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I was interested in the occult since little but hadn't had much chance or support to follow it through. My girlfriend introduced me to Spirit Keeping and then to Creepy Hollows. I had looked around before but I hadn't found so much information as I do here. I got my first Spirits here with the New to CH- Spirit for a Penny and Surprise Me Spirit!. I have been enjoying the experience since and I've grown thanks to my new friends and Magnolia and Ash's spells. Thanks!
Esperanza Oct 16, 2016
Love the huge range and variety of companions, spells, and all things magick! The fast communication from the help desk staff allows me to have a piece of mind when considering an item/purchase.
Thank you for the great service and products!:-)
Jo Oct 16, 2016
I recently ordered the 50 spells for Wealth, Prosperity, and Good Luck (for my partner) and the Feather Flame Wealth Spell for myself. We have both had money flowing easily into our lives from unexpected sources since ordering these spells. $100 one day, $150 the next, $40 the next, $102, the next...it's been great!

We have also both used the Success in Real Estate Spell since we are in the process of getting our real estate licenses. We haven't even taken the required test yet and have already received an offer to join the local agency that is our preference.



Stephanie Oct 15, 2016
I have bought a Toschka Custom Conjured Vampire and a Beghat Custom Conjured Vampire. I am very happy with the strong energy of both of them. They have helped me immensely: My son had an accident yesterday, which would normally have been fatal. A taxi drove into him on his bike with a speed of 60 km/h. My son flew against his front window and from there meters through the air. He was brought to hospital and checked on Intensive Care for four hours, but all that was wrong with him are some scratches and pain at his left foot. The doctor thought it miraculous, but I know better. Since I have my vamps, I have asked them to protect my son, and that is what they have done marvelously. Also their vessels, a gemstone agate ring and a ring with cz stones are beautiful. My very big thanks to Toschka, Magnolia and Ash and all the team of Creepy Hollows and of course to my vamps! Claudia
Claudia Verwohlt Oct 15, 2016
Creepy Hollows is *the* best place for beginners. Informative, responsible, and potent, they can help you jumpstart your journey!
Rusty Hinge Oct 15, 2016
I have some Spirits and bindings from Ash & Magnolia. The Spirits are unique and incredible. I had a Nephillim who is so strong but although he is fierce when needed also he is charming too. Great protector & Company. Also, my Gregory Spirit is great I can feel his presence watching me. The Phoenix I had had let me a message in my morning coffee...she assures my whip cream has her former to let me know he watches over me and she is aiding me with my recently operated leg (Doctors remove a large cyst ) on Sept. 23rd. I love Creepy hollows I always find something new from incense, to Quartzs or Spirits. ;-)
Delia Moro Oct 14, 2016
I have shopped at Creepy Hollows for close to a year now having made multiple purchases. At first like anyone there was reservation in the unknown, but from the moment my first package came (which can take some time so don't worry) any doubt was erased. From spells to spirits they have done me right even when I wasn't sure what I wanted or needed. Powerful at that too. The extra time, care, and effort is shown through everything they do. Make sure you put your time in too, if required, and the rewards will be more than worth it down the road. Pre- and post-sale they are there for you. Magnolia and Ash are truly AMAZING. The staff helping them are WONDERFUL and together this is how we receive such amazing creations and treats. These are truly wonderful and skilled people in what they do. They have my trust and gratitude. In recognition, I've had the pleasure of having customer service talks with Lyn and Willow. Thank you both for all the help. I want you to know I smile each time I see your names on the shipping card. I digress, I for one look forward to shopping here for years to come.
Jamie O'Connell Oct 14, 2016
Creepy Hollows is amazing! I have been a customer since 2011, and can honestly say that Magnolia and Ash have to be two of the most giving people in the world. Not only are the items and bindings that they sell top-notch, but their pricing is some of the lowest out there because of their constant sales, discounts, and coupons. In addition, when they say that they have the "best freebies in the world," they aren't kidding! Their always-available freebies and the frequently-available Bonus Freebies, BOGOs, and Prize Packs are just astounding.

Long story short, if you're reading this, you're curious about the Paranormal and the Metaphysical. Buy the penny offer in the "Special Offers For New Visitors" section - what do you have to lose? Once you have a chance to work with the spirit or spell that you get from that listing, I think you'll be racing back for more, and you'll be thankful that you did.
Matthew A. Oct 14, 2016
I new little about spirit keeping until some years ago...Then one day I was surfing the net and ended on CH site and I consider myself lucky to have found such reliable site!

