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Totem Animals & Spirit Guides - Binding Of 5 Guides

Totem Animals & Spirit Guides - Binding Of 5 Guides
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Totem animals are Spirit Guides, they come in and out of our lives providing assistance, guardianship, wisdom and care. We all have Totem Spirit Guides that resonate more strongly with us than others and at different points in our lives one Totem animal will be stronger than another. Totem animals are Immortals; descendants of divine nature, ancestors of Immortal beginnings who have taken shape of animals capable of calling other animals to their call & preparing feats of supernatural strength.

Keeping carved statues, colors, textiles with an animal print of your current Totem animals, paintings & pictures of Totem animals are all ways of paying hommage to your current Totem animals. In ancient times not only chiefs but tribespeoples would keep a physical symbol of their strongest, guiding Totem animal on them to display their Spirit Guide.

It is often thought only the standard Totem Poles represent Totem animals, however that is not true. A Totem animal is any animal possessed by supernatural powers & capable of accomplishing supernatural feats that involves the influence, persuasion or guidance of the human race. Such as the condor & puma to the Incas, the blackbird who carries messages to the dead to the English, the ancestral animal spirits from Dreamtime of the Aborigines, the animal Spirit Guides of the Haida of Queen Charlotte's Islands, the animals Spirit Guides of the Native Americans and so forth. For that reason we are including Animal Totem Spirit Guides from all of the aforementioned civilizations as well as others.

As a Spirit Guide Totem animals provide wisdom, their particular strengths & powers and help shape our lives as needed. They have Immortal power, capable of providing assistance, helping us grow, showing us the right path to take, make the right decisions and show us glimpses into our past, present & future... including their ties to us in past lives and to our ancestors.

This is an offering to have 5 Totem animals of your choice bound to a single vessel and this enhances your connection to these Spirit Guides giving a direct channel to communicate & bond with them for those of you who do not know how to accomplish this own your own or want to have a binding to encourage your energy & bond with current Spirit Guides.

You can add Spirit Guides to your vessel at a later date if you chose to the same vessel through us.

How do you know which ones to choose? Spirit Guides choose you, not the other way around. In choosing which animals to have bound you will want to look at your life right now, what signs have been given you directly or subtly to show you which of these animals is guiding you? Which ones do you feel the strongest pull to while looking at the list? It is believed by the Native Americans that an Animal Totem Spirit Guide will show themselves to you in person, in vision or you will hear the animal's name in your mind often.

You may also want to consider what you want in the future, what goals you have and what you want to achieve.

Make your selection of the 5 Spirit Guides you wish to have bound by writing them in the "Notes" box below.

