Tri - Triumvirate/Trifecta/Triune/& More

All methods using the Power of 3:

Ternion - a deconstructed spell into 3 main aspects for use of 1 of the 3 powers, 2 of the 3 powers or all 3 powers. It allows a singular spell to become deconstructed into 3 focuses for application in a myriad of uses.

Triad - 3 entities or 3 spells of same focus or purpose bound together.

Trifecta - 3 entities and/or spells bound together to achieve a single purpose or myriad of purposes who do not have to share common powers or abilities but work complementary to one another.

Trine - Working with 3 channels or focal points for a singular purpose or to derive a singular result.

Trinity - 3 spirits, one from each realm, who are bound together to bring unique powers from each realm together to achieve best possible work in any situation.

Triumvirate - Creation of a bonding of the 3 bodies (physical, spiritual & astral) along with binding of 3 spells or spirits to the 3-body bonding.

Triune - to provoke the 3 bodies (physical, spiritual & astral) to work in unison for a window of time to perform a specific purpose, effort or event.

Troika - 3 spells of same construction from 3 different origins of magic to achieve the greatest potential of being able to work effectively for anyone in any situation focused by the magic (e.g. Love spell from England, America & Spain).