH because they don't just constantly help me in magickal and spiritual matters but also in mundane and personal matters. Spirits won't just help in the magickal and spiritual aspect but in the mundane and personal aspect as well. They can help you realize and see your hidden potential and hidden talents if you have any and will motivate you to use these to help make your life better. Their presence is always strong and I can always feel them even when I'm tired or when I'm feeling bad emotionally. They will always motivate you to reach your goals. Because of their constant help, protection and guidance, I see that I have a bright and promising future and that there is always hope. They always help me attract good luck and help make the manifestation of my spells faster and stronger. I am very grateful to CH and their staff and I will always be. Happy Holidays! :)
Bless Parco Rodriguez Dec 24, 2020
Hi everyone. i am fairly new to creepyhollows. i feel i was guided to this web store. i did a little light research, and saw that there were some people who sounded like they had a bone to pick.

But, yet i still went ahead and made my purchases. The things that were beginning to happen and that which i began to experience was overwhelming. So when i read that creepy hollows sold empty vessels i nearly fell over backwards in my chair laughing.

Because, "SURVEY SAYS" that was a lie. (in my family feud voice). i am grateful for the time that Lady Magnolia and Mortimer the great has taken to comfort me. Although Mortimer may think i'm a little far too green for any of this stuff.

probably thinks i'm a little weird too. LOL. Long story short..they are a genuine paranormal store.
Sir Theophilus Jameel el Dec 20, 2020
I'm in tears, really, tears of joy! My sin-eater is my hero, he did a miracle, the reliefe I feel is incomparable, no one has ever managed to take this weight off my heart, the melancholy I felt at certain times since I was very young did not seem to have sense, it came out of nowhere and I didn't understand what it was due to. As soon as I took his vessel in hand I immediately felt that my discomfort was easing. I hung it around my neck with a chain, now it's been about twenty minutes and I'm so fine I still hardly believe it. The bad feelings have gradually faded away and now they have simply vanished like smoke!
Thank you so much beloved spirit, adn thank you so much CH! :°-)
P.S.: If you want to get an idea of ​​how I feel listen to this song:
Ivan Veggiato Dec 15, 2020
I Have Purchase 4 Incredible Bindings, 1 Spell, and 2 More Amazing Bindings As A Free Giftl. I Have Yet To Be Disappointed! All Of My Spirit Family Knows How To Handle My Ptsd Attacks As Well As My Anxiety. This Helps A Ton. My Vampire Was Antsy To Start His Duties ( His Words, Not Mine! ). My Lubba Has Been Very Eager To Practice Magick! My Angel Is Very Happy To Be Home and Always Guards My Doorway At Night. My Djinn Mates Are Very Insightful and Extremely Nurturing. The Spell I Purchase Was The Ash's Favorite Spells In One, And I Have To Say I Do Not Regret It At All. Quite The Opposite! Needless To Say, I Will Be Purchasing More. Please, Keep Up The Good Work! Your Work And Magick Are Truly Amazing!
Olivia Petitt Aug 3, 2020
I have to tell you about my first spirits. I ordered a European Vampire with a ring vessel. (I have since had him bonded to me). When I received my order, my first, I also received a free Gargoyle. I was thrilled with all of it. My Gargoyle, a class 4, is so active. His vessel, a beautiful white stone with tan ribbons, resonates with his energy. To make sure I was not just willing it to happen I had a few others in my family just hold his vessel and describe it to me. Each one of them felt what they called electricity or tingling coming from the vessel. He does not always make his presence known but occasionally I will hear the clicking of his claws as he walks around. They have both made many appearances in my dreams. At first, I was taken by surprise and woke up. After that, they did not appear for a week in my dreams. I reassured them I wanted them to be there and now they visit frequently. My vampire has a different way of telling me he is here. Since we are bonded, when I call him and talk to him I feel a glow in the middle of my chest. I can feel him in a unique way now, an intimate way. I would recommend to anyone a bonding of your favorite spirit. It's truly a personal and rewarding experience. I now have a growing family of spirits and living entities. I will get my first subscription box this month and I cannot wait. I will review what I get after I welcome my new friend.
Tammy Helgans Jun 16, 2020
I love how they always help me in magick, considering the fact that I practice traditional Eastern magick. I love the way they are always helping me not just in magick and spirituality but in my life in general as well. I love how they help me turn negative situations into positive ones. I love how they provide me protection against baneful magick and how they give me advice on how to deal with not so good people. I love how they always provide support and love to me. I love the fact that they are always active and I can always feel their presence like every single day of my life. I love how I always see them in my 3rd eye as well as physical eyes and see, hear and feel their manifestations. I love how they help me in everything. I will always be grateful to CH and their very competent staff for being a big part of my spiritual journey. More power and love
Bless Parco Rodriguez Jun 8, 2020
I just received my Amphesbena spirits today. I spoke to them and welcomed them into our home. Later I went to take a nap. I could physically fell it moving on me as it tried to "get comfortable". I have felt spirits before and I hope that the spirit of my cat Spazz gets along with them.