AARDVARK - studious, inventive, patient, motivated
ADDAX - agile, clever, defiant
ADDER - dark, sinister, territorial
AGAMA - brilliant, energetic, complex
ALBATROSS - clumsy, loyal, simplistic
ALLIGATOR - active, hostile, survivor skills, retaliation, motherly
ANACONDA - calculating, crisp, dark, suave
ANGELFISH - patient, gentle, loving, kind
ANT - hard-working, perseverance, massive strength
ANTEATER - seeker, sloth, lazy, peaceful
ANTELOPE - nimble, active, energetic, excitable
ARMADILLO - guarded, protective, cautious
AYE-AYE - rambunctious, unpredictable, funny
BABIRUSA - thoughtful, patient, decisive, stern
BABOON - hunter, sage, guardian
BADGER - nosy, seeker, cleanser, persistent, wants answers
BANTENG - frivolous, eccentric, unusual
BARRACUDA - pensive, observant, dark, brilliant
BASILISK - skittish, temperamental, moody
BAT - immortal energy, mystery, rejuvenation
BEAR - cumbersome, wall of strength, guardian, aggressive, inner-strength
BEAVER - hard-working, engineer, determined, curious
BEE - group-minded, organized, dynamic, vigorous, prolific
BEE-EATER - studious, diligent, tireless
BEETLE - spiritual, prophetic, mystic, immortal
BINTURONG - group-oriented, cunning, imperialistic
BISON - grounded, intelligent, traditionalist
BLUE JAY - free-spirited, hopeful, energetic
BOA CONSTRICTOR - protective, unusual, courageous
BOAR - spiritual energy, courageous, brave, forceful
BOBCAT - ferocious, passionate, intimidating
BRACHIOSAURUS - always seeking, savage, raw power
BUFFALO - prosperity, sacred-life, admiration
BULL - ferocity, power, unprepared, fearless
BUSH DOG - survivalist, intuitive, powerful
BUTTERFLY - submission, transformation, rebirth, equal
CAIMAN - sly, cunning, sinister, dark
CAMEL - survivor skills, perseverance, clumsy, focused
CAPYBARA - peaceful, gracious, nurturing
CARIBOU - adaptable, roamer, navigator
CAT - magic energy, mystic energy, agile, quick, guardian
CHAMELEON - steady, reliable, kind, deep thinker
CHEETAH - ancestral energy, motherly, grace, quick, nimble, ferocious, survivor skills
CHICKADEE - bright, cheery, hopeful, happy
CHICKEN - spastic, energetic, funny, loyal
CHIMPANZEE - industrious, clever, quick-witted
CHINCHILLA - giving, selfless, shy
CLOWNFISH - introvert, patient, prudent
COATI - ponders, day dreamer, consistent
COBRA - powerful, agile, fast, determined
COCKATOO - quick to learn, devoted, persuasive
CONDOR - perceptive, ambitious, talkative
COUGAR - superior, authoritative, important
COW - sacred energy, inner insight, gentle
COYOTE - clever, sly, covert, aggressive
CRAB - swift, decisive, protective, lucky
CRANE - mystic energy, wisdom, independence, honest, fair
CROCODILE - patient, watchful, protective
CROW - spiritual energy, long-life, healing
CUTTLEFISH - creative, thorough, gullible
DEER - grounded, nature-minded, gentle, loving, graceful
DEGU - attractive, vigilant, calm
DHOLE - swift, calculating, impressive, wild
DINGO - careful, dynamic, perfectionist
DOG - allegiance, wise, guardian, loyal
DOLPHIN - compassion, oceanic energy, joyful
DONKEY - resourceful, nit picky, chatty
DORMOUSE - thrifty, darling, idealistic
DOVE - spiritual energy, healer, kind, immortal communication
DRAGONFLY - dream-fulfillers, creativity, care-free
DUCK - random energy, spiritual energy, seeing into the future
DUGONG - quiet, shy, introvert, patient
EAGLE - immortal energy, communication with immortals, wisdom, liberty
ECHIDNA - mysterious, intense, fearless, intelligent
EGRET - acute, aware, commanding
EEL - cynical, self-assured, popular
ELEPHANT - recall memories, powerful, steadfast, loyal
ELK - grounded, wanderer, loss of direction, survivor
EMU - original, innovative, opportunistic
FALCON - immortal energy, mystic energy, renewal, rejuvenation
FANGTOOTH FISH - farsighted, organized, unhurried
FERRET - likeable, thrifty, restless
FINCH - patient, modest, even-tempered
FISH - adaptable, quick, sly, clever, focused
FLAMINGO - flashy, quirky, crazy energy, fun-loving, inspiration
FOSSA - rambunctious, wild, unpredicatble, exciting
FOX - agile, fast-pace, constantly moving, mysterious
FROG - magic energy, power, patient, spellwork
GANNET - strong-willed, respectful, relaxed
GAZELLE - creative, controlled, sociable
GECKO - self-reliant, conforming, old-fashioned
GERBIL - shrewd, clever, savvy
GERENUK - impulsive, inquisitive, moody
GIRAFFE - community-minded, gentle, determined, guide
GOANNA - resolute, keen, nervous
GOAT - obstinate, opinionated, headstrong
GOLDFISH - courageous, expressive, dynamic
GOOSE - modest, proud, righteous, determined
GORILLA - hostile, protective, survivor, no-nonsense
