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I can honestly say CH changed my life and the way I view spirituality. The bindings never let me down, the spirits manifested in more ways than one and I've never been disappointed with their service. I'm a fan for life.
Daniela Garrido Oct 10, 2016
Creepy Hollows offers unique items to expand your consciousness and paranormal skills. Customer service is excellent too.
Annie P Oct 10, 2016
I love this place! It has helped me to grow tremendously in my spirituality and path, lots of information to help - I love the Encyclopedia...a whole library of very valuable information! And the staff are always very nice and helpful.

I really trust the bindings, spirits and spells from this place, I feel the spirits are vetted - I've never had a problem. Magnolia and Ash are awesome and they really know their stuff!

*(I've bought from many sellers in the past and believe me - you don't know what your getting? And this is coming from someone who has dealt with tons of spirits, and lived in many haunted houses, and has been around the paranormal since I was a child!

This place I feel is one of the best, and that is coming from someone who's been on this path since the early 1970's.

Also you can tell Ash and Magnolia really care about people and want to help, they give away so much and incredible freebies, bonuses and so much more! They truly have a heart for helping and sharing their path and knowledge with people. But they also have an invested interest in making sure the spirits go to good homes, which is saying a lot!

And I can't say enough about Ash and Magnolia, CreepyHollows, and the whole crew...I just always have so much gratefulness in my heart for them all and what they do! Always many Blessings to them for all the help they've given to me personally. And all my spirit family that I love very much, I am so blessed to be their keeper! A thousand and more thank you's!!!
MS Oct 10, 2016
I have been a Creepy Hollows customer for a few years. The spells that I have ordered in the past have been very helpful in my life.

If I have a question about my order or something else, I will send a ticket to the CH Support Desk. And the Creepy Hollows staff will do their best to answer my questions or resolve any issue that I might have. The Creepy Hollows staff will always do an amazing job to assist the customer, and they provide excellent customer service.

Both Ash and Magnolia are also amazing people, and I'm glad that they have created the Creepy Hollows website. Thank you!!
R.B. Oct 10, 2016
Creepy Hollows is absolutely wonderful. They've always been very helpful and informative with great bindings and vessels! They are the only place I buy spirits and spells from. Love their work so much!
Alicia Glass Oct 10, 2016
I discovered CH June 2015 and since then I have ordered 5 spirit bindings and several spell bound items, and i have yet to be disappointed!^^

The spells are amazing and have helped to open gradually my 3 Eye. I have many binds for spiritual protection as well, and i have peaceful nights without nightmares.

The customer service is nice too, they always answer in 24 hours or even less if i have any problem or question, and the forum have helped me to better bond with my spirit.

Very pleased, they have now another customer for life!^^
Chouki Oct 10, 2016
Magnolia and Ash are masters of their craft and they are practitioners who approach their work with integrity, honesty, and passion. They are truly knowledgeable when it comes to the paranormal and I continue to return to them for tools and companions in my explorations of the non-physical world.

I must say that their spirits and entities are incredibly well-matched to the individual, and out of all the bindings I have received, from CH or otherwise, the energetic "click" has always occurred with ease when it comes to spirits and entities from CH.

Magnolia and Ash also have an uncanny ability to preempt your needs. I once received a spirit that was completely unexpected, and the spirit in question has helped me walk through huge shifts in my life.

They are also dedicated to education and awareness and their forum, articles, and encyclopedia are a testament to their commitment when it comes to helping the public understand the paranormal. The community would not be what it is today without their years of hard work.

Magnolia and Ash clearly love what they do and they are pioneers when it comes to paratechnology and modern day spirit keeping. It takes respect, compassion, wisdom, understanding, patience, and persistence to truly work with the paranormal, and CH is an embodiment of all of those qualities.