Thank you CH for opening my eyes to spirit keeping. I never considered that a spirit would want to be a companion to the living so I did look at as a type of "enslavement". Thank you again and am looking forward to growing my Spirit family
Cece Jun 2, 2020
AR is Sweet and Loyal. A Brave Hearted Being. CreepyHollows was True To Their Word. Thank you Very Much for Bringing this Man into My Life. He's Very Special To me. Thank you.
Olivia Petitt May 29, 2020
I absolutely LOVE this site. I only discovered it a couple months ago and already purchased a few different things. I feel many positive changes in me and see them in my life happening already! I cannot thank you enough for doing what you do! I feel so loved and supported. The energy of every piece I got is amazing and the prices are great. The selection of products is unbelievable and the FREEBIES!!! Not to mention all the information offered here! I am addicted
Katya M. Apr 10, 2020
I am new to all things spiritual/metaphysical. I came across CH a few weeks back and i only wish i had known about it SO much sooner!! Even for myself, who is not really interested in the magical side of things necessarily but more on expanding my awareness and being able to reach out and get genuine contact and advice from spiritual beings/entities this site is AWESOME. There are awesome folks in the forums who will answer questions genuinely and thoughtfully. Ash and Magnolia must truly be special people as they have built/developed a special site full of good, caring individuals!! CH is the BOMB!
Ryan Mar 30, 2020
I joined on February 11th, I was instantly drawn to this store for a few years now. I always would read the reviews, after I placed one order and about a dozen more I was hooked! Creepy Hollows is the real deal! Ash & Magnolia, Mortimer, Nova, Juno, and the others make the whole experience memorable in the best way. I have been a newly self taught practitioner. I am learning spirit keeping from the ground up, learning how to incorporate them into daily life. The information provided here in the forums, and encyclopedia has helped me out a ton. I highly recommend this store for anyone who needs help whether its love or protection, magick is found within all of us. You have changed my life for the better, each day my spirit friends and spouse, crystals, and spell bindings make my day. Each helping in their own way towards a greater good.
Jennifer Arthur Mar 24, 2020
I'm not sure how you guys here do it, but the very week I start learning how to work on opening my chakras I get a package from here that I've been waiting on that had a mystery bag in it, and to my pleasant surprise what I find in the mb is a binding that is mean't to help with your chakras. I am incredibly impressed, you guys never cease to amaze me.
Phoebe Reed Mar 24, 2020
I can't help but post more than one testimonial, this site changed my life, every single time I place an order I feel a huge rush of adrenaline and eager anticipation for when it finally ships, the moment I see the package at my doorstep I get this most exciting feeling like I'm receiving a birthday present. And one thing is for certain, I'm never disappointed. Keep up the amazing work :)
Phoebe Reed Mar 2, 2020
I'm a beginner mage, I've only been a member of this site for about a month and I'm already hooked. I love everything and everyone here including the ever so wonderful and helpful staff. I'm proud to be a member here and I know I will get incredibly far in my magic thanks to you all.
Phoebe Reed Mar 2, 2020
My spirits always help me to achieve more good luck and also help me to improve my magick and psychic abilities. They also keep on protecting me from magickal and mundane harm. They also give me guidance as always in very impressive ways. This last month I saw and I felt as if my good luck was multiplied by 2. Good things keep on happening in my life despite the challenges that I face. As a result, I would now have an exciting 2020 full of fun and positivity. The spells and enchantments that I got here are still working and all of the spells (whether bound to spirit or not) still work very effectively and I can feel the energies of the spells, enchantments and spirits as well. My given testimonials for each spell/spirit/service I believe are not enough to show how effective the spells/services and enchantments are. All of these keep on giving me tremendous support not just in my magickal life but also in my mundane life. Thank you very much CH as always! Happy holidays, please wait for my next orders! :)
Bless Parco Rodriguez Dec 25, 2019
Would like to thank you enough for all that you have done for me and my family.
Wonderful services!
EarthAngel Dec 8, 2019
I am 1000% in love with everything I mean everything I get from CH from my spirits to spells I can't say enough about everything I get from them all spirits my active and wonderful and just want I needed and my gifts and grab bag items oh my let me say they are truly amazing and no matter what the gift is it's something I truly need in my life. I will always be a life time member of this store until my last breath it taken. I get very excited when I place an order then I must sit and wait for my order to be done and when it is I am even more excited to log on and see what I got and I am excited every time. I save all my info on everything I get makes it eaiser on me when I work with my items and spirits having the info on hand. The staff is wonderful and they answer my questions in a very good timely manner and are super super sweet. Thank you CH for everything and I will always be a customer forever
Marie Schneider Nov 19, 2019
I am so happy with my purchases here. CH has been a pivotal force in my spirit keeping journey. I always love the variety of things here and absolutely love the sales. By the way, before I forget, I would love to thank Ash, Magnolia and the fantastic creepy crew for all my orders here.
U.K. Oct 23, 2019
I've order a few things over the 6 months or so I've been on this site. Been pleased with everything I've recieved!

