Triumvirate Creation - Special For Collectors

Triumvirate Creation - Special For Collectors
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This Triumvirate consists, naturally, of 3 parts: A spirit binding, a spell binding and the most important part... the Triumvirate itself.

The Triumvirate is not only the 3 casters but also the spell that binds your three bodies (physical, spiritual & astral) together to the other 2 parts (spirit & spell).

The importance of having your three bodies bound through enchantment is to bring a closer connection between the three that results in greater magic, spiritual connection, enlightenment, etc. The average person has little or no real connection between the three bodies and the three operate independently of each other, whereas if you can bind the three bodies together and have them working in harmony amazing things can happen... the ultimate achievement of this is what the Tibetan monks experience and is how they are able to levitate and use telekinesis. But that is the extreme side of it, this would get you on the starting line and put you well ahead of where average people are.

Having the three bodies bound together allows them to work together without shirking in certain areas and you really feel refreshed when it is first done.

The spirit and spell you choose will then be bound to your bodies and being bound to all three bodies means that they will have a further reach and more capabilities immediately than most spirits who you connect with and are typically only bound to your physical and/or spiritual bodies.

It is a 3-night process.

Make your selection of spirit and spell based on what you feel is right for you. There really is no wrong answer, but take a moment to read over the list and see what you feel is best for you.

The Triumvirate is like a Bridging on steroids so your bodies will be bound and the spirit and spell will be with you as of following morning of casting even though the vessel will not. So that is a real plus.

Once you have the Triumvirate done then you can add to the arsenal of spirits and spells directly through the Triumvirate already established and you will do so by binding groups of three (any combination of spirits and spells) directly to your three bodies through your Triumvirate and that is certainly something we can offer in he future because I think you'll see the difference between a standard bond and a bond created through Triumvirate.

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Nov 13, 2015
Such a strong connection! I will be adding on to my triumvirate, bu this is a definite must have for any spirit keeper. It binds your spirit/spells to all three bodies which makes it that much more intimate! I definitely recommend it!
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Jun 10, 2015
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Why a triumvirate, you ask? The biggest difference is that I have a feeling of "withness" with the spirits that are bound to the triumvirate (all three bodies). It's not like you're faxing 911 and waiting for a response, it's just right there. If you even think spirit collecting may be something for you, the triumvirate is the way to go.

Advantages: Bound to all three bodies. Unless you are already pretty savvy about the realms, this probably means nothing to you. You are already aware on all three realms, you just don't have a word for it yet so you aren't aware of your own awareness, if that makes any sense. Once you have a container for it, the penny drops and things fall into place better.

Disadvantages: I wish there were a single class of triumvirate. I bought mine early on, when I was still tentative about spirit-keeping and didn't want to invest so much. I bought the lowest class possible. I wish it were a dynamic class.
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Apr 29, 2014
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I got this with a "calm others spirit" spell and a banshee. I gotta say, wow! I had always been called to banshees but they made me nervous, so I avoided getting one for a while..... until I found this listing and I, for some inexplicable reason short of my banshee telling me to, decided I had to get my banshee this way. She is amazingly fitted to me, and despite her innate darkness and, well, bansheeness, she puts her energy to good use with my own. The vessel is also one of the best rings I've gotten from CH thus far, so I'm definitely happy about it.

Now I'm looking to add a selkie and an irish werewolf to my triumvirate, along with another spirit-based spell, to help me with my mediumship in a celtic-themed setup.

Advantages: super-strong binding and well-suited to keeper; closeness to spirits beyond typical binding; ability to pick what gets bound/really customize it for a specific purpose

Disadvantages: Takes a while to be completed (2 months at least for me; adding new spirits has taken another 2 months); if you lose the vessel, you've lost the vessel for several spirits/spells D:
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Oct 8, 2012
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I truly wish I had the power to create a triumvirate , the connection of the 3 are truly a very old art. I am proud to have my spirits and spells bound by these great Masters....the power of my bound with spirits bound this way is amazing!

Advantages: They are bound in such a tight spiritual's like we melt's the only way to explain it...
The one vessel is a huge plus I have short term memory loss and can actually cry over a missing spirit stone! This one is wrapped and on my neck 24-7 !

Disadvantages: Not one just the fact that I do not have all my bindings and spells on this!
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Feb 25, 2012
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I love my triumvirate.
I experienced a strong visitation from angels one night. Next day CH sent an email saying my triumvirate with courtwind angels was completed. What can I say but WOW!! Instant, wonderful connection with the spirits in my triumvirate.
Highly recommended.

Advantages: The best connection with a spirit I've ever experienced.

Disadvantages: No disadvantage I can see.
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