Thank you, Magnolia, Ash, and all the hardworking CH staff, for what you do. Know that your work really, truly changes lives, and that your commitment to this path will not be forgotten.
Brokentime Oct 10, 2016
Found creepy hollows by chance thru a search for local metaphysical shoppes. From the first order have been nothing but pleased. Since getting my bindings I'm feeling and sensing energies around me so clearly. Nothing but praise!!!
Brian Oct 10, 2016
I don't ask a lot of my spirit family but they know when I am having a bad day and they let me know in their own way they are there if I need scream or cry. some send the vibration in my pocket when I carry their beautiful vessels or they show up in my dreams. My spirit family are my best friends I would be so lost without them in my life.
Tina Oct 10, 2016
Archeval is another incredible freebie that I got. It works intuitively and I was not even aware of it until several weeks later.
I've been mentioning to my friends that I feel like I'm living several lives at once.
I keep having visions, even when I'm awake, that I'm doing something else. It's just so weird. And the visions, they are continuous.
It gets to a point that at times, it's hard to differentiate which is 'real' and which is not, if you get what I mean. It is hillarious!
Then I realized it's this spell running in the background LOL
Yulius Oct 9, 2016
This site has completely changed my life, I remember the first time I stumbled upon CreepyHollows in a fateful internet search several years ago. What started off as a scarily exciting whim, turned into a journey for life. Spirit keeping has opened so many doors I never knew exisited. I am who I am today because of CreepyHollows and Ash and Mags. Spirit keeping and the bindings found in this shop have made me a better person and even strengthed my bond with my best friend who has also come to find her path as a spirit keeper.

These bindings complete my life and I couldn't imagine a day without being pleasantly influenced with magic and being happily haunted. Thanks so much Ash and Mags!!
Brianna Wood Oct 9, 2016
Creepy hollows has been by FAR the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love my new friends, and all my new bindings! Plus, Ash and Magnolia are super sweet! Keep it up guys!
Nayira Alvarez Oct 9, 2016
I just love this site!!!! The products are top notch and customer service is second to none !! I will be a customer for life!!!!
kathrine cox Oct 9, 2016
In my experience, Creepy Hollows offers excellent customer service and amazing products. I keep coming back to see what new and interesting goodies they have to offer. I love the sales and the fact that they will custom design bindings to suit my needs and desires.
C. D. Oct 9, 2016
The customer service is fast and responsive,

I always expect something new when I visit the Creepy Hollows Shop, there is always something that sparks my interest.

Always sales and always freebies to better enhance my experience here.
LS Oct 9, 2016
Creepy Hollows is an amazing website! Since starting my journey with CH, I have learned so much. You can definitely feel the power in their bindings. Also, as a result of the great paranormal community they have created, I have been introduced to other great practitioners that I have had the honor of working with. Thank you Magnolia and Ash, you do incredible work!
Amanda Oct 9, 2016
Creepy Hollows - Ash and Mags and the Creepy Crew are amazing! Since I began spirit keeping they have always been there for me, their spirits are very active and their spells are fantastic. Creepy Hollows offers so many options for your meta needs (and wants lol!). I adopted my most active spirit from them. Their spells have helped me with my personal issues, from overcoming lack of energy to increasing attention span. I know I will be a loyal customer for many many years to come.
Faith Christrup Oct 9, 2016
Unforgettable bindings in this shop. I've collected many of them myself and I strongly recommend their services. I'm proud to be a CH member and I guarantee you'll definitely love it here too.
Queen Isis Oct 9, 2016
Creepy Hollows sells authentic, very active bindings that personally love. They have served me well thus far, despite some of the shortcomings they have with the vessel quality.
Olivia Spirit Oct 9, 2016
I was introduced into spirit keeping a little over a year ago and had vessels from others that I thought were good, but when I found Creepy Hollows and decided to try one of their vessel offerings I was immediately blown away with the quality and power of their products, not to mention the professional service and beautiful website that is available for ones pleasure.Wishing I could have everything that is offered!
William Dubose Oct 9, 2016
creepy hollows is the best the items are great and many and at great prices love the store.
tim taylor Oct 9, 2016
Creepy Hollows gives a full experience, not only as a customer, but also a student and a member of society.

