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Creepy Hollows is one of very few conjurers I trust when it comes to both spirits and entities, I trust them 100%. I have so many spirots friends from them (and a few entities), and I cherish them all.

Oh, and the freebies! I dare say I've been tempted me to buy more than planned on many occasions, just to get the fantastic freebies.
L. E. Oct 9, 2016
CH are amazing they provide services for everything and they always find you best posible solution.They care for their customers and make them happy and satisfied.They even have 1 peny deal to introduce you to spirit keeping and a lot of freebies in every order you place ;)
Milan Bjelaković Oct 9, 2016
There is a saying..."the best things in life are free". CH's freebies are amongst those things.
I've had many spells and many power orbs from CH. I've always believed they work intuitively in the background, but I never really knew for sure.
It was bind to spirit and was put aside in my mind for a few weeks and never worked with it.
One day, there was a heavy tropical storm and this spell came to mind. I just thought let's activate it, just for fun. As soon as I thought that, I really felt a wave of energy came over from my crown chakra to all over my body.
I'm no stranger to interacting with spirits, but with spells...that freebie was the most tangible proof how good CH is with the spells they give out.
To be honest, I'm still buying at CH to get those strange, interesting, new freebies :))
Yulius Oct 9, 2016
My experience with my Golden Dragon.

l purchased this dragon thinking it may be a bit off a wimp due to it being a golden and not black dragon. The dragon arrived long before the confirmation of it's purchase in the mail as is usually the case with my Creepy Hollows purchases. l saw him in my minds eye and he was absolutely huge and indicated to me it that he was an ancient and powerful creature. Reading that golden dragons were true friends I've always consulted him with the runes for honest answers and have always received accurate replies. l recently invoked him in an out doors ritual as part of a greater ritual. l turned and saw him plainly for a few seconds before he vanished. No he wasn't friendly,smiling and wagging his tail at me. What l saw was an immense and frightening creature,not of this world. He wasn't looking at me but straight ahead. These dragons are no joke. l don't know where they come from but to have an ongoing relationship with them where l can get the odd appearance is a huge thrill to me as a magician.
Steven Moore Oct 9, 2016
Creepy Hollows has incredible bindings that you can't find anywhere else. Their prices are great and they're always trying to find ways to have a sale and give back to customers. Their freebies are amazing and they're always trying to please the customer. They have gone above and beyond for me. Thank you for everything you do!
Jacqueline Shadoff Oct 9, 2016
I'm new at Spirit Keeping. And Creepy Hollows is the one my Spirits and Spells come from. I love this site and the stuff is just lovely. Thank you all so much for my Spirit Friends.
Wilhelmina Hogenberg Oct 9, 2016
I have discovered Creepy Hollows in 2013. From then on I have purchased both spell and spirit bindings.

Their work is magnificent and have helped me a lot to further develop my spiritual path and in becoming a better person. My life have changed to the better.

Magnolia and Ash are very helpful, have a great deal of knowledge and have perfect customer service. This goes as well for all the CH staff who pack my orders and have helped me when I had queries.

CH is AMAZING! I LOVE CH and is worth every single penny! THANKS so much Magnolia & Ash!
Angele Buhagiar Aug 5, 2016
I am a CH happy customer. Recently I bought a Fylgia and the vessel is coming my way and I already felt the spirit with me at home! She show me lots of things while I dream also warns me about malicious people. Thank you so much Ash & Magnolia!
Delia Moro Jul 19, 2016
I've been collecting spirited vessels since 2009. I had seen the old Creepy Hollows website, but I blush to admit I couldn't figure out how to order from it! With this newer format for the wares and store I haven't had that problem anymore, and CH has become my one stop shop for one of a kind, custom, and uniquely crafted spelled items. I very much appreciate the staff, Magnolia and Ash, and all the third party vendors. Sign up for the daily email newsletter and I know you will find something that speaks directly to your needs and curiosities!
CB Jul 18, 2016
I always LOVE visiting the Creepy Hollows Shop there is always something going on to inspire and fascinate.

Always some new offer or sale to tempt and excite me.......

It ALWAYS feels like Christmas at CH!!!!!
Ian Wallsh Jul 18, 2016
Looking back over years of amazing involvement with CH, it is impossible to imagination how slow, frustrating & limited my (para)normal journey would have been without the enormous assistance of CH bindings & information. I am excited about my path and ability to better participate in Creation, due in large part to the huge amount of work & variety of possibilities offered by CH - and at a fee I can usually afford!
It is wise to express honor & gratitude to the Masters who have taught you along the way - as so many of us happily do to Ash & Magnolia - and their supportive team. Thank you ....
FiercelyFree Jul 16, 2016
The spirits are real, the spells are wonderful, the customer service is top notch...CH treats you more than just a customer.

With all the on-going discount sales and freebies, one cannot go wrong with CH. And now, the completion and shipping of orders are much, much faster since I joined CH 5 yrs ago.

I truly appreciate you guys for your spirits and spells that have empowered me
Phenixrising Jul 15, 2016
Im very pleased with CH's customer service! Lyn has been very kind and patient with me on questions about my order. And Juno is very quick to reply when I asked about the customer notes. Although I had to wait 3 weeks for my order to be completed (perhaps due to the huge sales). It was not with chagrin.
The CH team has also been very flexible and adaptable.
The only downside is that their HD answers to questions on the paranormal, spirits, etc, are quite generic. Again., probably due to the tons of HD tickets they have to tend to.
Anyway, Im glad to say that I have bought the Eterna membership from the site, and in a month have already spent 450usd on CH!
I trust this site and know that I am only going to keep buying more!
Keep up the good work CH!!
Tessa Jul 14, 2016