GRASSHOPPER - wisdom, nimble, adaptable, lucky
GROUNDHOG - friendly, sweet, energetic, traditional
GROUSE - appealing, approachable, orderly
HAMSTER - unruffled, structured, determined
HARP SEAL - loyal, steadfast, intriguing, mystic
HARE - fearful, persistent, relentless
HAWK - spiritual energy, liberty, progressive, seeking answers
HEDGEHOG - wiley, exciting, quick to act, intuitive
HERON - unconcerned, good mixer, suggestible
HIPPOPOTAMUS - mystic energy, aggressive, sees future, sees past lives
HORNBILL - pedantic, meticulous, chatty
HORSE - passion, creativity, liberty, growth, adventure
HOWLER MONKEY - protective, territorial, loyal, insightful
HUMMINGBIRD - joyful, happy, generous, loving
HYENA - funny, outgoing, ruthless
IBIS - self-centered, finite, polished
IGUANA - sentimental, loquacious, compliant
IMPALA - agile, flexible, quick to adapt, creative
JACANA - raw, intense, courageous, impressive
JAGUAR - cunning, peak of power, stealth
JELLYFISH - knowledgeable, precise, systematic
KANGAROO - motherly, loving, healing, light energy, swift
KINGFISHER - easily excited, demanding, entertaining
KINKAJOU - personable, social, entertaining, witty
KIWI - plucky, outgoing, expressive
KOALA - protective, shrewd, judgmental, feisty
KOMODO DRAGON - nonchalant, menacing, perceptive
KUDU - reluctant, influential, vigilant
LADYBUG - nurturing, guide, passion, adoration
LANGUR - unwavering, demanding, strict
LION - ferocious, courageous, bravery, leadership
LIONFISH - savvy, clever, astute, fastidious
LIZARD - wild energy, uncontainable, justice
LLAMA - random energy, gullible, friendly
LOBSTER - rattled, skittish, formal, dogmatic
LOON - uncontained, crisp, prudent
LYNX - mystic energy, attentive, mysterious, provides direction
MAGPIE - easily perplexed, indulgent, venturesome
MAMBA - savvy, keen, immature, pessimistic
MAN-OF-WAR - deductive, opportunistic, flawless
MANATEE - loving, family-oriented, passionate, gentle-hearted
MANDRILL - creative, open-minded, crazy & fun, bold personality
MARMOSET - loving, family-oriented, kind, feisty
MARMOT - commanding, clever, decisive, relentless
MEERKAT - outgoing, compassionate, team-worker, family-oriented
MINK - clever, sweet, cunning, masterful
MOLE - secret-keeper, curious, answer-seeker
MONGOOSE - courageous, fearless, dashing, adventurous
MONITOR LIZARD - strict, pedantic, meticulous, fluent
MONK SEAL - impressive, always looking for better things, intelligent
MONKEY - wisdom, loyalty, seeker of knowledge, quick-minded
MOTH - spiritual, graceful, nurturing, mystic
MOUNTAIN GOAT - stubborn, impatient, wild, erratic
MOUSE - problem-solver, organized, fast-pace
MYNA - comical, entertaining, social
NARWHAL - fanciful, legendary, mystical, beautiful
NEEDLEFISH - dangerous, wild, unpredictable, mysterious
NEWT - conversational, moody, spatial
NIGHTINGALE - perfectionist, resolute, approachable
NUDIBRANCH - cautious, nervous, nit picky
OCTOPUS - multi-tasking, stealth, nocturnal
OPOSSUM - conniver, tactical, cunning, deflection
ORANGUTAN - spontaneous, fun, adventurous
OYRX - nervous, agile, flexible, adaptable
OSPREY - frugal, thorough, rigorous
OSTRICH - realistic, practical, experimental
OTTER - loving, friendly, comical, frisky
OWL - wisdom, seeing future, protector, stealth
OX - martyr, prude, powerful
PANGOLIN - appealing, tranquil, loving, youthful
PANTHER - sly, victorious, planner, pragmatic
PARROT - good communicator, seeks beauty, vanity, camouflage
PARROTFISH - single-minded, accurate, organized
PEACOCK - immortal energy, mystic energy, confident, smart
PELICAN - laid back, relaxing, kind, sharing
PENGUIN - spiritual energy, community-minded, family-minded, focused
PIGEON - nervous, exacting, fragile, indecisive
PLATYPUS - cunning, dark, uncontrollable, excitable
POLAR BEAR - opportunistic, intense, fearless, ruthless
PORCUPINE - naive, gentle, friend-maker, loyal
PRAIRIE DOG - inquisitive, indulgent, immature, watchful
PUFFIN - fluent, idealistic, doting, loyal, loving
PUMA - immortal energy, mystic energy, protection, guardian, powerful
PYTHON - agile, steady, aware, dynamic
QUAIL - group-minded, balance, cleansing, renewal, motherly
RABBIT - fast-paced, rash judgment, constant motion, change
RACCOON - organized, stealth, problem-solver, quirky energy
RAT - survivor skills, lover of food, planner
RATTLESNAKE - sensing, pondering, farsighted, persistent
RAVEN - magic energy, mystic energy, deceiver, mysterious
RAY - impulsive, astute, deductive, forgetful
REINDEER - mystical, spiritual, graceful, hopeful
RHINOCEROS - steadfast, independent, sharing
ROADRUNNER - fast-paced, make decisions on the fly, opportunity-seeker