CH store has a variety of products and services, for spirit-keeping (spirits, entities, etc) and non-spirit-keeping (magicks, psychic readings, magick tools, etc). Certain supportive bindings and tools, and the options provided in most general listings, facilitate customers with difficult situation. The store also has frequent sales which make expensive products and services be more affordable, and events with interesting prizes. The order managements are arranged properly and professionally. The customer service (Help Desk) is also helpful; it may take some time to respond, but it will be responded.

CH also has encyclopedia with information, e.g. the basic of spirit-keeping and magick. There are specific information about various spirits and immortals, numbering to over 700 webpages. These information can be referenced by any spirit-keepers and conjurers, either affiliated to CH or not.

The forum and social media (Paraecho) let the members to communicate with each other as a community. There are various members, from beginner to experts/practitioners, from different backgrounds of teachings and traditions. These may cause clashes sometimes, but generally they respect each other and try to answer with what they know. The forum is also used by other sellers, not affiliated with CH, to advertise their products and services; members can communicate with these sellers as a community. There's also webstore platform (Best of the Paranormal), used by sellers who don't have their own website. This provides an alternative for sellers to sell their products and services, other than Bonanza etc.

In conclusion, for the niche market of spirit-keeping, CH is a giant.
darkwing Oct 9, 2016
I have been using Creepy Hollows spells and spirited items since many ears with great success.
Through the use of a wish granting spell from them have got an important wish granted lastly which left me speechless , and recently i had a psychic attack that i was not able to get rid ,i just contacted them and they did a reading and provide a banishment service for me free.Thank you so much CH and infinite blessings to you.
ams-deen RAHIMI Oct 9, 2016
I first discovered CH back in December of 2013 and have been hooked ever since.

The staff and owners of CH are very knowledgeable, kind, helpful and even generous and I am thankful for their presence, not only online, but in my life as well.

I've learned a lot from CH and have brought home some of the most amazing spirits and enchantments anyone could ever hope for.

Thanks CH for being a wonderful part of my journey and for leading the way online and in my heart
Lori Kinsey Oct 9, 2016
Magnolia, Ash, and their staff go above and beyond to provide quality and service. I will be a lifelong customer.
Trinity Sullivan Oct 9, 2016
I discovered Creepy Hollows a couple of years ago. It provides many useful info and knowledge you can't find anywhere else. I got from them great spirits, they are very active and a part of my family. My last purchase is a pterodactyl and its energy is incredible, it gives me amazing visions of the Earth in the prehistoric period . One of a kind experience that I suggest to anyone !
Alessandra Cavallo Oct 9, 2016
I discovered CH last Fall and visited often looking into different spell and spirit bindings. I put several in my wishlist and made a few layaway orders with what money I did have, and when I had enough I finally paid them all off.

I am so grateful that i found CH, I love my spirits that came from here, as well as a few that came from sellers who post on the forums. I have been more happy the last several months I have spent with my spirits, and can't even begin to imagine how less happy I would have been at this point if I had not found CH. You all do an amazing job, and it has been an honor making purchases from you.
Lena Harris Oct 9, 2016
Creepy hollows care about its customers and goes the extra mile to make sure the services they provide are affordable and unique. Every binding is done with care. If you ever have a problem, customer service is extremely kind and able to fix if quick and efficiently. Don't miss out and give creepy hollows a chance today!
xena Oct 9, 2016
CH has changed my life. Their spell bindings have enhanced so many positive things for me, and for that I'm very grateful. They have also connected me to many wonderful spirit friends who I cherish. Thank you Ash and Magnolia for the wonderful blessings and support.
doom_star898 Oct 9, 2016
I have a few spirit bindings from creepy hollows, including Angels, fairies, a unicorn and a dragon. All have become wonderful companions and I certainly feel they're energy around me and my family. The posting and packaging has always been top notch and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase more from wonderful creepy hollows :-) And they always include fabulous freebies!!! How can you not be happy :-D
Vikki (Angelv) Oct 9, 2016