My first order was the penny deal for a Succubus binding. That binding has been well worth more than the penny + S&H I paid for it. If you're unsure, do the penny deal you'll be surprised I think!

Also, I have contacted support for various reasons and they're very polite and professional.

The encyclopedia and the forums are a like a library of information, and I highly suggest perusing both for things that interest you.

Overall I give CH A 11/10, Bravo Ladies and Gents Y'all rock.
Keep up the great work everyone!
Justin L Oct 16, 2019
I have to admit that I'm addicted to buy here and I'm very happy because my spirit companions here are also my best friends. They always help me to reach my goals in life, boost my morale up when I feel down and give me confidence to face life's challenges. They also help me attract good luck, wealth and prosperity. They help me to always see the silver lining in life. They help me in everything regardless whether it's magick or mundane matters. They always assist me in my ceremonial magick rituals. They always make the quality of my life better and they always give me advice and their wisdom and knowledge whenever they think I need it. They provide me tender love and care. They always protect me in magickal and physical dangers. I love each and every one of my spirit companions, they are all my best friends! I hope and I pray that CH will be able to help more people like me because they are the best!
Bless Parco Rodriguez Oct 13, 2019
Charging cord ($1) put a charge on 2 mundane rings. I did not know it could do that. Am very happy with my purchases. So this is over the top on my expectations.

Alexandria Abarria Oct 11, 2019
Spirit Knetchel Hellhound
I was a little worried about getting a DA spirit. However, when I read the description something resonated with me. I love my hellhound so much that I am considering getting another one.
I found that he is easy to communicate with. Knetchel is very protective of me. I have called upon him numerous times and felt immediate relief.
I did not experience any negativity from bringing this DA spirit into my home. So far, our relationship has been very positive. Thank you Creepy Hollows!
When I first found you guys, I was a little skeptical about whether this was legit or just a scam. After one of my vampires rattled his ring against the table with excitement when I transferred him to the master vessel, I started to believe that this was legit. I still had some doubts lingering inside me though, being that I was seeing no results from the spells done or activity from the rest of my non-human spirits. Even after trying to connect with them for over a year. I'm still in that situation right now with them, but recently, after my Concuan was conjured, ( my first living entity ever ) there was no doubt in my mind anymore that CH was the real deal!

Before his vessel even arrived, he came to say "hello" and I immediately got touched in just the way I always wanted to be touched by all my other spirits. He made my body feel amazing, something that I haven't felt in a very, very long time. I was hoping I would connect better with the living entities more than the spiritual ones and now I've found my addiction and my calling. It only gives me more determination to fully open my third eye and continue my magical journey. Thank you, thank you, thank you CH! You've changed my life!! I will be coming back for more.
Amy La Rue Aug 5, 2019
My very 1st pet Rat was black with a white line down his belly hence the name I gave him "Two-Tone" I had him for 2 years and he was very loyal and NEVER once bit anyone. He died in 2001 from convulsions in my hands (I don't know what caused them) I missed him greatly even after all these years so I had his spirit bound to a hematite mouse figure. I had fell asleep on the 15th of July thinking it was gonna be here on the 16th and while asleep I had a dream about Two-Tone...something I haven't done in ages, when I woke up I was lying on my back with my hand out and he was sitting in it. For a split second I saw him, then I noticed my package had come that day, Since then I've felt his weight on my shoulder, felt his tail clinging to my neck like he used to do when he tried to crawl down my shirt, and he's been pulling the covers off of me to wake me up in the morning. I love that we're together again :)
Kristina Rudisill Jul 22, 2019
Over the years I have bought thousands of dollars of magickals and spirits.
When I started in 2012, I knew nothing of the gems I would find in the world. I've found secrets that I can't even share with another. I have discovered how to do anything you can imagine, still practicing btw.
I owe so much to CH because without their help and others, it would've taken me so much longer to find this stuff.
I rarely buy anything anymore due to the price of the Aussie dollar and I'm only casual atm. Don't get me wrong, there are heaps more things I want but times are tough as many of you will know.
If you are new here, don't take magick as, IT WILL DROP IN YOUR LAP kind of thing, magick shows you the path, you have to take that path otherwise it's like putting a heap of money at your feet and you walking straight past it. If opportunities come your way, grab it with both hands. You are here for a reason!
Ask yourself what you really want to know and then go find your spell, you won't regret it.
I found out how to eliminate old pains 6 years ago so magick can work rather quickly depending on your belief because without belief there is no magick.
Thank you Magnolia and Ash xx
Jenny Jul 21, 2019
CH is my favorite store and it will always be. I love this store so much because the quality of their bindings are world-class and it feels like it can even last not just a lifetime but many lifetimes as well, that's how durable their magickal bindings are, and the pricing is affordable. I am also very grateful and happy to see the dedication, competence, love and care of the HD. They are a great part of my magickal and spiritual journey as a magickal practitioner. I love CH very much. I will always buy here and will never ever buy anywhere else when it comes to metaphysical and magickal bindings.
Bless Parco Rodriguez Jul 17, 2019