ROBIN - easy-going, kind, loving, careful
ROOSTER - enjoys finer things in life, can be lazy, leader, flashy
SAKI - precise, status-consciousn, lingering, fluent
SALAMANDER - easily distracted, acute, pendantic, chatty
SALMON - fighter, warrior, truth-seeker
SANDPIPER - organized, life of the party, consistent
SCORPION - strategist, size-up the opponent in seconds, planner, powerful
SEA LION - original, unhurried, conventional
SEA STAR - resourceful, meticulous, formal
SEA URCHIN - rigorous, daring, impulsive
SEAGULL - no plan, random energy, goes on a whim, enjoys fun
SEAHORSE - watchful, thinker, cautious
SEAL - loving, generous, sharing, kind, gentle
SENGI - risk-averse, opportunistic, cheerful
SHARK - hostile, leader, predator, opportunity-seeker
SHEEP - temperamental, stringent, precise, frail
SHOEBILL - dogmatic, modest, thrifty, relentless
SHREW - watchful, observant, cunning
SHRIMP - dynamic, interactive, preoccupied, particular
SKINK - deductive, risky, adventurous, skittish
SKUNK - wanderer, curious, nature-minded, grounded
SKYLARK - steady, endearing, respectful, commanding
SLOTH - jovial, careful, self-indulgent, easily distracted
SNAIL - focused, follows a singular path, determined
SNAKE - deceptive, clever, change
SPARROW - gentle-hearted, tender, tranquil
SPIDER - wisdom, good luck, steadfast, hard-working
SQUID - energetic, purposeful, approachable, acute
SQUIRREL - hyper energy, collector, community-minded
STAG - leader, grounded, natural energy, raw energy, powerful
STARLING - compliant, commanding, finite, placid
STEGOSAURUS - forgetful, resolute, systematic
STORK - caring, nurturing, devoted, loyal
SUN BEAR - careful, jovial, fluent, kind
SURGEONFISH - fearless, savvy, aware, perplexing
SWAN - beautiful, graceful, lovely, sweet
TAKIN - anxious, frugal, decisive, consistent
TAMARIN - loyal, confident, bold, wildly passionate
TAPIR - steady, influential, conservative, sensing
TARANTULA - strategist, deep-thinker, organized
TARSIER - exacting, controlled, cautious, patient
TASMANIAN DEVIL - cynical, wild, unpredictable, mysterious
TERN - unwavering loyalty, devoted, nurturing, family-oriented
THORNY DEVIL - pessimistic, self-involved, dangerous, mysterious
THRUSH - idealistic, brave, inventive, innovative
TIGER - courageous, brave, powerful, swift, family-minded
TOAD - reflection, past lives, magic energy
TOADFISH - exacting, inquisitive, patient, persistent
TORTOISE - dynamic, conservative, spatial, strict TRICERATOPS - flawless, precise, prudent, survivalist TURKEY - community-minded, team work, trusting
TURTLE - good luck, stamina, courage, finish task at hand
TYRANNOSAURUS - bully, fearless, intense, dark
VELOCIRAPTOR - ruthless, unpredictable, unrelenting, decisive
VIPER - observant, genius, impulsive, astute
VIPERFISH - particular, facilitating, fluent, dynamic
VULTURE - opportunistic, survivalist, intelligent, moody
WALLABY - daring, bold, orderly, resolute
WALRUS - self-reliant, self-assured, unhurried, patient
WARTHOG - structured, inquisitive, determined, curious
WEASEL - agile, adaptable, trickery, clever, outsmart opponent
WHALE - strength, power, gentile, kindness
WILDEBEEST - controlling, disciplined, not easily rattled, unafraid
WOLF - spiritual energy, psychic energy, mystic energy, prosperity, good luck
WOLFFISH - supportive, sensing, polished, diligent, dark
WOLVERINE - emotional, individualistic, vigilant, daring
WOMBAT - nervous, preoccupied, fluent, chatty
WOODCHUCK - communicative, incisive, unwavering, rigorous
WOODPECKER - hard-working, crazy energy, fun-loving, hyper energy
WREN - resourceful, convential, aware, restful
ZEBRA - grounded, kind, nimble, natural-energy
ZEBU - polished, prudent, meticulous, peaceful

With Totem Animal Spirit Guides I like to allow them to direct me to the proper vessel, however if you have a specific need please specify it in the drop down box below.


You need not do anything for this binding to work for you, as it utilizes a proprietary Creepy Hollows dynamic para-technology which allows the contribution to your life to automatically adjust when needed. However, you can choose to work directly with it through meditation or by placing it within a foot of your bed and interacting with it while you sleep. The binding has been cast to work for you at all times.


Make the selection of Class Binding desired.

You can read about the classes here: Class Ratings


For this binding you get to choose the vessel! If you would like to see examples of the vessels we use, please click here.

Arts: Available in White Arts, Dark Arts, or Neutral Arts

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