The amount of valuable information and knowledge I've learned throughout these years is amazing...Thanks to CH!

Ash, Magnolia and CH Staff are really helpful and they go out of their way to help. Moreover I can't thank them enough for the spirit and spell bindings I have bought from them.

Creepy Hollows has been a lifesaver! THANKS so much!
brisky Oct 14, 2016
Creepy Hollows totally the best place for spiritual community! I received my first two spirits from CH and they are the best from what I can ask ^w^ the forum and encyclopedia has helped me to communicate with them.
Thank you CH! :D
FenOL Oct 12, 2016
I have been buying from CH for over 8 months now and I have been very satisfied with everything I have bought. I an overly excited with a certain item which is their Sleep Renewed. Best nights sleep and most vivid dream recall. I have bought over 30 items from Magnolia and Ash and I will keep coming back for more. Wish I could mention everything I bought here but don't take my word, just try any of their items and you will be surprised on the item you will receive. I also forgot all the freebees they give away. It's like Christmas every time you get an order from CH.
Love you Guys
Linda Goodman
Linda Goodman Oct 12, 2016
Creepy Hollows is the gold standard for the paranormal!! Brilliant and innovative magick, powerful and present spirits, SO MANY amazing freebies, limited time only offerings that you can't find anywhere else. Their psychic readings are the most accurate and insightful I've ever bought. My paranormal abilities have opened up hugely because of CH. All of my CH bindings and spirits are gifts that just keep on giving as my life and my abilities develop. I highly recommend CH for all things magickal and paranormal- they are truly the best!!
Anna Oct 12, 2016
I've ordered quite a few Spirits and Spells from Creepy Hollows and I have to say that I've been more than pleased with everything about the experience! Shipping is fast, customer service is easy and helpful and the vessels themselves have all been lovely and of good quality. 10 out of 10 would recommend!
DeAnna Bowie Oct 12, 2016
I've always been interested in the occult since I was young. Since then, I've only occasionally dabbled in it until I found CH thanks to my sister and a friend. Since then, I feel like I went from novice to fairly learned, but I'm always willing to learn and I feel safe coming here all the time. The sales are one thing, but what I've received each time I can tell are well worth the price they're originally offered for. And the customer service is spot on. Always quick replies and fast help makes it even more so that I will be a loyal customer for a long tome to come. I feel blessed that this was the right time to have found this place and I hope others do as well.
Dori Oct 12, 2016
I cannot stress enough how much CH and their products have helped me get back onto the path after setting it aside with RL mundaneness. All of the freebies and Bogos are not something just thrown into the bag without looking. Every item I have gotten has been appropriate for my specific interests or abilities. Lastly, their staff are the best! Kudos!
T.L.W. Oct 12, 2016
Thanks Creepy Hollows for opening the door to a whole new world of adventure for me!
Packages from CH always bring such an amazing mix of energies. As I meditate with each binding, a rejuvenation occurs. For example, a piece I purchased with the Spirit of the Wind, creates a feeling of wind moving throughout my body when I work with it. It's quite amazing! I have purchased several bindings that were/are truly life changing for myself and others.
Mari Lee Oct 12, 2016
I've been coming to CH for about 5 years now. When I first started, I was a bit skeptical about the spirits, but then I bought one and had some experiences that blew my mind.
The customer service is awesome - they are warm and friendly and patient, they really care about their customers. The timing of responses has vastly improved since five years ago. If they make an error, they are quick to right things.
The shop can be addictive because they offer a lot of cool freebies with purchases, but the shop is not the only thing about CH that will draw you in. Their encyclopedia is full of information, and what you don't find there, you can probably find in the forum. The forum users offer interesting tips for going further down the rabbit hole of magick, spirits, and meditation, and they offer stories about their experiences. Magnolia and Ash offer their own advice and responses in the forums too.
astridloker Oct 12, 2016
The vessels at Creepy Hollows are very cool and unique. The freebies alone are an incentive to make a purchase as well. They have a huge variety of spirits and spells, and although I don't have much experience with their bindings, I can tell that they're great to work with.
Andrew Lenius Oct 12, 2016
Always impeccable work by CH. Quick and helpful customer support. And you get SO MUCH for your money. I highly recommend their services.
Zamorak666 Oct 12, 2016
I just started spirit keeping. My unbound black dragon led me to this site though since I believe that he wanted to be bounded. So Creepy Hollows allow me to do that. Also I was able to get these wonderful spirits from here. They have been quite helpful. Also Creepy Hollows were able to help me find out more about myself thru their readings.
Mayelin Oct 12, 2016
I have been a customer for 8 years now. Without Creepy Hollows I would not have been able to grow spiritually as much as I have. Their staff is always there when you need them and reply quickly to your inquiries.
Creepy Hollows is not just a shop to buy things. Between the forum and encyclopedia, you can find answers to your questions and help in expanding your knowledge.
I never hesitate to recommend them to anyone wanting to explore their spirituality.
Cathy Chase Oct 12, 2016
CREEPY HOLLOWS have change my life ( years looking for that special person,) thank to there love spells and beautiful love spirits have found my true love, now happy marry with my love.
Also didn't just bring me a beautiful wife, but she is also a believer of the paranormal, and that no coincident .
Thank you Creepy Hollows.
Agustin Oct 11, 2016
Absolutely the best magick on the internet!
What a difference have all the bindings ive acquired made in my life!
This magick is an investment in your life that pays off in the best sort of ways!
I cant believe how affordably priced all these different magickals are!
Oh my gosh and customer service is just a dream to deal with! 5 STARS!!!
Gerardo Embriz-Salgado Oct 11, 2016
I love having custom spells from CH! They're amazing and have worked, showing some physical work. I'm so happy to entrust them with the paranormal and causing my own destiny to blossom faster. Thank you Ash and Mags! The rest of the team are also amazing and I always look forward to the notes they write when the packages arrive! Makes it feel so home-y!
Stephanie Oct 10, 2016
I became aware of Creepy Hollows in 2009. I was always on their forums, and in time to come when I became more open to the adventure I finally bought my first spirit companion which ended up being a family member from a past life. He's always been a father figure in this life, and the kindest Black Dragon I could ask for.
Now I have a few friends who've joined and my cats love them too.
Creepy Hollows have two very kind people whom I always see as humble teachers, with the knowledge they share I find the path to make more sense and feel not so alone. I truly see how much work they put into this, they are the real deal and have worked so hard. My respect and gratitude for them is so huge, and I love to be apart of this adventure, and my own personal journey.
Take the time with your items, be patient, and know hard work goes a long way. They are gifted practitioners and an item from Creepy Hollows is a very powerful item.
I feel very blessed with all the companions I have (even when some kick my ass) They have been crucial on my journey and what I do to being safe and resilient. Thank you Magnolia and Ash for everything.
Sasha Oct 10, 2016
I absolutely love their power orbs that are atmospheric you can absolutely feel the magick in the air as its working for you.

Their elven entities are amazing companions and they are so smart and interactive. I'm glad to collect a different energy through Ch.

BohemianGoddess Oct 10, 2016
Creepy Hollows has some of the highest quality metaphysical products around. They frequently offer discounts and sales, making their products easily affordable as well. The Creepy Hollows team takes customer requests into account, and they always make time to answer questions, or address any concerns that customers have.
E.P. Oct 10, 2016
Came across the site while looking up different metaphysical subjects. While looking around the site keep coming back to the same spirit, so eventually I bought it, the experience was amazing and haven't looked back since. They have a large number of items covering all different kinds of areas. Customer service is fairly fast, and they often have sales & freebies. Great site highly recommend.
smirk81 Oct 10, 2016
I have been a returning customer of creepy hollows for a few years now. I love both the care and attention they paid to every single questions I have asked . I have also recived several of my spirits from them each one very spical and very close to me they also have such a great variety of spells that have helped me in the most wonderful of ways I will keep returning for years to come
Rebecca g Oct 10, 2016
I have found CH years ago and since had many companions, magic and some readings from them. Their spells and services are always easy to feel and use when necessary, even working on the background without input necessary. Their spirits and entities are real and is normal for me to have signs of them even before getting the information.

Other tools like Master Vessel and power orbs are incredible useful and a must have on my opinion.

Thanks to them I learned a lot and was able to develop more my abilities and get to know parts about me that could have taken longer on my own. Cannot recommend them enough.
Mary Oct 10, 2016